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A camera case for a Crystal-tech personal recorder was found near a PHPD office in the city slums. Under the remains of what seems to once have been a poorly fabricated copy of an actual, Crystal Empire-made, novelty video recorder, a number of functional crystal records were buried.

The following footage is not advised for low rank officers and PHPD detectives not given the Comissioner's viewing permission. In case of continued accidents, access will be restricted to Enforcer and/or Princess-approved personnel.

Any hallucinations of shadow figures and inexplicable noises following the viewing of these recordings should be reported to the psychologist and the Paracriminal Division or Exorcist Corps.


Part of a prequel one-shot series to a much bigger fic, currently in the works. Draws heavily from certain materials, but does not act as a cross-over. Can be classified as Horror, but the site lacks such a tag.

Same series as VIS_016.evi, Nick and Penny, Vis-a-Vis, and Styx Enterprises.

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Comments ( 12 )

Is this, by chance, influenced by Slipknot? The Chapter sounds an awful lot like a verse from their song. 'Vermillion '

And several sentences in his dialogue are similar to 'AOV'

And 'This Cold Black'


5324155 In good part. Slipknot references are all over the damn thing - it's even got a reason (admittedly, it'll mostly make sense in the followup story, which is a way away). Although I was much more influenced by the first part (I find the second song pretty boring - I'm kind of a diehard metalhead in that regard).

It's not just Vermillion either. At least two more tracks are quite heavily referenced.

5324175 LOL I edited my comment before you could see it. Yeah I know several songs are referenced in this.

The title makes me think of Vermilion City in the Kanto region. This obviously has nothing to do with Pokémon.

That was interesting............ No resolve is driving me nuts. Its so mysterious I have no clue whats going on. Is he haunted? Going insane? Even real?


5340401 Well... I've got good news and bad news.

The good news is that this is, after all, a prequel. This story leads into something bigger.

The bad news is that the matter is going to stay quite unresolved. Some things you WILL find out, but the meat of Masky's story... will remain interpretative.

After all, the supposed beauty of this story is that there is a great quantity of explanations of practically every single event that transpires throughout.

5340750 I like things with lots of loose ends cause part of the story is making you think and theorize.

This isn't a story, this is a malformed screenplay with direction included.


5374940 That's the whole point.


Okay. Kind of impossible for me to enjoy this when I'm being told every minute visual detail you have in mind.

As soon as I heard the name and the sideburns I immediately thought Marble Hornets, and the very end confirmed it. An odd mixture, to be sure.

I wrote a review of this story!

It can be found here.

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