• Published 22nd Nov 2014
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Only Pony. - A Rare Sight

A Fire takes everything from Big Mac, forcing him to come to terms that he is only a pony & some things can never be changed.

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A Kind Soul & A Weary Heart.

Author's Note:

New chappie- with another on the way!!

I'm glad so many have enjoyed this story so far.

I enjoy telling this tale.

I forgot to place in the character sheet that Fluttershy plays a fair role in this fic as well so I corrected that, this is mainly a Cheerileex Big Mac ship, but also has a bit of a hint towards Fluttershy X Big Mac.

It's balanced pretty well.

The next chapter is a mix of Fluttershys and Appleblooms P.O.V

Also the intro of Cheerilee to the story.

" Big Mac!! " The small frightened voice of AJ echoed around the Apple Orchard with the slight tone of pain.

I galloped at top speed through the Orchard following the soft sobbing of the small filly- I knew deep down everything was alright just my little sister getting herself into some trouble again.

Skidding to a stop I could see the small copper filly crying into her hooves beside a large Apple Tree, her blonde mane was frazzled out cutely and her whole body was shivering.

" What's Goin' on here Lil Filly ? " I asked with a soft sigh as my little sister tried to stand up before me, her hind leg lifting up slightly off the ground.

" I...I tried to buck this tree and-and it hurt me!!! " AJ suddenly burst into even more tears as I simply let a loud chuckle escape my muzzle.

" It ain't funny Big Brother!! " AJ pouted her lower lip plumping out cutely as she tried to stand tall, only to topple over to the ground with a soft thud.

" Well I told you not to buck any trees, you're just too young. " I smirked as I walked around my little sister nudgeing her side with my muzzle.

Before long I was able to lift up the little filly and slide her small frame onto my backside with ease, my little sister was in a huff her tears replaced with a sense of bruised pride.

" I just wanted to show you I was strong enough to do it... " AJ trailed off with a sigh her dark green hues narrowing slightly as she gazed off into the distance.

I continued to trott through the Orchard at a steady pace enjoying the scene around me, the large towering trees, the full lush grass and even the warm shining sun high in the sky- it all came together perfectly.

" I know you can do it - It's just you're not old enough too. " I sighed a bit myself.

" Now I bet you gone and bruised your leg. " I shook my head side to side wondering how in Equestria my little sister had gotten so stubborn.

Applejack pouted aloud on my backside wiggling in place gently, her mane frazzled out even more as her muzzle scrunched up cutely before she flashed me " The Look." a gaze that I would come to know well in time.

" Blah-blah- You're always talking about me- about this or that!-I can take care of myself! " The small filly tried to save face giving me a stern glare.

" I bet you can AJ, tell you what the day I start to believe you no longer need my advice I'll keep quiet. " I smirked looking back to my sister who just beamed happily with joy.

" Really?-You promise? " AJ giggled as I simply nodded along knowing she was eating this up.

" Eeyup. I promise the day you don't need my advice is the day I don't have to worry about you..." I slowly trailed off my little sister giving me a curious gaze her ears folding back softly.


" Ahem. Big Mac? " The softest voice I've ever heard floated gently on the wind to my ears as I suddenly shot open my eyes to see a small delicate mare before me.

Her mane cascaded gently down the side of her face femininely while soft blue eyes watched my every movement, she stood still in place softly running a yellow hoof back and forth among the grass below her. I knew her well she was a close friend to my late sister- her name was Fluttershy.

She was known around Ponyville as possibly the most delicate and sweet mare in all of Equestria, always showing kindness to those around her never asking for anything in return. I yawned narrowing my eyes towards the sky as the newly rose sun almost blinded me, I lifted a hoof to block out the light a disgruntled sigh escaping my muzzle.

" I'm so sorry to wake you, It's just I've well everypony really has noticed..." She trailed off her voice quivering some with uncertainty her whole frame shivering softly.

I groaned loudly rolling off my backside and onto my side shaking my head side to side quickly giiving my ears a quick pop, then extending my hooves I slowly rose to my feet the mare whimpering softly as my shadow towered over her in a cold silence.

" Noticed what? " I spoke just cutting to the point not in the mood for small talk at all.

" Um...well....uh..." Fluttershy tried to speak her voice cracking unable to find the words.

" Hmmm." I narrowed my eyes directly to her own as the yellow mare went pale almost as if she were going to faint in front of me.

" Noticed Applebloom and yourself have been sleeping out in the field here for a few days now!! " Fluttershy spoke in a rushed tone her eyes wincing a bit as she struggled to make eye contact with me while I just shrugged back.

