• Published 15th Dec 2014
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This Cruel and Random World - Bluegrass Brooke

It was a simple bet. Spend one month as a pony, and prove to Celestia that he had been right all along. Discord never thought he would actually enjoy it. As the days pass, he finds himself desperate to keep up the façade a little longer.

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One Voice

Shining Armor paced the sunlit floor of the Captain’s office, trying to blot out the reality that had come crashing down on him. This pony, Entropic State or whatever he called himself, was a threat not only to Twilight but to Equestria. He had to be, or this was all some elaborate scheme of Celestia’s that he was not privy to. Either way, he had managed to brainwash Twilight enough to trust him more than her own flesh and blood.

The memory of the other night’s events still stung, and it seemed Twilight would not be so willing to see reason. That just left him and Cadence. After some convincing, well, a lot of convincing, Cadence had agreed that they needed to speak with Celestia regarding the matter. However, she was adamant that whatever Entropy’s true purpose was, it could not have been to harm Twilight or he would have done so already.

Shining hated how much time they were wasting. He wanted to leave the moment she had agreed last night, but she insisted they depart in the morning. So here he was, waiting until Cadence saw fit to leave. Urgh! “Why can no one see the urgency?”

“Why indeed.” A low voice behind him made him wheel around, face to face with the last pony in Equestria he wanted to see.

“Entropy?” He drew his blade, glowering at the unicorn leaning casually against the wall. “How did you get in here? Guards!”

He chuckled, examining his hoof. “Oh, they can’t hear you. They’re a little tied up at the moment.”

“What did you do to them?”

“Nothing of concern to you.” Entropy eyed the blade pointed at his chest with mild interest. “Are you going to stab me before I explain myself? How heartless.”

“Drop the act, Entropy. If that’s even your real name!” He tried to steady his blade despite the nearly overwhelming mixture of hatred and fear coursing through him. How did one unicorn get past all his guards? There was no way he was an ordinary pony, no way in Tartarus.

“Do calm down, Shining. It hardly becomes you,” Entropy drolled. Rather than back away, or even charge towards him, he stood stock still. “I came here to explain myself, but if you want to run me through, I suppose I won’t stop you.”

Shining felt the blade quiver, then, slowly he let it fall to the floor. Every fiber of his being was telling him to end it now, but he could not. This stallion, no matter how horrible, was the pony his little sister loved. Harming him would not change reality. He stared piercingly into Entropy’s eyes, “What do you want? Come to tell me your plans to take over Equestria?”

Entropy raised an eyebrow, then burst into a booming laugh. “Me take over Equestria? What would I do, force everypony to study physics? Please, I have more important uses for my time.”

The hairs on his back bristled, “Like what? Lying to Twilight, deceiving Celestia!”

“I,” he grimaced, looking down at the stones, “I did not intend upon hurting your sister.”

His heart skipped a beat. Hurting her? “What did you do to her, Entropy?”

“You said so yourself, boy. I lied.” Without warning, a swirling golden magic filled the room, causing an ungodly pressure. When it subsided, the unicorn had vanished, being replaced by a familiar draconequus.

“Discord?” Shining felt his legs grow weak and shaky. “You’re Entropy?”

“Correct.” Discord leaned against the desk, wrapping his talon on its smooth surface. “I fear my little joke went a touch too far.”

The Spirit of Chaos; his sister had been dating the Spirit of Chaos. Shining pinned his ears, raising the sword again. “What kind of sick joke is that?”

“A bet with Celestia. She claimed I could not spend a month living as a pony, so I proved her wrong.”

A bet? This monster had played around with his sister’s heart all for a bet? And Celestia had simply gone along with it. “So, you two think it’s funny to mess around with my sister? A good chuckle to watch her suffer when you reveal your little lie? Does she even know who you are?”

The calm expression on Discord’s face vanished, being replaced by one of loathing. “I am not a child to be reprimanded by the likes of you, boy. Of course I have told Twilight. However, I saw it fit to explain myself to you. Not that you deserve it,” he added in an undertone.

Clearing his throat, the draconequus continued in a softer voice, “The bet was not to mess with Twilight’s love life, Shining. That bit, regrettably was my doing.”

“Why?” It was all he could do to stop his voice from quivering. “Why would you do that to her?”

“At first I thought it would be a good game. However,” Discord paused, staring at his paw, “our feelings for one another changed the game. I began to see your sister . . . see her as a potential mate.”

