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Who am I? Just a guy who's a writer for fun. Profile pic drawn by the user Sweetstrokes



It was supposed to be a fun day, but then everything changed when the spirit of an enemy passed traps Fluttershy, Applebloom, Scootaloo, Sweetiebelle, and Dinky Hooves in a haunted pizzeria. Now the five have to survive until their friends figure out a way to get them out of the messed up hell hole.

Community Collab
Chapter one, two, five, seven, and nine by Fossil-Dragon-messiah
Chapter three, four, six, eight, and ten by TheMusicalBoy93
Chapter 11 by both of us
Cover art by Keam

Chapters (11)
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Comments ( 80 )

Not bad. I must say the video game reference made me laugh and the rest is damn good. Especially Scootaloo being attracted to Big Mac. :rainbowlaugh: that got me pretty good.

Cool chapter! Some people have theories that the frontol lobe (a part of the brain) of the girl was bitten off by Foxy. The girl went to hospital and she survived, but because she didn't have the frontol lobe she didn't really have any emotions and she didn't really care about what was going on. In the next chapter you could get Fluttershy to put a bandage around that filly's head to stop blood loss and she could be a creepy addition to the story.

5334112 Eeyup. But you see, here the group ran away and got trapped, so that little filly is dead. I did have an idea that Sombra would use that image of the filly to drive fluttershy insane on the last night.

I've played FNaF and FNaF2 and those games really freaked me out. You're doing a great job keeping the tension and anxiety up in this story, and I can't wait for more! Quick word of advice though. There are far too many commas in here. Knock some of them out (especially in the spoken sentences) and the flow will go a lot better. Keep up the good work!

Escalated too fast. I got spookied

5341321 This was my chapter. But thank you for the feedback on the commas, I'll keep that in mind when I write Night Two :twilightsmile:

I hope they all make it.

Gotta say it was a good chapter. Very suspenseful, and it made me read faster because I needed to know what would happen. Well done.

That escalated rather quickly, keep it up!

Comment posted by DuskFire6 deleted Dec 7th, 2014

Good work guys! I'll read the next one.

I'm glad everyone is enjoying this. Makes me feel like I'm not a total waste of space!:rainbowlaugh:


5366937 you can bet your ass there's more coming:rainbowdetermined2:

5366937 I'm currently writing the third night. I should be ready by this Sunday, so keep an eye open

Now that's a unique idea. Normally it's just a crossover, never a merging.

5367891 thx. I think regular crossovers are a dime a dozen, and that sombra is an underated villian so... There u go:twilightsmile:

5367899 Well there's something we can agree on. ^^


OOh, Night 3... things are getting interesting!!!

5369902 I've been humming the fnaf song ever since this thing started. I think it's safe to say I'm enjoying it.

5369918 5 nights at Sombra's. Is this what u wanna read?

5370536 I just don't get... why do you want to read?

5368089 I'll take this fanfic... AND READ IT!

5370673 Thx. I bring da feelz. Music brings da fearz. datz how we roll

Hey guys. Little update. The next chapter is on its way. Its going to be the longest chapter so far and is where the feelz are gonna really start hitting home. Just remember to conserve your power till then...

I thought Thunderlane wasn't in the pizza place? Also i think Sombra just screwed himself. We all know how Fluttershy gets when she's mad and if she doesn't get him Derby will.

5378263 music said thirty ponies were trapped. He only specified a couple, so I took the liberty of including Thunderlane

Something tells me there's going to be a kick ass fight scene coming up.Also i thought Sombra was supposed to be Spanish wear did he learn German?

5378319 to the fight scene. We'll have to see what music can do. To Sombra speaking German. I didn't know sombra was spanish and I've been watching way too much Attack on Titan


As far as I'm concerned, the whole "Spanish Sombra" thing is completely fanon, and based on a terrible joke that Sombra's name is so similar to the word "sombrero". I thought the German epitaph was a stroke of genius

Ok, so I feel like... The fnaf song is now perfect for this.

This is just Sombra messing with them isn't it?

Ok, this was intense.... Oh wait, I just noticed one of my stories next to the also liked section on my computer! Why FiMfiction!!!!

Sorry, but still, this was intense... is it going to last 7 nights like the game or 5 like the title says?

BTW this is also moving from my tracking to my favorites!

5386706 I can't tell you:ajsmug: spoilers and such. Also thanks :twilightsmile:

5386700 The dead filly asking to come into the secrety office with them.

Hey, is this story still open for writing? I believe you already know why I cancelled previously, but fortunately my real-life is back on track, and I'm still game, even if it's an epilogue or something :rainbowkiss:

5388654 umm... I'm really sorry man. We kind of have everything all planned out.... But we'd love to collab with you on some other project:twilightblush:

5393288 That's fine then

:moustache: This was the closest I could get to an 'I ain't even mad' emote.

Twilight really reminds me of the phone guy sometimes. It's just the way she tries to make them happy but it's sorta failing.

5404088 that's what we were going for:rainbowkiss: glad to know we succeeded

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