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Not much to say, really. I just love to write weird fanfics. Please enjoy them.


It's springtime in Ponyville, and Rainbow Dash wants to celebrate by performing her ever famous Sonic Rainboom! This time, however, she fails and she crash lands in a strange new place and meets a rather unlikely friend...

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Comments ( 24 )

Not my cup of tea but alright

ummm well
could use some work
idea is ok though
so ill give that to ya

why has no one commented? but when i saw chucky and killer put together, i was like huh? then doll came to my mind and i was like oh crap:pinkiegasp:

Please keep in mind that this was my first fanfic and I do understand that it's a little patchy. I'll make sure that my next fic will be a tad bit...smoother, I guess is the word. Thanks for all the comments, though! I really apprieciate them! :pinkiehappy:

Now this is the most epic mlp fanfic i ever read. Chucky and rainbow dash happen to be 2 of my favorite tv characters.:pinkiehappy::pinkiegasp:

Most epic freindship ever! I hop this turns into a movie!:rainbowdetermined2:

guys, will you stop commenting on if this fanfic is "weird" or whatever! just be nice to videogamegurl96!...or youll pay the price!:flutterrage:

“And Scotaloo told Applebloom. Shoo! When the little whipper-snapper told me all ‘bout it, I dragged the whole family! Even Granny Smith!” Applejack butted in.

I'm having a harde time believing AJ would say that :ajbemused:

I had a feeling it was chunky
(didn't read the description)

This story was BEAST :pinkiehappy:

You'd think Das would have responded to Chucky being a killer...Oh WELL!:pinkiehappy:

Me like...
me like A LOT....
I think Chucky is adorable.

I really liked this story :pinkiehappy:

Hay now! :pinkiegasp:
Well I can't read this story.

Why you ask, well First, I was in to it until the curse words.
I mean, c. r. a. p. that's fine, but when we get to the f. word, I 'm done.

i never thought i would ever see a mlp and chucky cross over fic and now that i have found one theres only one thing i can say................its so beautiful:raritydespair: im going to draw a pic of chucky riding rainbow dash.....Not in a wired way......and im gonna put it on deviantart then im gonna pm it to you:moustache:

1226298 why has no one ever made a movie of this:flutterrage:..........you know what im gonna do it first i need to gather some voice actors and animators

oh and also DAMN IT RAINBOW DASH:raritydespair: WHY DIDNT YOU SAVE HIM:raritycry:

i loved this story and the idea for it was awsome MLP/Chucky ........i never thought i would see the day

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