Mate? The blade dropped again, and he stood there, heart racing until he thought it might explode. “Good . . . good Celestia, you are a beast, Discord! A centuries old Spirit of Chaos and you wanted to . . . with my sister?” Disgust did not even begin to describe it. This was so wrong on so many levels.

Discord sighed looking uncharacteristically serious. “Well, I don’t know if I wanted that, Shining. I just started to see her as an option. I admit now, that was wrong, and I hate to have allowed myself the guilty pleasure of thinking it might work out.”

Shining could only stare at him, wishing against hope that he wake up from this nightmare. There had to be something he could do to take control, anything. “What if I tell ponies? How do you think they’ll view the ‘reformed’ Discord then?”

There was a flicker of irritation in Discord’s eyes, then it softened. “Shining, I do not care what you do to me, my reputation was ruined many a century ago.” He bit his lip, “However, your sister is another matter. If . . . if word got out about our relationship I fear it might sully her good name.”

“Your relationship?” Shining’s heart stopped cold, “You didn’t. Oh Celestia, you didn’t!”

Discord shot up straight, “No! By the gods and my honor I did not touch her!” Despite his words, there was a distinct discomfort marring his face. “However, that would not stop the rumors, Shining. I would not see her honor tainted by selfish actions. Please, please have the consideration to keep this matter quiet. Celestia herself has not been privy to this information.”

Shining wanted to scream at him, to demand that he tell the truth to everypony, but could not bring himself to do it. However much he despised the creature in front of him for what he had done, there was no changing the truth. He closed his eyes, looking away, “Get out. I will keep your damned secret, but only for Twilight’s sake.” There was a loud pop, and he knew he had left him to reflect on the worse possible outcome.

Discord did not hate books, not that any creature would honestly believe him. Being imprisoned in stone for nigh on two thousand years left a lot of catching up to do, and they were a great help where that was concerned. However, the idea of the Lord of Chaos curled up on a longue reading and enjoying a book with as much zeal as Twilight was comical to say the least. And yet here he was, curled atop a mountain of history books in the darkest corner of Canterlot Library.

There was nothing he hated more than being ignorant, especially where it concerned common knowledge. As he tried to focus on the accounts, he began to curse himself over and over again for falling into just that mold. Why had he ever thought dating Twilight would be a good idea? It was as though he had thrown all common sense and reason out the window.

He was nothing like ponies, none of his kind were. Ponies thrived on mutually beneficial interactions, his on conflict. Whereas Twilight built friendship after friendship, he had burned every bridge behind him. A small voice seemed to echo in the back of his head. But you built friendships, think of all the ponies this month. Cheese, Bulk, Flim, Cheerilee, they didn’t hate you. They wanted to be your friend.

Discord shook his head, “No, you’re wrong. They would throw me out the moment they discovered the truth.”

Really? If they hated you so much, why did Cheese forgive you like that? Why did Flim help you out? Admit it, they care about you, and they’d understand.

His eyes began to swim, blurring the page in front of him. The voice was right of course, if any creatures would understand it would be them. However, understanding and trust were two separate matters entirely. “I lied to them for nearly a month. They’d have every reason never to trust me again.”

The voice chuckled. Really, Discord. How can you say that after what happened with Celestia? Even after you broke free and wrought havoc upon Equestria for the third time, she forgave you, even trusting you with another chance.

“Yes, but . . .” He could not argue that logic. If their uptight overlord could forgive him, who was to say his friends would not? It was only a matter of telling them the truth and they would come around. However, Twilight was a different matter.

His blunder could not be repaired so easily. Gods above, why had he even considered dating her? Even putting aside the fact that he was a draconequus, he was terrible for Twilight. The mare was just a child, and he had lived for centuries already. Besides, how in Equestria would a relationship between the Lord of Chaos and the Bearer of Harmony herself gone over? He would drive her mad in a matter of months or he himself might snap.

Then there was the other consideration. Discord sighed, staring hard at his mismatched limbs. A draconequus, the draconequus he supposed it was now. Even if by some miracle they managed to get along as a couple, that left one glaring issue. They were not the same species, and no amount of chaos magic could change that. He groaned, resting his head on the books. “Why am I so stupid?”

You aren’t stupid, you’re lonely. The voice drifted in his ear like a passing breeze. There’s nothing wrong about wanting a companion.

