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To survive, you must tell stories. -Umberto Eco


It has been years since the dissolution of the Covenant. Peace has been found in parts of the galaxy, but in others, war persists between the Covenant Remnant and Separatists. But when this war finds a new battlefield on a previously unknown planet, one whose residents know only peace, things change, and what once was a quest for retribution becomes a quest for salvation.

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Looks good so far for a track. I liked the reference to the Halo 3 E3 Trailer and the calm before the storm quote:pinkiesmile:.

I'm wondering if Arbiter's armor that you described is his new one as seen in his conversation with Agent Locke at the start of H2A?

Anyway, do what you can to keep this story alive and don't let other story ideas distract you from writing this one because this one has an interesting premise. I wish you the best of luck:twilightsmile:

Glory and honor to the Arbiter and the Shipmaster Vadum! Well done, sir. The story looks really promising. We need more Halo stories without the involvement of the nishum reclaimers humans.

Okay, WHOA. This is... Amazing. Absolutely no grammar errors, you've got the characters down perfectly, and it's just... Wow. This definitely gets a like and fave. And people who think this is "just another Halo story," you're wrong. This thing is pure gold.

5367419 OI! I resent that, hinge-head!

5367450 I agree :coolphoto:
5367472 What part? The nickname or my observation that the amount of stories involving Spartan, ODST, and marines in Equestria is huge if compared to the other races?
(Grrr, call me again hinge-head, demon, and you'll face my sword.)

5367538 The nickname. -.-
The part about my species being awesome is completely true, thank you very much. ;)

5367538 What's the matter, Split Lip? You angry? :rainbowwild:

Seriously though, this story so far is immaculately written.

So I am not one for first person shooters, and my SO is horrible at explaining plotlines.

Is there a resource where I can learn the plot of the Halo games to that I understand this fic?

5367572 Nah, not at all. Humans are an amazing race (in my first story the protagonist was Master Chief), but I think that by now there are so many stories about them that it makes very difficult come out with an original idea, also considering that their mindset and culture are pretty much similar to the ones of the ponies. The Covenant on the other hand are a completely alien entity, so I think that interactions with them would be more interesting, having to overcome several cultural barriers.

5367602 Joking aside, I agree with you 100%. Covenant in Equestria can make for some very unique situations.

5367593 There are many sources, Halopedia is where I usually look if I'm looking for details

5367593 Halopedia could be quite a helpful source of Halo-related lore and story for you.

Edit; Yes, dragon hunter here has the right idea. The other Halo wikia in my opinion is a bit harder to find the right information.

5367621 I've got the story planned out to its conclusion, I just need to type up the actual chapters, which means an update should be just around the corner in a few days.

5367205 The armor the Arbiter is wearing in the cutscene in Halo 2 Anniversary is Clan Leader, or Kaidon armor. He didn't have that in this chapter, but he will eventually. Most of the time though, he'll be wearing the classic Arbiter combat harness. After all, you can't beat a classic.
P.S. If anyone knows a group or groups that this fic will fit in, please help me out and add it, or just let me know about the group and I'll add it myself.
Thanks again. new chapters coming soon.

5367672 If you're looking for groups, I recommend Crossovers, Game Crossovers, and Aliens in Equestria.

I really love how this opening to the story references this classic Halo 3 trailer.

I still wonder to this day who the two children are, though. John and Parisa? Samuel and Kelly? :unsuresweetie:

5367672 Alright then. Just wanted to know:twilightsmile:

True classics can't be beaten, since it's kind of hard to see enemies when their cloaked. Only in classic can you clearly see their outline. I guess it counts as cheating when you take advantage of the real-time visual changer to prevent enemies from getting the drop on you:moustache:

I can tell you knew some fledgeling of halo not found in the game by your description, but the way you right the characters... yes, I am expecting very good things from you, you write very well!


your words are folly, grunt


I love how this story has gotten a shit-load of comments, and all of them are from fellow Halo fanatics/RPers.

I will slap you.
And it will hurt.

Looks promising! We don't get enough perspectives from the Covenant. Good luck and if you need help with anything contact me.
5367419... *Types Ale's imminent demise on computer*
5367450 Hello my good fellow!

5367728 John and another Spartan, possibly Kelly, seeing that they trained together. I know it's John because he's the main focus of Halo 3, and it's pretty obvious that that's the MC.

Jeez, you just can't give this guy a compliment, can you?

Anyway, the story looks decent but whether or not it's good I can't yet determine. It could go either way.

To say "Great chapter!", and I can't wait for the next one!

Star Swirl was always the eccentric one; a real first-rate eccentric. It doesn't surprise me if he long ago forecasted the coming of extraterrestrials triggering a global circus of chaos on Equis.

Great chapter :yay: I can't wait to see the Royal Sister meet the Arbiter and the Shipmaster.

Shit's definitely going to hit the fan when the Covenant Loyalists arrive:twilightoops:

Another great chapter, my friend:twilightsmile:

The suspense is killing me, I can't way to see the first contact :rainbowkiss: I love this story, the pace of narration is steady, the descriptions are accurate and the characters are well portrayed :yay:

OH MY GOD IM SO SORRY. :raritycry:
Apparently I disliked this story by accident last time I was reading. I've fixed it, but I feel horrible for doing so for so long.

Comment posted by TheBigLebowski deleted Dec 28th, 2014


"I ain't even mad"
-Willard Smith/Fresh Prince

You title the chapter 'Contact', then there isn't any!
Good chapter, BTW!

5432351 Both. Mgalekgolo is the official and scientific name of the gestalt of Lekgolo worms that make up the Hunter, but it's a lot easier to say Hunter. It's also faster, enabling quicker orders throughout the battle-net. And in the Halo 2 cutscenes, the Prophets (San'Shyuum) are seen and heard calling the Sangheili Elites, and the Jiralhanae Brutes.

5433687 The Sangheili made contact with their enemy, and the ponies made contact with an unknown extraterrestrial object. :twilightblush:
Pinkie Promise for next chapter.

5434336 You replied to the wrong comment. The one you want is right below the one you answered. XD

Will the Infinity make an appearance?

Can't wait for their reaction to the Sangheili!!!

5459386 same here, as long as the elites don't become too hostile towards the ponies, I think the ponies take a liking to the elites, especially Arbiter.:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

Thank the gods the Arbiter was present. Rtas was never much of diplomat, and if only he had just been present with his men, I'd wager things would have only gotten uglier for everyone.

Simply. Glorious. First contact couldn't happen in a better way.
5496099 The Arbiter lives up to his title, choosing the diplomatic way when possible (just like at the crow's nest, when he tried to convince the Yanme'e to rebel to the Prophets)

Arbiter was always the voice of reason. He's an ideal leader, experienced in matters of many kinds, very wise. If he were real I'd easily call him friend despite his previous crimes. He retained honor at all times and when the truth came out, fought on the right side in the end. He even came to call the Master Chief a friend and comrade before the end. Far as I'm concerned, he's a perfect character for this tale.

But it's weird when you really think back to Halo 2, where in several missions the Arbiter aka Thel 'Vadam. The Arbiter can wield human weapons. Which is odd since Sanghelli considered it dishonorable to wield the weapons of humans and please note that Thel and other Sanghelli were still in the Covenant unlike in Halo 3. Though it was either simply a gameplay balancer or Thel considered that he had no honor at the time. So there would be no problem wielding human weapons. Or the believe of it being dishonorable to wield a human weapon was only individual.

[color=#7aaf26>>]The dragon hunter Yep. Speaking of which, any news regarding our favorite deacon and his friends? There is a fiction version of that story! Why was I not informed!?

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