• Published 22nd Nov 2014
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The Best of the Best - Sweet_Harmony

Rainbow Dash is her high school's best sportswoman and Performing Artist, but she can't decide which to do after graduation. But when a best friend introduces the Wonderbolt Academy to her, she finds not only her true place, but someone to love.

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Chapter 2: A Wish Come True


It's been about a week since the bonfire. I've been spending a lot of time with my siblings lately, especially Scootaloo. She has a problem flying, but she can hover for a few seconds, so that's an improvement. She's satisfied with it as well. Her dream has always been flying, and she's willing to try anything to make her wish come true. And speaking of wishes coming true . . .

I was in my room that afternoon changing my guitar strings when my phone it up. It was a text from Twilight, and she sent it to everyone in our group:

Meet me @ the library! BIG NEWS!!!

TO: A.J, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, R.D, Rarity

I'll be right there

TO: Twilight Sparkle

Hmm; wonder that's all about, I thought to myself. I carefully set down my guitar before going downstairs.

"I'll be back in time for dinner!" I yelled through the house as I opened the front door.

"You better be!" my father called right before I closed the door. I walked down the porch steps and took off into the air.

Since my wings are made for speed, I got to the library in 30 seconds - seriously. I walked into the library to see Twilight scribbling something on a notebook with her magic while scrolling through a site on the computer with her hands. I raised an eyebrow. Twilight usually isn't this giddy unless she has a break through in a science experiment or something. I walked over to her and she looked up. The huge grin on her face was starting to freak me out a bit.

"Uh, everything alright?" I asked as I took a seat next to her.

"Everything's fine! I just needed you all to see something!" she said as she clicked on a tab on the screen.

"You wanted us, Twi?" a southern accent said. We looked up to see the rest of our gang walking towards us. They gathered around Twilight and her smile, if possible, grew bigger.

"What's with the call, darling!" Rarity asked as she placed a hand on the table.

"I think I found the solution to Rainbow's problem!" she said, hands shaking from excitement. I whipped my head toward her, eyes wide, a smile creeping to my face.

"Seriously?" I asked her, my tone full of hope.

"Seriously! For the past week, I've been doing research on colleges or places where you could make a living out of both Performing Arts and sports. This morning, I came across the site of the Wonderbolt Academy. As I looked at it some more, it's actually a boarding school with it's own college campus and has different divisions for nearly everything! And that's when I came across the Sport and Perform division.

"This team is the academy's best known team, but it's very difficult to get into. There used to be nine members, but one dropped out because of an injury, another became crippled, and the last was fired for being too aggressive. There's three openings in that team, Rainbow! You can go and train there for your Senor Year and you could be one of the lucky three that gets chosen by the captains at the graduation ceremony to be part of the division!"

As she was talking, she was scrolling and clicking through different parts of the sites, and for once, I was listening very closely. Three openings? That's crazy! But then again, I wanted to be close to home so I can help Scootaloo get better at flying and still be close to my friends.

"Where is this 'Wonderbolt Academy'?" I asked her. She looked down at her notebook.

"Malibu," she answered me. This is amazing! Malibu's only a half-hour drive and a 10-minute fly from home! This is perfect!

"You should do it, Rainbow! Malibu's not even that far from here!" Applejack told me as she laid a hand on my shoulder.

"You must take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! This place is the path to your dreams!" Rarity said, gesturing to the computer.

"I agree," Fluttershy stated with a nod.

"Me, too!" Pinkie said, jumping up with a burst of energy. I nodded.

"I'll have to talk to my family abo it, but I'm definitely gonna keep this place in mind," I said with a huge smile. Twilight's smile softened a bit as she placed a hand on my shoulder.

"I really hope you'll go, Rainbow. To my knowledge, this is the only place you'll be able to make a living out of your two most favorite things," she said to me. I was silent for a minute before I made a decision. I stood up and said goodbye to my friends before flying towards home.

"Mom? Dad?" I called out as I walked into the house.

"We're in the kitchen!" I heard my mom say. I walked into the kitchen with a straight face. My parents noticed and raised their eyebrows.

"Is something wrong, sweetheart?" Mom asked me. My face didn't waver.

"Can we get the family into the living room? I want to talk to you about something," I said before turning around, walking out of the kitchen. I went straight to the living
room and sat down on the couch. I heard my parents call down my siblings while I fiddled with my thumbs. Soon, everyone was in the living room and they looked at me with curious faces. I took in a deep breath. Here goes nothing . . .

"Last week, I told my friends that I was torn between sports and Performing Arts as my major for college. Twilight had called us over to the library little while ago, and she found this place called the Wonderbolt Academy," I started. The name of the place sparked my father's memory somehow.

"The boarding school and college up in Malibu?" he asked me. I nodded my head.

"Yeah. Twilight found out that there were three openings in their Sport and Perform division and - "

"You want to apply there so you can have a shot at it," my mother finished for me. I nodded again.