“Yes there is,” he snarled. “I am the Lord of Chaos, I don’t get to have a companion.”

The voice gave a high pitched giggle. How does that make sense? Honestly, Discord, quit being such a stick in the mud and think of the possibilities!

“Possibilities?” Discord could not help but allow a wide grin to stretch across his face. “True enough.” Snapping his claw, he summoned a glass of lemonade, sipping it thoughtfully. “Why, with the two of us working together, I don’t believe Equestria would go a day without a good laugh.”

He sneered, “Imagine Celestia’s face! She’d probably have a hernia knowing Twilight and I were dating.”

See? It’s not so bad. Besides, The voice grew playful, imagine the spells the two of you could come up with! Why, after seeing the river, even you were able to use harmony magic. Twilight’s proven she can use chaos magic too! Think about it, Discord. Two chaos magic users working together to have a bit of fun.

“Exactly!” Discord chuckled softly, “I don’t think we’d ever be bored! We might even try an experiment or two just to annoy the princesses. I’d love to see the look on their faces when we turn the castle into swiss cheese.”

He got to his feet, grinning broadly. “What am I kidding myself? It could have worked, and it still can. We loved each other before all this, who’s to say we can’t again?” It would take time, but she would come around, she had to. Discord closed his eyes, sending up a silent prayer. Gods, it has been a long time since I offered a sacrifice, still I ask that you hear my plea. Let my actions speak truth and sincerity, let her see me for who I am, and if it be your will, may she accept me into her life again.

Twilight paced, well, wore a track in the library floor was closer to the truth. Her mind had gone in a continuous loop ever since Celestia’s visit the night before. How in Equestria should she approach him? A part of her wanted to kick the living daylights out of him, but that would not solve anything and would likely land her in a puddle of pudding.

Discord, the arrogant Lord of Chaos, fooled her into thinking he was a simple unicorn. Just like that, she had fallen for his stupid trick, all because he was “charming.” She shuddered at the thought that she ever considered the draconequus attractive. Sarcastic, annoying, and sometimes cryptic, but most definitely not charming.

And yet he had managed to get her falling head over hocks for him. Spike had warned her he was up to something, time and time again. But no, she had to trust Entropy. Trust the one “pony” who was anything but trustworthy. There was nothing to be said about her decision other than stupid. Shining was right all along, and now she was somehow going to have to mend their relationship assuming he would even take her back.

“Twilight. Twilight!” Spike was clinging to her leg like some kind of elbow leech.


He rolled his eyes, “Door.”

Really? “What, you can’t open it?”

Spike grimaced, “I don’t want to talk to him.”

Twilight felt her stomach drop. No way, not so soon after everything had blown up. But, sure enough, when she opened the door, it was Discord standing there. “What do you want?”

“I . . . well,” he chuckled nervously, holding his arms behind his back, “I came to pick up my journals and have a little chat if that’s okay.”

A part of her was tempted to slam the door in his face, but, she had made a promise to Celestia. Groaning, she motioned him inside. She started towards the stairs, “They’re in the loft, I’ll get them.”

Discord eyed Spike with an almost hungry expression, “Take your time.”

It in fact took very little time at all to gather the three volumes. As quickly as she could, she made her way down the stairs. The scene she was greeted with nearly caused her to drop the journals. “What in Equestria did you do to my library?”

The draconequus looked up from a stray cotton candy cloud he had conjured up. “I improved it.”

Twilight’s eyebrow twitched, looking at what had been her wooden floor. Its entire surface had been coated with various squares of primary colors so that the entire place more closely resembled a daycare. “What? You expressing how childish you are?”

Discord tsked, “Jumping to conclusions again I see.” He raised a talon, pointing to the corner of the room where Spike was bound to a small chair with a jump rope. “It was Spike’s fault.”

“What? It was not!” The dragon struggled to break free of his confines.

“Well, if you hadn’t been taking this entire mess like a baby, I wouldn’t have had to child proof everything.”

Twilight stamped her hoof hard against the nearest square, surprised with how shock absorbent it was. “Urgh! Discord, the only child in here is you.” She raised a hoof, pointing towards Spike. “Let him go, and for Celestia’s sake, put things back to normal.”

Discord rolled his eyes, “My, if you aren’t a wet blanket, dear.”

Twilight shuddered at the endearment, “And don’t call me that!”

“Sorry, sorry. Gods your touchy today.” He leaned over the cloud at her, “You in heat or something?”

