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Memoirs of a Royal Guard - Anzel

Silent Knight assumed his story would be complete once he achieved his dream of joining the Royal Guard. To his surprise, it was only just the beginning.

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I was alone out on Princess Luna’s balcony looking up at the stars and moon. They were beautiful tonight. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and not even all the lights in Canterlot could mask the brilliant scene.

The celebration was still going on in the chamber behind me. Princess Luna’d had about three ciders too many and was dancing with everypony. She’d forgotten to take her hoof guards off, too. I tried to warn her but she was enjoying herself too much.

The others were in a relatively similar state. We’d played a few games and kept it somewhat cordial, but when the sun went down, the harder stuff came out and things got a bit rowdy.

My ears flicked at the sounds of hoofsteps behind me. I looked over my shoulder and nodded at Shining Armor as he approached. No armor and no rank pins tonight.

“You’re missing your party. If you’re not careful, somepony will sweep that sweet unicorn off her hooves while you’re not looking.”

I chuckled and replied, “All due respect, sir, she’s been dancing with your wife most of the evening, so you may want to keep an eye out, yourself.”

The stallion came to my side and set his forehooves on the railing. “Cadence is beside herself with joy. You know she is all about romance and relationships.”

“That I do. It meant a lot to me for you two to come all of this way for my graduation.”

Shining Armor shook his head. “Wouldn’t have missed it for anything. I have to ask, though, why are you out here alone?”

“I just needed a minute. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good party as much as the next pony, but all the congratulations and gifts… it’s a bit much. I’m not sure I’ve earned that.”

“You haven’t,” he replied, surprising me. “This is just to get you started. You’re an officer now, Silent Knight. It is all big picture. Every day is something new and you’re going to have to earn the party. I wish I could tell you that it is easy or that things are going to be the same as before. It isn’t and they won’t be, but that is okay.”

“It would be easier if you were here,” I replied quietly.

He shook his head. “Nah, you’ll grow just fine, and I’m only a train away. Now, please, come back inside. The others will notice soon.”

My brow arched. “I thought it was my party?”

“It is as much for them as it is for you. They almost lost you, and lately you’ve been a bit… well, we’ll call it driven, when it comes to the gryphons. That can all be dealt with tomorrow or the day after. For tonight, just be with them. Enjoy them and let them enjoy you, Silent Knight, the pony.”

I looked over at him and then turned to walk back into the chambers. “You’d make an excellent father,” I said without looking back.

“You sound like my parents,” he replied with a bit of levity. He trotted back to my side and nodded at me, matching my gaze briefly.

The stallion set a hoof on my shoulder and then cleared his throat loudly. “Mares and gentleponies, Silent Knight!” he called, drawing all of the attention to me.

There were delighted cheers and well wishes from all of my friends. The colonel was right. All that other stuff could wait for another day. Tonight was a night to celebrate.

Author's Note:

If you're curious about what happens next to Silent Knight please check out the sequel to Memoirs, Secrets of a Royal Guard.

Silent Knight has some loose ends to deal with when it comes to the Nox ponies, Captain Alastair, and his new relationship.

I hope you'll all join me!

A special thank you goes out to Octavia Harmony and Data Byte for assisting in the editing of the second edition. Your help is truly appreciated!

Companion Wishes Chapter: Halcyon Days

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Great last little bit of advice from Shining.

Sequel time! :pinkiehappy:

And that... is an epilogue! :3

One story ends, another begins.

yay! to the sequel!

An excellent ending to an excellent story. Now to see how the rest of Silent Knight's story shapes up in the sequel. 07

To the sequel!

Just a wee thing that I've noticed is that you don't always use contractions where they might make the dialogue seem more fluid, and it can make things seem a bit stilted. It's especially noticeable in some places because you do use some contractions sometimes, for example:

“You haven’t,” he replied, surprising me. “This is just to get you started. You’re an officer now, Silent Knight. It is all big picture. Every day is something new and you’re going to have to earn that party. I wish I could tell you that it is easy or that things are going to be the same as before. It isn’t and they won’t be but that is okay.”

You've got things like you're, isn't, and won't, but at the same time it is, that is, and she is (not in this segment, but you get the idea).
There are times when writing out the full he/she/it/that is is an appropriate way to go about things, but if you've got a lot of other contractions in there, and especially if you're trying to write speech, you might want to watch out in case you're making it all seem overly formal where it wouldn't otherwise make sense. :twilightsmile:

5965410 Yeah, I thought finishing with Shining Armor would be fitting. I really love his dynamic with Silent Knight!

5965415 Indeed it was. Just a little bookend.

5965468 Truly! Another long story stretched out ahead of us all.

5965472 ^_^

5965508 He's a different pony now for sure.

5965612 Yes indeed!

5965890 Fair note. Sometimes it is intentional (like with the exemplar or early Luna) and sometimes it just creeps in that way. I like using it as a differentiator between characters for sure.