"Basically, yeah," I replied. My parents had a conversation with their eyes as I anxiously waited for their response.

"You know, you've been working really hard on your school work and at your practices . . ." my father trailed off, "and you are responsible enough to take care of yourself . . ." my mother finished. My leg started to bounce.

"And . . . ?" I questioned. They smiled.

"We'll let you go to the academy for your Senior Year," Dad told me told me. It took all my will power to up not fly up into the air and break something, but I didn't - just jumped up and started screaming like crazy. Then, creepily enough, I came to an abrupt stop. I wanted to make sure that my siblings were okay with this.

"You guys are okay with me leaving for some time, right?" I asked them. They all nodded and I sighed with relief.

"I just don't know how to react with you thinking ahead," Fierce said teasingly. I sent him a playful glare before ruffling up his hair like I always do.

"Hey, you don't exactly think before you act, either!" I told him. My mother placed a hand on my shoulder.

"Come on; let's go see when you need to move out," she said to me. We all went up to the office and found the website Twilight showed me and the gang earlier.

"Registration's due by 12:00 am tonight," Rain Drop said as she read it.

"Or, if you wanna be technical, tomorrow morning," Scootaloo commented. My father smiled at me, "Let's get you signed in."

It took some time, but my application was accepted and all I had to do was wait three days till I have to move into campus. We ordered takeout so I took it with me upstairs to my room and flopped on my bed, flipping on the television. When I got settled on a channel, my phone lit up. Twilight sent me a message over OovoO.

TWILIGHT: So, how'd it go?
RAINBOW: They approved - I go up to Malibu in 3 days!
A.J: Really? That's awesome!
RAINBOW: I know it is. I'm gonna start packing tomorrow.
RARITY: Would you like some help? Knowing you, you'll probably pack most of your clothes and it may be a while for all of us to be together after you go up to Malibu.
RAINBOW: That would be nice. Think Pinkie would be willing to try and get us a discount on doughnuts at Sugar Cube Corner?
PINKIE: OF COURSE I WOULD!!! Trust me, once I tell the Cakes that your off to become a world-known Wonderbolt, they'll willingly give us a discount.
FLUTTERSHY: I hope we won't cause them any trouble by doing so. It's a very kind thing for them to do.
PINKIE: They OWN the place, silly! It won't be that bad if they gave us a discount! If not, I can get together with A.J and we can make our own sweets and treats! Right?
A.J: You got it, pardner! But I gotta be honest with ya, (as always) it's gonna be weird not having someone to scold for not going to class.
RAINBOW: Oh, ha, ha, ha. And I do go to class - how do you think I ended this school year with a 4.0 GPA? Speaking of which, where'd the nerd run off to?
TWILIGHT: I'm still here, just enjoying the conversation. I got everything, though - help R.D pack, try to get a, SCC discount, R.D being gone will be weird, blah, blah, blah.
RAINBOW: Oh, that's real nice, Twilight.
PINKIE: You guys gotta lighten up!
RARITY: Oh, Rainbow Dash! Since you'll be going to Malibu, would you like some new summer clothes? I just finished a brand new summer line and I'd love to give you some!
RAINBOW: Sure! Everything from last year's summer is starting to fade - a lot.
RARITY: I wouldn't be surprised. You wear out your clothes until they rip!
FLUTTERSHY: And you'll still perform for the holiday animal adoptions at the animal center, right? That is, if it doesn't cause you any trouble.
RAINBOW: If I can! You know I'd never leave those critters hanging!
FLUTTERSHY: I know you won't! Besides, whenever you play for the animal adoptions, you do not dissapoint!
RAINBOW: Thanks, Fluttershy. Well, I've been so busy texting you guys that my food's starting to cool down. Come over around 1:30 tomorrow. See ya tomorrow!

I put down my phone and picked up my box. I stabbed some pieced of meat with a fork from downstairs and popped it into my mouth.

"Good; it's still warm," I said, my mouth half-full. I took a gulp of water and continued to eat. I eventually got bored with watching television and listened to some music on my iPod for some time. After a while, I got up and went downstairs to throw away my trash. Apparently, everyone else had gone to bed and I was the only one up. I switched on the dimmest light setting in the kitchen and ever so quietly, I tossed my box into the trash can. I opened the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water and a pudding cup, picked up a spoon from the silverware drawer, turned out the light, and flittered up the stairs to my room. After I finished the pudding, I took a shower and turned in for the night. Tomorrow's packing day, and even though I'm getting help, it might take some time before I can get everything I need packed up. Lord, help me . . .

Author's Note:

Sweet! Another chapter up the day right after the story was published! This chapter is obviously much shorter than the first, so hopefully you guys liked it. And sorry if the whole scene with RD and her family was lame! I was running out of ideas on how to make it play out! Don't hurt me . . . :fluttershbad: I hope this one seemed a little better than the last overall, but it probably wasn't. The next chapter will be better though, Pinkie Promise! :pinkiehappy: Hoped you guys enjoyed it!

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