“NO! Now turn everything back or I’ll try some of my chaos magic on these journals.” She waved the journals around for emphasis. He raised an eyebrow, as though expecting something else. “Fine! Please put it back, Discord.”

Apparently those were the magic words, because with a single snap of his talon, the room reverted back to normal, and Discord stood tapping his hoof in the center. “There, happy?”

“No.” She ran a hoof over the journals. Just how did a creature who wrote such elegant and heartfelt letters one minute be so childish the next? Celestia, he was going to give her a migraine. Her eyes focused on Spike who looked close to strangling Discord provided he could reach his neck. Rolling her eyes, she pointed at the door. “Can you leave for a minute, Spike. Apparently I’ve got to discuss some things with Discord or he’s not leaving.”


Spike groaned, eyeing Discord as if he might take a chunk out of Twilight. “Okay, but I’ll be back to check on you in a bit.”

“Okay.” Twilight turned to Discord, pointing at the cushions. “Sit.”

Apparently due to his anatomy, Discord was incapable of sitting. The best he seemed capable of was curling up tightly on his usual spot, looking across at her. “Satisfied, your highness?”

“Yes. I’m sick of talking up to you.” It was more than a little awkward, especially since she had spent most of the past month talking to him at near eye level.

Discord bristled, glowering at her. "Well forgive me for standing the way I always have. Next time this damned ugly beast will act appropriately," he snapped.

Twilight's chest tightened, "I . . . I didn't mean it like that."

"Truly? Then tell me, princess, what did you mean to imply?" There was no warmth or mirth in his tone now. "That I ought to be ashamed of what I look like? Would you prefer my Entropy form, that seemed to please you well enough." His tail swished violently back and forth, "Do you even realize how much pain I was in keeping that up?"

Her mind flashed back to the pained looks Discord had shown over and over again. Though he had always dismissed it, the symptoms had been getting progressively worse. After yesterday's incident, she had not even considered that detail. Her eyes fell to his talon, half expecting to find it quivering as Entropy's legs so often did, but it was still. "It didn't cause any permanent damage, did it?"

"No," he stated in an unnaturally icy tone. "Though it will weaken me for a time."

"If it hurt so much, why didn't you tell me earlier?"

Discord rolled his eyes, "Oh, I don't know. Perhaps I was afraid of how you'd react." His mouth widened in a kind of snarl, "Seems I was correct to assume that you ponies cannot look past outward appearances."

"I," she gulped, pawing at the floorboards, "I didn't mean to . . . to look at you like that."

"Oh, I think you did. That is your kind's way after all." He raised his talon, allowing the sharpened nails to catch the light. "Accept those who look like you, conform to your standards, then throw out anyone who does not." His eyes stared coldly into hers, "You know, I don't exactly appreciate ponies being repulsed by how I look."

His voice raised until it echoed around the still library, "All my life I have been told that I am ugly, that my form is somehow inferior to your own, that I should not show my face in public, that the gods must have made some mistake when they fashioned the draconequus. They said that over and over again to me, even as a child!" The rant broke as he murmured softly, "And then you, the one creature I thought would understand did exactly the same. Do you even know how that feels?"

"I . . . I . . . no, no I don't." Twilight's heart ached as Discord started to quiver, fists clenched. "I should have never treated you like that. It was wrong. I was wrong." She lifted a hoof to try and touch him, but he snarled, setting her back a few steps. "There's nothing wrong with how you look, Discord. It just takes some . . . getting used to. I'm so sorry for how I reacted. If I could take those words back, I would in a heartbeat."

Discord's tail twitched, but he seemed unwilling to scold her again. Rather, he stretched out on the cushions, averting her gaze. "Perhaps you speak truth . . . or perhaps not. I honestly do not care anymore. Your reaction was to be expected. There . . . there are no other draconequus to compare me to. They've been gone for centuries now," he whispered.

Twilight winced as an uneasy silence followed his words. What was there to say? Sorry about you being the last draconequus, here, have a hug and it will all work out? Discord was right, ponies did not know what draconequus looked like. In fact, in all her years of studying under Celestia, she had never come across a single book describing the draconequus, their history, or even a single painting. She inched closer to him, "What did they look like?"

Discord snorted, "As if you want to know."

"Oh, I can be quite curious when I want to be." Twilight stared expectantly into his eyes. "So, did they all look like you?"

