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Shining Armor's tale reaches far beyond that of his marriage to Princess Mi Amore Cadenza. His personal journal contains records that span across his childhood, the many years he laid down in service to our nation, and beyond that to his final years.

This is that Journal. This is Shining Armor as he's never been seen before.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 42 )

This has potential to be interesting.

This looks nice.:rainbowkiss:

"4th of July in the year 986

Dear Diary.

We did marching drills today. I'm too tired to (The remainder of the text is illegible)"

Yeah, I know how that feels, Shining - I know how that feels.

heh, I like it. feels really believable. Tracking.

So I did the math and found that Shining Armor lives until he is 62. Assuming that the mlp ponies have human life spans, I wonder whats going to happen to him. You sir just got a track :scootangel:

Hmmm. This could be very interesting I hope to see more from you soon my good sir
Tracked and Watched!:pinkiehappy:

You do Shining Armor a great service through this transcript, good sir, and I wholly applaud you for it! Doesn't matter what the rules say, Shining Armor stood up to do what was right and protect his family, and I love him for it! That is a true gallant knight and a true big brother if I had ever seen one.

.... I disagree. Of all the ways you could have given someone who wanted to be a Royal guardspony a shield cutie mark, especially a shield cutie mark with an Element of Magic symbol (or the symbol of Twilight's family, if you prefer), you decide to do it with something as mundane as this? Did Shining Armor learn nothing from the first time he lost his temper in this fic?

I'm fine with him starting a fight, even hospitalizing those idiots for picking on a kid so much younger, but earning a shield cutie mark for it? No mention of shield spells or magic-oriented defense at all? IMO this wasn't the best place for him to earn his cutie mark. If you wanted him to get it here, magic should have been involved.

I'd have to disagree, I think that protection of his little sister (whose own cutie mark is predominantly a purple star) fits rather well. Secondly, I challenge anyone with a much younger sibling who would have stood back, or gone to a teacher while their brother or sister was being hurt by people almost three times their age. I know I wouldn't, I'd be getting stuck in.

My family has a saying: "It's me against my brothers, my brothers and I against our sisters, my siblings and I against our cousins and our family against the world."

Fair enough, and great family quote. Looking forward to seeing how he uses that special talent to get himself to Captain.

Thanks :twilightsmile: I try to live by it, family ties are pretty important to me. Glad to see you're enjoying the story too, don't be a stranger if you think I've done something incorrectly at any time.

Oh right, if anyone was confused about the repeated words in chapter one, it's because I missed the strikethroughs in reformatting. :derpytongue2:
That has been fixed as of now.

this diary/journal thing is amazing
i like it
a lot

I love your story. I don't think we will be seeing Shining Armor in the show again until much later. Luckily, we have awesome fanfics like this to explore different aspects of character. I love his cute mark and find it very symbolic. He is the the big brother that I always wanted to be.

An excellent take on the character thst is Shining Armor. And I fully agree with your family quote. keep the entries coming.

This was really cute :) Please continue! :DD

511796 i totally agree. if any of the douches in my class so much as insulted my little brother, i swear to Celestia they'd be in the hospital.:ajbemused:

Next chapter is starting to take shape but it might be a couple of days yet, what with exams coming up and everything.

First of all, I wanna say excellent! I love this to death.:pinkiehappy:

I totally feel Shining Armor on this one as I've been in that situation myself. I'm usually too timid to do anything about bullies or the like, but when someone mistreats my siblings, especially my little bro and sis, I just snap.:twilightangry2: :flutterrage: I've never put anyone in the hospital, but I did have a big altercation with the school. I don't condone fighting by any means, by I do say family comes first.


awesome chapter. Val seems really cool. and of course Twilight got him a book. :twilightsmile:

Just read it all, nice, I love how you captured his younger years, tracked + liked. :pinkiehappy:

Hell, she’s already devouring the non-fiction and I’m almost certain that I saw her reading a thesaurus last night. Cover to cover. A thesaurus.
That's my friend. Exactly. She's a dictionary on wheels. :twilightsmile:

This is really good!

Man that was awsome. i liked how you came up with this idea:pinkiehappy: never have i thought that this coule be so good. keep it up Tracked +liked +faved:heart:

Ha nice one.

The last entry was hilarious! :pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh: scranton.mylittlefacewhen.com/media/f/img/mlfw4631-OOOOOOOOOOO.jpg
Can't wait for more! I loved how Shining got his cutie mark from protecting Twilight from those bastards!

Weird how he refers to his dad as "Da". Is that intentional?

I love this.


I want... nay, I NEED more!

Just one thing... Racism technically isn't the correct term in this context. Speciesist would be more accurate, since a Griffin isn't a pony-race.

:rainbowlaugh:That last entry killed me.

Damnit, I've picked that up on other people's stories cecause it bothers me too, how did I miss it in mine? :derpyderp2: Fixed, thank you.

Wow, I logged in this morning and had over 70 notifications? What just happened?
Seriously though, thanks for reading guys. I've got exams in a couple of weeks, but even so I plan to put out chapters faster than this one eventually made it out. I've also submitted to EqD with crossed fingers. Can't hurt to try, right?

loving this fic still, cant wait to see more.

Last exam is tomorrow, after that I'll focus on getting more material out.

Aren't you glad the wait wasn't that long in terms of episodes?

Any guesses on when you might be continuing this?

Color me intrigued!

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