Aww yeah! Great ending for a great story! On to the sequel! :rainbowdetermined2:

I can hardly believe that this is over. This was the one story I had been tracking since I first made my FimFiction account. But it isn't really over, eh? Forwards, Onwards and all other wards!

5968918 That is exactly what they're telling him. They wanted to move Silent Knight into that position.

5968295 No, not really over! Although Silent Knight the enlisted guard is gone. A new tale with a new Silent Knight!

5968243 That one made me smile when I wrote it. Sure a little 4th wallish but fun!

5966983 Thank you and yes indeed!

This story is cursed, 666 likes, nooooo!

5970778 I'm glad it is a good thing =)

5970785 Yes, she is a sergeant and he isn't. The issue was his sister being interested in a subordinate.

Thank you both for helping clear that up for me!! :twilightsmile:

5973382 Haha that is a phrase I thought was an idiom and not literal. How about that. We'll assume that in Equestria it is just an idiom ;)

OK, I'll take it that way. It...was not a pleasant picture that I had the first time I read that passage.

5979369 Correct though you certainly are, I'mma bet (based on the great length of this story and its sequel) that this might just be a writing quirk you'll have to grin and bear with grace and humility... :moustache:

5979369 Hello there! Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment. I really do appreciate it and the opportunity to interact. To be honest I'm quite familiar with the rule and simply ignore it. The paragraphs look naked to me and it doesn't impact readability so I've made a stylistic choice. Hopefully it won't diminish the experience too much for you but they'll remain as is.

5987919 I appreciate you taking the time to read a bit into the story and comment. It sounds like you're looking more for an adventure tale when this is a Slice of Life piece. That kind of story isn't for everyone and I totally get that. I don't think you're going to find what you're looking for here ;)

5987919 Um, sorry, I'm a little confused... You're not enjoying a story about a guard doing guard things because it's about a guard doing guard things??

6000289 True, true. But I think that if even Fluffle Puff didn't make a cameo, what we can expect abaut SK? He isn't horsefamous enough... yet.

6005569 Well, I've been re-reading through Memoirs because I don't remember a whole lot of it. You may see more corrections, if you like.

6005574 Sure, if possible, just keep a list and send them to me all at once (Via PM). That would be preferable because once I correct it the comments aren't valid.

6007359 It actually isn't but Pony Berserker is REALLY good and the style is super similar.


I actually noticed it a few times, but it escapes my mind by the end of the chapter.

6009560 Glad to have your back! Your comments were missed (we were actually just talking about you and a few others yesterday). I'm glad you enjoyed the story's outcome!

Oh god. I'd thought I'd finally get my life back once I finished this Book, but there's a sequel as well?

You've literally had me glued to the computer every waking moment this past week while reading this piece. Excellent work.

6019482 Thank you so much for the kind words! On the up side, Secrets is only starting. It shouldn't be quite the commitment that Memoirs was!

6010182 Thank you very much! I'm really glad you've enjoyed it.

This fic was....... AMAZING! well done! I'm doing to be looking into the rest of these fics with great interest. :yay:

6022126 Thank you very much! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

6038887 Sleep is so wonderful though ;D I'm truly glad you're enjoying the story. I've certainly enjoyed watching your progress through via the comments!

6041606 Thank you for reading! I'm excited that you enjoyed the story. I hope your experience with your training is beneficial and just challenging enough to be interesting. Safe travels.

6073998 You haven't missed anything. What Velvet is referring to is something revealed in Crystal's Wishes. It never specifically comes up in Memoirs. Spoiler -> Velvet is into mares and stallions, so her being that way would further lend credence to her being with Crystal.

6094529 Thank you for reading and commenting! I'm really glad you're enjoying the story ;) (Sorry for keeping you up)!

6082670 Hitting the great parts!

6081049 :trollestia:

6080804 Haha, maybe for Iridescence ;)

6100307 It would be an interesting alternate ending. There is a side story that touches on that in the works.

I like the more serious tone this story took on at some points. Most of the slice of life stories I have read tended to avoid the darker parts of life, but this one tackled some of them head on and it was very enjoyable.
This was a great read and I look forward to the completion of the sequel :raritywink:

6102199 I'm not familiar with the joke so you may end up disappointed >_<

6102214 That is what I was going for honestly. This is the slice of life for a royal guard. There are going to be bad things that happen. I tried to show the good, the sad, and the silly! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

6103672 Ah, little typos sneak in now and then ;) Thanks for letting me know.

6103942 There is a store by that name in Ponyville. Of course there is a McDonalds, Target, and Walmart in almost every city. Q&S is a chain. I also just did a quick search through the chapter, it looks consistently named to me.