“Gods no.” Discord snorted a laugh, “Do all ponies look the same?”“

“Well, no . . .”

“There’s your answer. But, if you really want to know, Father was at least two feet taller than me, and a lot more muscular. And he had this antler,” he mimicked a moose antler, “that always scraped the ceiling. He could be pretty intimidating when he wanted to be.” He sighed, flexing his paw, “I can’t really tell you what the others looked like. I . . . I was raised by Father. Mother wasn’t too fond of living amongst ponies.”

“Oh.” Twilight was starting to feel guilty for bringing up the subject. Searching for a change of subject, she found the journals, pushing them towards him. “Thank you, they were really helpful.”

Discord chuckled, fingering them with his talon. “I am glad. You are the first I’ve shown them too.”

“What? Really?”

“Well, it seemed foolish not to. You needed to know about chaos magic, and,” he gulped looking away, “I would much rather have you learn it from me.”

Celestia’s words rang in her head. ‘Discord has expressed some interest coming to Ponyville to teach you himself.’ It could not be chaos magic he wanted to teach her, could it? After his letters, she thought he was rather fed up with the idea of her using it. “Discord, do you . . . do you actually want to teach me chaos magic?”

Discord twitched, flushing a little. “Yes, well it would be quite the treat working somepony who actually wants to use my magic rather than stop it.”

She opened her mouth, eager to jump at the opportunity to learn chaos magic from the master himself, but stopped herself. No, Discord could not be trusted, not after what he did.

Seemingly reading her thoughts, Discord continued in a soft voice, “I came to apologize, Twilight, though I know that does not mean much considering what . . . what happened.”

Twilight bristled, “Damn right it doesn’t mean a lot! After what you did to me you ought to be locked up.” Her eyes met his, “Why? What in Equestria made you want to treat me like that? To mess with my emotions, pretend to love me!”

Discord actually growled. It was a low, primal noise that somehow carried to the corners of the room, and sent a chill down her spine. “I did not pretend!” He muttered something in the same language she had heard him use on Spike. “I told you yesterday, though it seems you still do not believe me.” His paw pointed to her chest, “Despite all rhyme or reason, I love you, Twilight. That fact has not changed, and frankly I’m disgusted that you would think me so low as to pretend to for a mere prank.”

“You said you were playing a game.”

“In the beginning, Twilight. In the beginning. However,” he stared hard into her eyes, “that all changed when I saw you for the wonderful companion you could be.”

Twilight twitched, remembering his phrasing last afternoon. “You said you were starting to consider me as a potential ‘mate.’ What, you wanted to experiment in your pony form, is that it?”

Discord scowled at her for a moment, then leaned forward eyeing her not with anger, but with a perfectly neutral expression. “Twilight, when I say that I consider you a potential mate, that is a great honor. My kind do not experiment, we commit. One mate and one mate only for a lifetime, that is our way.” He leaned back again, smiling softly at her. “So, when I tell you that I consider you a potential mate, you should know that I am not using the term lightly.”

Twilight felt her blood run cold. So that’s what he meant. The thought that Discord, the Lord of Chaos, would seriously consider her as a potential life partner was almost too much to take in. She clasped her head in her hooves. “There’s no way, no way.” Slowly she looked up at him. “Why me? Why not somepony like Celestia or Luna?”

“What?” Discord leaned back, looking genuinely revolted. “Gods no!” He shuddered, hissing again in that language of his. “Tia and Luna are my sisters, Twilight. They became as good as blood to me when Morpheus took me in.”


He dismissed the question with a wave of his paw, “Celestia’s father, it is not important.” His eyes met hers again, “What is important is you.”

Twilight’s stomach lurched. “I’m nothing special, Discord. Well, apart from being made an alicorn, and you said that was a mistake.”

Discord shook his head vigorously, “The timing was a mistake. However, as I told you before, you aren’t some mishap of Celestia’s.” His talon lifted her head ever so gently, “The gods chose you, not Celestia, and the gods don’t make mistakes.”

He sighed, brushing back her forelock, “Twilight, it is the time when the world is at its most beautiful. The time when a perfect balance is reached, the border between the night and the day,” his voice lowered, “between chaos and harmony. It is you, Twilight, and you alone that can find a balance in this world because you see it for what it could be. That is something neither Celestia, nor Luna could ever achieve. If there is any creature in all of Equestria who can understand how chaos, how I fit into the bigger picture, it is you.”

