• Published 18th Nov 2014
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Ancient Equine Analysis - Frocto

In the future, 2265 AD, technology has advanced to allow life like bio-droids to be created. A man browses the available sex-droids and comes across Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle available as a set.

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5868678 Hmmm, what relationship does this have with the story of a Twilight sex-bot forming a relationship with a human? Are you the same author, or did you just pick up the idea? I put the story in my Pleasure folder, and didn't think to look at the author's name before it went poof:twilightsheepish:

2265 for bio-droids? wow, technology sucks in that human world.

I'm saying we're about 10 years from fully-operational human androids (the AI would be the tricky part so add another 15 years for that maybe). And then pony bio-droids would just depend on the pervert who thinks about making them once the tech for them exists....
Magic and flying for them would however be techs that could only be designed in about a century or 2....

But how am I supposed to fap if >no hooves ?


If we don't have lifelike pony robots in twenty-five years, I'm holding you responsible. Just sayin'.


I said we CAN possibly have the tech for bio-droids in 25 years, but.... will we have pony bio-droids by then? Probably not, unless this fandom is still going as strongly as it currently is in 25 years


There will always be perverts who want to bone tiny cartoon horses. Always.

OMGtha was so awesome,funny and sweet Iloved it all and can't wait for Sequel.:rainbowwild::twilightsheepish:And all the new ponys he adds to his herd Ihope a Luna and Tia join it.

Inch by inch, Rainbow’s big blue cock vanished, until only the head remained. With a little “poik!” and one last defiant shot of mare-spunk, it was gone too, back into the depths of her curvy hips.

I wonder... are there multiple copies of the same biodroid in this world, as in multiple Rainbow Dashes and/or Twilight Sparkles? And if so, would they know biodroids like them existed?


Without getting into too much detail, this is something I plan to address in the sequel... when I get around to writing it~


I've never heard of such a story. I'd be interested in knowing more about it!


Delightfully well said.

6777413 It's gone, the author removed all their stories, which is why I asked. It was about pony sex-bots being a common purchase in our world, with a lonely man, with an enhanced penis, who wanted companionship buying one, and slowly accepting the sexual part, then falling in love, and rejecting the idea of her just being a semi-sentient toy, and then they become closer and closer, and it ends with him asking her to marry him, and she accepts. That's basically the broad strokes of the whole story.

Oh man I wanted to see Twilight and Rainbow with William saving the ponies bot........btw I think I'm s official am turned on in a doctor...........yup, I am........by Aqua tits

If only Pinkie was involved then you would've had a trifecta of perfection!!

Were you inspired by Her the movie about OS loving when you wrote this? Ignoring how it was a drama... this does have some minor similarities... good and enjoyable.. as well as hot as all get out.

Hey I like your story but I have two questions.
1. Why didn't they ever do normal vaginal sex? I get that he likes their asses but it looks like he specifically tried to avoid it like the plague more than just ass preference.

2. How's the sequel going? I would like to read more on this universe and see who twilight is going to bring on board


The sequel is on indefinite hiatus due to problems communicating with the commissioner.

As for the lack of vaginal, that was a core focus of the story and intentional. If you're looking for that sort of content, you should definitely check out my other stories, they feature plenty of it.

Not that I plan in paying the bill for the story but your comment got me thinking, how much do you charge for a story?

The hentai dialogue is very, very strong in this one.
I leave the decision as to whether or not that's a good thing to (you).
if this is this author's cringetastic first work, then you have my condolences and apologies for reminding you of it. mine was debatably worse, though it never saw the light of day, thank god

wow this is real good.

Thanks a lot!

Who was the author, and what is the story name? I might be able to find it on fimfetch

1. Wow, four years ago I made this comment.
2. I had no memory of the story name or author at the time.
3. I already stumbled on it myself. Here's the link-https://fimfetch.net/story/297341/my-little-love

You're welcome. Enjoy!:twilightsmile:

Looks pretty cool! I'll check it out.

Glad I was able to unexpectedly follow through on getting the story to you, thanks to Golden Delicious of course. Enjoy!

Any idea why it was taken off Fimfic?

Wow this is a grate story, well done.

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