" We're just camping out for a few days till' we get our bearings together. " I replied as the pegasus let out a soft sigh herself while I turned away from her and started to walk towards a small curled up ball in the grass.

" Are you sure you should be camping so close near the burial ground? " Fluttershy asked as I stopped in my tracks spinning around to give her a small glare.

" Is that a problem? " I asked with a serious tone my eyes locked on the mares, who just swallowed hard.

" Not at all. I'm just worried about the filly- this cold chill coming in could make the poor thing sick. " Fluttershy found her voice, standing her ground as she made a smart move and changed the subject.

" We're ok- Applebloom is strong..." I spoke proudly before hearing a soft toned cough below me, gazing down I could see Applebloom covering her muzzle with her hoof trying to hold back the coughing.

" Big Mac.-Please come stay at my cottage for at least a few days till the chill passes- for the child. " The mare spoke taking a brave step forward to me her eyes locking on my own as I knew she wouldn't be backing down anytime soon.

Casting a annoyed glare down to my sister who quickly hid her face in her hooves, I let a large sigh escape from my muzzle and shrugged my large shoulders.

" Fine but only for a few days." I spoke in a stern tone walking past my little sister in silence, readying our saddle-bags to go on the move.


We all walked along the path heading towards Fluttershys' Cottage, I was at the back end carrying all the bags in silence as my little sister chatted away to the mare ahead of me giggling and bouncing around on the path. The pegasus just smiled and chatted back in a carefree manner, both acting as if they were the best of friends- as if nothing had changed this week.

I gritted my teeth tightly a odd feeling building inside my body, I could feel my calm slipping as my blood began to boil. Did my sister nor this pegasus have any respect for the dead?, how could they simply giggle and carry on in such a way?- it was sickening.

" Big Mac! Now don't you go fussin' over nothin' ! " AJ trotted next to my side with a frown across her face those dark green hues giving me " The Look" again.

" I'm not fussing over anything, I just think I need to teach Applebloom some respect is all." I whispered under my breath as my sister rolled her eyes a small huff escapeing her muzzle.

" She's just a filly Big Mac- I'm just happy to see her smiling again. " AJ giggled as she gave me a playfull nudge at my side with her muzzle.

" I'd be happier to see you smile too big guy. " AJ sighed in a calm tone as I continued on in silence unsure how to reply, though I could feel the calm washing back over me like a soft wave.

" I...My dreams these last few nights..." I tried to speak my voice cracking slightly as I turned to my side to see nopony at all, just the cold caress of the wind flowing by.

" Did you say something Mac? " Fluttershy asked turning her head back towards me softly her eyes glistening brightly in the light of the outdoors.

" Nope. " Was my reply.

The only mare I wanted to talk to was gone.

And all those who were close to her didn't care at all.

A few days.

Was all it took to be forgotten.

I'd never forget.


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Comments ( 5 )

I understand big mac is upset that AJ and Granny died but that dosent mean he has to become a dick towards happiness and sunshines

When a loved one dies, you kind of feel like you're against sunshine and happiness. You let the dark surround and comfort you, and you find relief in just standing out int the rain. It's hard to explain, but once experienced easy to understand.

It is through my own experience that I would beg to say otherwise. I am well acquainted with death; I've buried my fair share of relatives, among them some of my own brothers. I've come close a few times myself. When a loved one dies, I find that it's much easier to remember the joys of life, to recall with fondness the memories of the deceased, than to push happiness away. However, at the same time, there will always be feelings of sadness - they're what make the joys of life that much more incredible to experience.

Pushing others away in mourning is neither healthy nor is it conducive to the healing process; to turn away from the warmth of friends, family, love and life - all in the name of clinging to a corpse instead of a memory - that's more akin to mental illness than anything else.
Not to say that you are wrong; this is my own experience and my own thoughts. I just cannot find any justification to be miserable for the sake reminding yourself of your own loss. Loss is a part of life, and life is a beautiful gift that is both fleeting and profound.

A child is born into the world with no thought of the misfortunes that will one day befall him… It is only as tragedy unfolds before us that we begin to see with greater clarity our lives and how we spend them. Yesterday's tragedy is today's understanding and tomorrow's strength - grief is a natural element of our lives, but it must never ever take precedence over the greater saga that is our earthly existence... And I suppose that this is all I can say to that.

You have to think about it. When their parents died in the fire, AJ and Granny and Bloomer was all he had left.
Now he lost 2/3 of what he lived for.
It's a depressing state :ajsleepy:

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