Twilight could only stare at him, blood running cold. For months she had been the princess without a calling, but Discord, Discord saw it differently. “You think . . . you think that’s my purpose? To find balance?”

“Balance is a relative concept, Twilight, not so easily defined. However, if you can encourage me to truly connect with others after centuries of self-isolation, then you are talented indeed. You want to know something else?” He grinned toothily back at her, “You managed to get me, the Lord of Chaos himself excited to learn harmony magic. That’s something not even Tia could manage!”

Me, the bringer of balance? The idea seemed ludicrous to say the least, though Discord did have a point, at least where he was concerned. However, that still left one glaring problem. “But, I can’t be meant to bring balance, Discord. I lose control of my magic at the drop of a hat. If it weren’t for you, I’d have corrupted my magic! If I’m so good at balance, why can’t I control the balance inside of me?”

Discord laughed loudly, much louder than he had as Entropy, actually rattling the door. “Really, Twilight. One can be destined for something without truly understanding it. Why look at me.” He snapped a talon, summoning a shower of confetti out of nowhere. “I am the living personification of chaos. But, as those journals point out most elegantly, I really don’t understand chaos, not entirely.”

“You don’t?”

“Gods no. Why, it took me centuries and centuries to even learn how to control the basics.” Discord snapped his talon again, cleaning up the confetti. “It’s a lot harder to fix one’s mess than it is to make it, for example. I was at least six hundred years old before I figured that one out.”

“Seriously?” She never would have guessed that Discord had trouble learning chaos. “I guess I just assumed you were born with the knowledge.”

“Nope. In fact,” he stretched out on the cushions like a cat, “Mother said I was an absolute embarrassment to the family for taking so long to catch on.”

Twilight giggled, then stopped, remembering Celestia’s story. A part of her wanted to ask about the incident, but now was neither the time nor place for that. Instead, she looked him in the eye, “So, you think I’ll master balance someday?”

Discord came closer, soft smile stretching across his face. “Oh, inevitably. Though you’ve already had quite the start.” Then, without warning, he leaned forward, kissing her on the muzzle. It was scratchy, but for some bizarre reason, far from unpleasant. He pulled away, face flushing crimson, “if you can get me to fall in love . . . to look for a companion after I have told myself for centuries I should die alone, then you must truly understand balance, Twilight.”

Twilight felt her heart skip a beat as he kneeled in front of her, “I am asking, no begging of you Twilight, grant me a chance to earn your forgiveness.”

Honestly, hasn’t he learned anything this past month? Twilight lowered her head until her hot breath mixed with his. “Discord, forgiveness can’t be earned.” She watched him stiffen, still focusing on the ground. “You want to know why?” He shook his head, gritting his teeth.

Sighing, she leaned in closer until she could whisper in his ear. “Because, Discord, it is a gift. A gift given freely out of love, without any expectation of return. You don’t have to earn my forgiveness, Discord because,” she kissed him softly on the forehead, “you already have it.”

His eyes met hers, as though searching for sincerity. “But . . . but I have lied to you, treated you like some kind of puppet. How could you not be angry?”

“Oh, don’t get me wrong, Discord. I’m still furious!” Her words sent him cringing, but she knew they had to be spoken. “You’ve broken my trust, and that’s not something mended in a day. However . . .” Am I making the right choice? Looking into his eyes, she knew the answer. “I want to give you another chance. You’ve proven that you can change after all. I think we might be able to start this friendship over again.”

There was a long silence, then he nodded. “Very well. Thank you, Twilight.” Discord got to his feet, scooping up the journals. “I fear I have kept you too long already.” Just as he was about to teleport away, she grabbed his paw. He raised an eyebrow, “Yes?”

Twilight stepped back, “I . . . I uh . . .” Come on, Twilight, spit it out. “If after things settle down, and I feel I can trust you, I think I’d like to . . . to try dating again.”


“Really.” What? You think I’m making it up?

A large grin stretched across his his face, showing off his wickedly pointed teeth. “I look forward to that, Twilight.” He raised his talon, pausing, “Oh, and, I did forget to mention one thing.”

She raised a cautious eyebrow, “What?”

“Your chaos training begins tomorrow.” Without another word, he snapped, vanishing with a loud crack.

Chaos training? It seemed the tables had turned on her yet again. Who’s the student now, eh, Twilight? Still, she could not help but look forward to tomorrow. One thing was for certain, her life would never be boring again.

