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A Rare Sight

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After a horrible fire destroys The Apple Family Farm killing AJ and Granny Smith, Big Mac finds himself falling deep into a pit of depression.

Questioning his life and strength he begins to lose grips on reality, leaving Applebloom alone to fend for herself during a time in her life when she needs the most guidence.

Now It's time for Cheerilee to step up and try to mend Big Macs broken heart before it is too late.

Or risk losing him forever.

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Wow. I loved this so much!
Clever, saddening, and amazingly enjoyable.
Hoping for updates soon!
(I was using interactive pony and RD was all like "I'd rather read Daring Do." And I was like >:O)

updates galore today!

Was having some syntex error messing with me for the last few days I'm thinking my ps3s browser is outdated meh...

anyway I borrowed a friends Ipad and using that for publishing.

Now that I don't have to worry about failed clickings- at least for a while I can focus on writing and reading.

I'll read your new stuff today as well as send in the next chappie in FNWP.

Sorry for the dely just before all these errors I had writers block as well.

Glad you enjoyed this-so far.

its based off a short story I wrote called Only Human.

Hey look! A fic with my five favorite tags!

I understand big mac is upset that AJ and Granny died but that dosent mean he has to become a dick towards happiness and sunshines

When a loved one dies, you kind of feel like you're against sunshine and happiness. You let the dark surround and comfort you, and you find relief in just standing out int the rain. It's hard to explain, but once experienced easy to understand.

It is through my own experience that I would beg to say otherwise. I am well acquainted with death; I've buried my fair share of relatives, among them some of my own brothers. I've come close a few times myself. When a loved one dies, I find that it's much easier to remember the joys of life, to recall with fondness the memories of the deceased, than to push happiness away. However, at the same time, there will always be feelings of sadness - they're what make the joys of life that much more incredible to experience.

Pushing others away in mourning is neither healthy nor is it conducive to the healing process; to turn away from the warmth of friends, family, love and life - all in the name of clinging to a corpse instead of a memory - that's more akin to mental illness than anything else.
Not to say that you are wrong; this is my own experience and my own thoughts. I just cannot find any justification to be miserable for the sake reminding yourself of your own loss. Loss is a part of life, and life is a beautiful gift that is both fleeting and profound.

A child is born into the world with no thought of the misfortunes that will one day befall him… It is only as tragedy unfolds before us that we begin to see with greater clarity our lives and how we spend them. Yesterday's tragedy is today's understanding and tomorrow's strength - grief is a natural element of our lives, but it must never ever take precedence over the greater saga that is our earthly existence... And I suppose that this is all I can say to that.

You have to think about it. When their parents died in the fire, AJ and Granny and Bloomer was all he had left.
Now he lost 2/3 of what he lived for.
It's a depressing state :ajsleepy:

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