• Published 24th Nov 2014
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A Quantum of Solace - Obsidian Chitin

When your close friend dies, even finding love can only provide the smallest amount of comfort.

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Communication Helps

A cyan mare with plain dark blue hair and red eyes entered Sugar Cube Corner. She looked around, and trotted over to an empty table in the corner of the bakery. She gave a soft sigh as she rested her head on the surface.

She heard slow hoofsteps approach her. A small scratch as a chair was moved. She looked up and saw a dull gray mare with plain violet bangs and brilliant blue eyes sit opposite of her, holding a plain muffin.

“Hi there.” Wob said quietly.

Maud slowly blinked, and looked at the empty space in front of Wob.

“I came here to get a snack, but I kinda forgot that I don't actually have any money.” Wob explained with a hollow chuckle. “Still, getting some fresh air is nice.”

Maud pushed her muffin towards Wob. “We'll share.” She said with a monotone.

Wob gave a small smile. “Thanks, but you don't have to. Don't bother wasting it on me.”

Maud leaned forward.

“Fine, I'll eat the damn muffin.” Wob mumbled as she took a bite. It tasted quite nice, if simple.

Maud took the next bite. Wob noticed somepony walking towards them, a pink pony with flat dark pink hair and familiar blue eyes. Wob recognized her as Pinkie Pie, but noticed that something was very off about her.

“Hey, sis, who are you eating with?” Pinkamena asked with a hostile gaze at Wob.

Maud paused to swallow. “I don't know.” She said simply.

“My name is... Er... Wob.” Wob replied. “I'm new to town.”

Pinkamena stared at Wob point-blank, really invading her personal space.

“Erm...” Wob said nervously.

The unnerving pink pony backed off. “I'm sorry... Welcome to Ponyville, Wub.” She said with the second fakest smile Wob had ever seen. “I'd love to throw you a party, but...”

A sad sigh escaped the muzzle of the once enthusiastic party pony.

“I'm just not in the mood...”

- - -

Fluttershy sat on the red-and-white checkerboard blanket as she chewed her daffodil sandwich, staring off into the distance.

“-shy? Fluttershy, are you alright?” She heard Rarity ask.

Fluttershy blinked, then sat up. “...Huh?” She asked, a little dazed.

“Are you okay, darling? You've been staring at nothing the whole picnic.” Rarity said. She gently put a hoof on Rarity's shoulder.

“I'm fine...” Fluttershy lied quietly.

“No, you're not. You've barely said a word for days.” Rarity replied. She turned Fluttershy's head to look her in the eye. “You can talk to me. It's about Rainbow Dash, isn't it?”

Fluttershy sighed and looked at the ground, her vision getting blury from the tears welling up. “I... I miss her so much...”

Rarity pulled the pegasus into a hug. “We all do. We miss her dearly.”

- - -

Wob was quiet as she re-entered the cottage. With a green flash, she took off her disguise. She slowly made her way to the couch, and lied down upon it.

She stared up at the ceiling.

You shouldn't exist.

“And yet I do anyways.” Wob said to herself.

You are still the echo.

“And I will be for some time.”

You cause her nothing but grief.

“What are you talking about?”

You remind her of me.

“I don't mean to. I can't help my appearance.”

That is a lie.

“This appearance just feels natural for me, okay? I'm not a Changeling completely, I'm uncomfortable while under disguise.”

But you still can do something about it. For her.

“I... I guess you have a point. But I don't want to look like a changeling completely. I'm not one.”

You are, you just don't admit it.

“Look, didn't I let you go a long time ago?”

It's not that simple. It never is.

“Fine, I'll think of something. I'm trying to stray away from being you, anyways.”

You never were me.


You tried to pretend when you first awoke, but we both know you don't act like me.

“And you don't talk like her, either.”

“Um... Who are you talking to?”

Wob turned her head and saw Fluttershy standing in the doorway, blushing. Next to her was a surprised Rarity.

Wob rolled onto her hooves. “Ah, right. Hi, Rarity. My name is Wob Niar. I'm that changeling that Twilight hopefully talked to you about.”

Rarity tilted her head. “...No, I can't say she had.”

“Luna damn it.” Wob said with a sigh and a shake of her head.

- - -

“So, you're saying you have all of Rainbow Dash's memories?” Rarity asked with an eyebrow raise before sipping some of her tea.

“Pretty much, yeah.” Wob said with a nod. “Confused the Tartarus out of me the first time I woke up. I thought I was her. Next thing I know, I'm having a complete mental breakdown when I found out that I was not. Didn't help that I was blasted with some spell and captured.”

“Oh dear, that mustn't have been very nice...” Fluttershy said with a frown.

“It wasn't. I actually woke up with Luna, two guards, and Trixie in the cell.” Wob said.

“Trixie?” Rarity said with distaste. “Why was she there?”

“Well, she was the one that captured me. That, and she's the Knight of Magic and personal student of Luna in that universe.” Wob explained.

Rarity barely managed to keep herself from spitting out her tea.

“So, long story short, Luna had me stay at Trixie's place. She didn't like me, so she dumped me off at Rose's.” Wob said.

Fluttershy thought for a moment, before getting a shock of recognition. “You mean Rose Quill?”

“Yeah. Apparently, she was the Knight of Honesty.” Wob said. “We almost had a thing, too.”

“A... 'thing'?” Rarity asked. “You mean you dated her?”

“Sort of. We might have been able to have a happy life together, but I chose to go back here instead.” Wob said. “I knew that the changeling that killed me was still out there.”

“You mean the one who killed Rainbow.” Fluttershy corrected.

“Yeah, sorry. That particular memory is so vivid, I keep forgetting that it wasn't me that it happened to.” Wob said. “There were a few other things that happened to me, too. Met Derpy Hooves, who apparently is the Knight of Kindness, got a free book from the Knight of Generosity, got stabbed by the Knight of Loyalty-”

Rarity wasn't able to stop herself from spitting her tea out this time. “What?!”

Wob nodded. “Apparently, he didn't get the memo of me not being evil or something.”

“Deary me...” Rarity said, before looking down. “...Sorry about the carpet, dear.”

“It's okay.” Fluttershy said with a sigh.

“That's pretty much all that happened, really.” Wob said.

“Hmm...” Rarity said, thinking. “Tell me more about these 'Knights of Harmony'...”

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