That dream again. Strange, he thought it would have left him alone, but it was more persistent than ever. There before him was the same bonfire, the same villagers dancing in time to the same melody. Discord stretched out on the grass, content to watch the familiar scene as he did every night.

He could not help but smile when his dream Twilight strode over to him, dressed once more in the fashion of the day. There was no hatred in her eyes, only that soft understanding of hers. Chuckling, he jerked his head towards the fire. “Come to tell me I ought to dance again?”

Twilight giggled, settling down beside him on the long grass. “Not tonight, Discord.”

The flickering light revealed a new addition to her wardrobe, a strange crown. It was not the gaudy affair Celestia’s was, but a small piece, closer to a circlet. He could not help but admire how the gold and silver strands had been wound around a jet black metal he did not know. “That’s new,” he murmured. “What’s the occasion?”

“Really? You should know, you were at my coronation.” She removed the circlet, spinning it around in her hooves. “It’s a symbol to remind me of my new title.”

He raised an eyebrow, “And what is that?”

“The Bearer of Balance.” Her muzzle scrunched up as she fidgeted with it. “I don’t like it.”

“Why not? It suits you.”

“Yes, well, now ponies will turn to me to help them find balance.” Twilight sighed, staring out at the crowd. “They can find it well enough on their own, if they’d only learn to look.”

Discord chuckled, “You can’t mean that, Twilight. Why, it took days of working beside you to find out that I even had a place in this world.”

“Discord, every creature has a place in this world.” She elbowed him hard in the ribs. “And you knew that full well before I came along.”

“True, but I did enjoy the reminder.”

Her eyes returned to the bonfire, watching the sparks rise into the night sky. “A lot of ponies need a reminder. Guess that’s my job now.”

Twilight smiled, pointing to the crowd before them. “Listen.”

Discord raised an eyebrow, “Why?”

“Just listen.” Her eyes focused on the band who had started up a new, unfamiliar tune. It was fast as the other before it, but it had an ethereal quality that the usual song had never achieved. Then, just as suddenly as the music shifted, it stopped.

His ears perked up as a clear, beautiful voice rang out from beside the band. After a few haunting lines, another voice joined it, and another. It went on like that for some time, one pony after another joining in until everyone gathered was singing. The song no longer sounded like a collection of singers, but one single entity. “It is beautiful.”

Twilight nodded, pointing at the crowd. “That sound, that’s one voice. They all have a different sound, but put them together, and you get a song more beautiful than any one pony could achieve.”

“Indeed.” Discord stroked back her forelock, “So that’s what you meant.”

“Mmmhmm.” She leaned against his side, sighing contentedly. “It’s like the river. We’re all drawing from the same source, but how and where we draw it is different. Not wrong, but different.”

Discord stroked her back with his paw. “You have taught that to me these past few weeks.”

“Yes.” Her soft giggle drifted into the night, mingling with the villagers’ song. “Guess that’s how our friendship works. You might be chaos, I might be harmony, but we work together, balancing each other out.” There was a pause, then she whispered, “We could show them together you know. I don’t have to be the only Bearer of Balance in Equestria.”

“Really, Twilight, could you see me educating anypony besides you?” Sighing, he buried his face in her mane. “But, I think I could manage a demonstration.”

“Yes, I suppose you could.”

Author's Note:

And there it is. I hope you enjoyed my novel, I have to say it's been my favorite to write so far. Look forward to more from me in the future!

There will be a complete, unabridged, quality audiobook of this story! One of my friends, Nerfstranger is organizing the entire deal. We are in DIRE need of quality voice actors/actresses and ANY artists willing to draw a scene or two (as few or as many as you want). PM me or comment below if interested and join our audiobook group! I'm very excited for the project, and I can't wait to share its awesomeness with you when it comes out. :pinkiehappy:

There will be more books to come, so those of you following this story should get a notification when I publish the next. If you enjoyed This Cruel and Random World, I encourage you to check out my other novels as well.

This chapter, especially the last scene was inspired by a favorite song of mine by The Wailin' Jennys

A big thank you to SageBrony07 for giving me the idea for this story and helping me organize my thoughts throughout. Also, a massive thanks to Nomad_Sigma for being an exceptionally kind and patient editor, confidant, and pre-reader. Thanks to my proof-readers Templar Brony and The Forgotten Comrade as well. You two were a big help!

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