• Published 22nd Nov 2014
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Only Pony. - A Rare Sight

A Fire takes everything from Big Mac, forcing him to come to terms that he is only a pony & some things can never be changed.

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The Dream.

Author's Note:

I would of posted this soon but the site has been giving me a Syntax error or something.

It looks like it might be pointing towards me having an outdated browser but IDK.

Anyway I was able to borrow a friends IPad hoping this will alow me to post- here goes nothing.

The dream is the same every night.

I open my eyes and the world is still and quiet all around.

I turn my head to the side my gaze escaping out the closed window by my bedside, the sun is barely rising over the lush green hills yet the dew among the grass shimmers almost as brightly as the sun itself.

I slowly get out of my firm but strong bed, tossing the sheets aside onto the floor below.

I never really used them anyways I'm the type of stallion that is always warm blooded, I never seem to get a chill no matter how cold it gets on The Farm.

Which is a good thing I suppose.

I have to be strong, the family knows this and I know this.

Walking over to the window I glance out and onto the land before me, Apple Trees stretch across the land for miles and miles- I squint my eyes trying to spot Ponyville in the distance.

Yet no matter how hard I try.

I'm never able to see past the farm, our land is never ending the sun might shine but inside all I feel are shadows.

I gallop over to the door and try and push it open my mind saying if only I could get outside I could find where the farm ends, I push and tackle into the frame of the door yet it doesn't move or weaken the slightest bit.

I can feel my chest tighten as my gaze falls to the floor below.

I know here I'm supposed to stay, It's my place.

Yet inside I feel trapped.

I place a hoof gently atop the door wishing to feel its cool wooden frame just once, yet instead as I touch the wood it is not cold at all but warm.

No not warm...


Suddenly my eyes shoot open, ripping myself out of the dream world and back into reality all around me is nothing but thick dark smoke.

Jumping out of bed my large hooves stomped onto the old wooden floor of my room hearing a loud creak as I did so, lowering myself closer to the floor I quickly shuffled over to the door a never ending stream of smoke coming from behind it into my room making it near impossible to breathe.

I placed a hoof atop the frame to feel a sudden pain shoot up my body, pulling back swiftly I knew the door itself just burned me, gritting my teeth in anger I took a deep breath I wasn't going to allow a door to stop me from helping those I loved.

With a mighty tackle I smashed my shoulder into the hot wooden frame the whole door flinging off its hinges and crashing onto the floor below, all around were flames bright orange and a hellish red flickering and dancing all around in a dance so wicked it engulfed all around me.

Heart racing in my chest while my eyes burned from the smoke, I galloped down the hallway towards Granny Smiths room, I had to save her first being the oldest there was a large chance she hadn't even woke up yet.

I skid to a stop in front of the door pushing a hoof against the frame as it swung open only halfway, to my shock a large beam had fallen from the ceiling and blocked the doorway flames licking at my hooves from behind.

" Grrrrrr!!! " My body tensed as I began to feel myself buck wildly, I was growing tired of this damn fire blocking my path at every turn I was not going to take it anymore!

Taking a few steps back I slammed my whole frame into the door, using every ounce of energy I had I pushed and slammed against the old frame until with a loud snap the door flung open the beam crashing onto the floor in front of me.

Gasping aloud I could feel the floor weaken beneath my hooves, the beam that had just hit the floor suddenly crashed through the planks falling down below into a large sea of flames.

Narrowing my eyes I could see through the smoke in the room and to my shock laying on the floor trapped under two flaming beams was Applejack, she had beaten myself to Granny yet seemed to have been trapped by the falling debris beside the bed.

My mind was racing on what to do as my eyes fell upon Granny on the bed sleeping soundly under the sheets a smile across her face, Taking a step towards her near the bed I could hear my sister moan aloud from the ground.

" She's Gone..." AJ coughed aloud softly her eyes filled with pain and sorrow, I glanced down to her and back up to Granny.

Her frame so still and calm- it was true she had passed.

Tears slowly trailed down my face as I could feel a tightening pressure in my chest, My sisters cries for help pulling me back to my senses quickly.

Rushing over to her side I gazed down to AJ who flashed a weak smile back, I wrapped my hooves around her protectively hoping I could slide her out from underneath the debris with ease.

Yet all I was met with were the screams of agony from my little sister, her whole frame was shivering in pain while tears rolled down her cheeks slowly.

Her hind legs were pinned under the rubble firmly, the flaming beams had crushed the bones nearly flat inside her legs, if she were able to escape I feared maybe she wouldn't be able to walk again.

" Don't worry AJ.-I Gotcha! " I placed her gently back down onto the floor as my hooves touched the firey beams before me.

Pain from the scorching hot wood sent lightning bolts across my whole body, I could feel my hooves being burnt down to the bone as I tensed up my frame trying to lift the two stacked beams off my sister.

My body went numb from the pain blood trickleing down my coat as I gave it everything I had to lift the objects before me, Yet instead of feeling that satisfying give or sudden release in pressure I felt nothing.

Not even a slight budge.

Gasping aloud in pain I let go of the beams, my tender hooves touching the hot floor once again as AJ gazed up to me sighing aloud.

I huffed in anger collecting my strength as I gave it another go, My muscles strained and my legs ached with pain as I tried to lift the object with everything I had heart, soul and power-everything!!!

But nothing helped.

The wood never moved.

The high-pitched scream of Applebloom echoed around us from down the hallway.

" Go...Save her..." Applejack looked up to me with tears in her eyes as she slowly removed her hat with trembling hooves.

" I just need a minute..." I tried to speak my voice cracking while I leaned in close to her, my sister placing her hat atop my head gently.

" Go..." She whispered into my ear her slender muzzle massaging against my own calmly.

" No." I replied Appleblooms screams getting louder.

" Go!! " AJ screamed her voice starting to distort.

" Help!! " The sound of Applebloom screaming seemed to echo louder and louder.

" GO!!! " AJ screamed her eyes burning like embers as I stomped my hooves onto the ground firmly.

Ponies from all around came to help with the wild blaze that had engulfed all of Sweet Apple Acres, Earth ponies carried in buckets of water as Pegasi did sweeps of dirt from the sky- even the unicorns used their magic to trap or put out flames with ease.

Atop a nearby hill sat Applebloom and myself, watching our farm, trees and home burn before our eyes, the sun rising into the sky slowly as I held my little sister close to me in my hooves.

Her sobbing was muffled against my large chest as I ran my bloody hooves gently through her mane, nothing but silence filled the air between us as deep down inside I knew our lives would never be the same again.

" Big Mac..." Applebloom tried to say something as I gazed down in silence my eyes locked onto hers never blinking.

The small filly merely whimpered softly out of sadness and burried her face back into my chest.

But as the days would come to follow, I would learn she did not look away that night out of sadness.

But out of fear.

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