Well, I just got done with the story (technically yesterday, but I forgot to comment >.>) and wow it's been some time since I've read a fic that was such a page turner. I think you really nailed your characters - your main ones and the side ones (like Miley) and their interactions with each other. They felt so real. I enjoyed following Silent Knight as he grew throughout the story. Can't wait to see the Nox ponies (bat ponies are a guilty pleasure of mine) and your interpretation of them. I know you have a sequel to answer some of the questions (like why Cadence is still a Unicorn), but the only one I had is... why did Miley stop being so clumsy? Was it really because the good luck of Runic balance her out or was their more to Miley's clumsiness? It did seem weird that she just stopped being so clumsy all of a sudden (I think the coach scene and pic was one of my favorite in the story).

I just need to read Crystal Wishes and catch up on that before I move on to the sequel.

6111626 Thank you for reading and commenting! I'm glad you've enjoyed the story. When it comes to Miley, I'm leaving that as a mystery. The theory is that Runic balances her out. Perhaps things going her way, getting promoted and having a coltfriend, gave her the confidence she needed to be less clumsy.

6132693 LOL, he isn't ;) He just isn't used to dealing with others.

6145850 Thank you very much! That is extremely exciting.

This is a very fitting ending. I'm glad to see such a happy ending.

6150012 Thank you very much =)

It took me two weeks to read this. I can afford only 1-2 hours per day to indulge my self with Fan Fiction so please don't judge.

Anzel, your story gained my Favor and thumbs up. Although some chapters pacing was slower than I personally like, Memoirs of a Royal Guard were worth the time I spend on them, and then some. Thank you.

Now some criticism and prizes:

What I liked:
* Chapters are at the same time small and packed with interesting and important information.
* Your OC's are interesting and diverse.
* Your jokes are funny, romance relationships awkward and life of OC's simple, with enough action based story arch to make the reader want more.
* I Wanted to read a Slice of Life Royal Guard Comedy and you delivered.

What I had a problem with:
* Supporting Original Characters that are not yours. I understand that you have been writing Memoirs of a Royal Guard parallel to some other writer story and your OC intertwine. I don't mind it, but I tend to read stories from start till the end, and only then I look for next "victim". This made some OC appearance a bit ... confusing.
* I very much liked the way you dealt with A Canterlot Wedding action scenes, but what you did at the end of Into The Gryphon's Roost was ... not bad but I honestly would prefer that you stick to your main character point of view in those action based chapters.

I Know that you already write the sequel and I will start reading it as soon as I have more free time on my hands. What I'm hoping is that you will focus your sequel on the big taboos.

Religion, Politic and Relationships, with icing of a Slice of Life and a Comedy Chery on top covered with confetti of combat/action chapters. Thats a Cupcake I want to eat next.

Again thanks for lots of fun. The pleasure was all mine.

Cya at Secrets of a Royal Guard.

6191539 This is true!

6196189 Thank you for reading. I'm glad you've enjoyed the story thus far! It has been a really great ride here too. Secrets continues on but it is a slight shift in tone and content. Hopefully you'll enjoy that too.

I came across this story after finding this story's companion story perspective to this. At least I believe that is the acceptable term I heard? I was curious, curious about what the other perspective to things was like.

At first, I wasn’t fully able to get into the story; I am very thankful I continued though. As I kept reading, curious to see where these events led, I realized that I couldn’t stop reading… um, it is a problem of mine… When I start reading something good, I get into a sort of... zone of single-minded focus so to speak, and usually nothing can break me from said state of mind. Thus, I normally end up with more than one nearly sleepless night… Ahem, sorry… moving on then.

I just hope my comment is not perceived badly? I always get extremely nervous over how others will perceive my thoughts on things…

I um, commented after reading the companion story; and thought I would do the same here. Hopefully that is alright?

Overall, in summation:
Excellently written; no grammatical errors and no spelling errors from what I noticed.

The characters were well written, each with their own thoughts and feelings; which was conveyed into words magnificently.

So, in conclusion, I enjoyed reading this thoroughly; I will follow along with both this story's continuation (or sequel I suppose?) and the companion story to this… even if I am more of a quiet reader.

I also apologize for the lengthy comment...

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