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There have been reports of a group of heavily armed changelings massing in an abandoned industrial area outside of Canterlot. With the belief that these changelings intend to assault Equestria's capitol city from their new base, Shining Armor is dispatched with four of his royal guards to root them out and destroy their foothold.

Follow Captain Shining Armor, Flak Star his second in command, their sniper Sharp-eyes, their CQB expert Blitz, and Stratus Fear their engineer, as they set out on this high-risk mission.

(Warning: Contains minor swearing, and ponies with guns)

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What does CQB stand for?


Okay, that was awesome. I love it, the twist caught me entirely by surprise.


Did I miss something? I saw no fish

7888877 No fish? They were clearly playing CoD! (Call of duty):rainbowlaugh:

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