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Hey everypony! New to the whole 'open' scene of ponies, as I have been lurking since mid season 2.

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sexy. and well detailed.

Well, asphyxiation and potential snuff could never be a fetish of mine, but I can somewhat understand why (in this story, at least) Fleur would find this arousing. The loss in control can be very arousing. In my mind it's simply too dangerous and isn't worth risking in real life. And snuff? Enough said, I think.

Though this was a well-crafted story~ Despite not liking asphyxiation, this has a lot of my other fetishes. Latex, encasement, toys, sensory deprivation and orgasm-denial. Should be pretty obvious where my scale tips. :twilightblush: And I love the cliffhanger ending that leaves me wonder whether Fleur was found and rescued just in a nick of time, or if she passed on. Personally I'm going to believe it was the former, simply because I don't like the idea of someone dying like this; in part because it has happened for real (maybe not specifically like this, but I wouldn't bet against something eerily similar happening.

But regardless I loved this. If I can make a suggestion, there could be a sequel to this, where Fleur struggles with her fetish due to her near-death experience; like, she is conflicted because it was, maybe, the hooves-down best orgasm of her life, but at the same time nearly dying was terrifying. Just an idea~ :ajsmug:

Lastly, there's a recurring error throughout the story, and that's the use of "its" and "it's".

"It's" is an abbreviation of "it" and "is," while "its" is the possessive form. I hope this helps. :twilightsmile:

Wonderful story~

.....i do not know what to feel.....

.....there is no second chapter.....

.....did she live?.....

5310882 could be or couldn't be........ personally thinking she was saved.

I'll see about fixing the 's.. just got a new keyboard and adjusting to it has been a pain.

I said it on Derpibooru and I'll say it here; The gag should use a type of valve that has to be actively held shut and that springs open if the force applied drops below a set level, not the 'flip' valve that is used in the story. the designer is an idiot supreme.

good story thought :twilightsmile:

5311429 Ah, well, I know how that goes. :twilightsheepish: My laptop's keyboard is old, and my S and T keys like to stick or not respond at all; so sometimes I get a lack of an S or T, or a surplus. It's annoying, so I understand. :twilightsmile:

But if it was normally open, no power applied, how could tension be built?
I guess it could be a normal fetishy clop story, but it was a request from a friend who wanted it this way.

5313990 timer malfunction, the courts are less likely to uphold a lawsuit for that sort of thing :twilightsmile:. anyway my inner designer just wanted to vent about the idiocy of the design, need to appease the voices in my head every once in a wile or they get vicious. :pinkiecrazy:

That was great. We need more breath play fics on this site.
I liked the ending although I do wonder what the other noise was.
Well done :twilightsmile:

Not like she's gonna sue 'em! ;P

Tasteless joke aside, quite well done! And yes, this kind of thing has been done before.

In particular, an Evangelical minister was found dead in his vac bed. As I remember, the Megachurch he led requested that followers respect the family and not speculate as to why he was IN a vac bed....

Comment posted by Shrinky Frod deleted Dec 17th, 2014

This story was amazing. The few typos couldn't detract from the excellent description of Fleur inside her suit, and the ending was perfect.

Why is there not a failsafe for battery life? I understand that it's an integral part of the plot, for everything to go horribly wrong, but how in the wonderfully wide world was the suit not built with a failsafe against death? Great story otherwise. :heart:

I knew about the cliffhanger and yet I'm still angry about it. But I can't deny that I liked the story.

That was really hot. Truly a great clop.

So...is she okay or is the lack of oxygen messing with her mind?

It's left open to reader interpretation as to what is really happening, if she makes it out OK, or she expires.

This needs a sequal

Found this again. I remembered to upvote this time.

quite well done.
3 similar stories come to mind:
-"random", on a website called "bondofox", where a girl sets a vibrator to random, inserts it in herself, and ties herself up. she was also frustrated by the results...

-"batteries not included" on the website "serious bondage", where a girl gets permanently stuck in a metal suit because she didn't insert the special batteries in the headpiece before putting it on. (ironically, the point of the extra batteries was to avoid getting stuck if the main power ran out)

-a story whose name i can't recall, where a girl arranges for a robot to tie her up with a vibrator in her, trying to get around the robot's "no sex" programming. unfortunately, she put the vibrator in "F" mode...she thought it meant "full power", but it actually meant "frustration", so she was stuck on the edge of Orgasm, never getting to "come", until she was in serious danger of dying from dehydration, because only then would the robot's "protect humans" program kick in.

If she did die, I think she would have wanted to be buried wearing that.

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