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This Cruel and Random World - Bluegrass Brooke

It was a simple bet. Spend one month as a pony, and prove to Celestia that he had been right all along. Discord never thought he would actually enjoy it. As the days pass, he finds himself desperate to keep up the façade a little longer.

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Sign of Rain

Twilight strode down the slowly awakening marketplace, eyes darting around at the crowd of ponies milling about. Of course Entropy would choose today of all days not to show up at the library. Honestly, what could he possibly be doing? Snorting in frustration, she turned down an alleyway towards Old Town Hall. Maybe he was just saying goodbye to Cheese, that at least would make some sense.

Halfway down the alley, a sudden yawn took her, forcing her to a stop as she let it pass. As she did, the most uncomfortable burning sensation began to well up in her stomach. Without any warning, a jet of lilac flames shot out of her mouth at an alarming speed. She nearly set back on her haunches when a familiar scroll appeared in its wake. Rolling her eyes, she levitated it closer, noting Discord’s flawless calligraphy.


I have a better idea . . . .

Before she could even ponder the meaning of Discord’s note, a noise like a dozen fireworks going off sounded from behind her, causing her to start and drop the letter. Spinning around, she fixed Discord with a withering glare. “Discord! For the love of Celestia, don’t do that to me! Can’t you show up like a normal pony?”

Discord’s chuckle told her everything before he answered. “‘A normal pony’? My dear Twilight, do I look like a normal pony to you?”

She rubbed her temple as the draconequus leaned casually against the nearest flower box. “No, no you don’t.”

Discord grinned as he patted her on the head, almost like a teacher praising a foal. “So, what is the emergency, Princess? Library run out of quills?”

I don’t have time for this. She looked him square in the eyes, “I need some advice.”

“Advice from me?” Discord chortled in that annoyingly condescending way of his. “You must be desperate.” Despite that, he leaned in closer, “How can I help?”

“You see, I’ve got some problems with my brother.”

“Your brother you say?” He snapped his talon, summoning a lounge out of nowhere. “Do tell.”

“I had an argument with him yesterday, well a few days ago too.” Twilight tried to remain composed while Discord started blowing pink bubbles from a pipe. “He’s always been a bit overprotective, but this time he stepped way out of line.”

“Really? That doesn’t sound like the gallant knight we know and love.”

You could say that again. She stamped her hoof hard against the dirt, “He won’t even give Entropy a chance, just because he’s older than me.” Her legs felt weak as she remembered the argument from a few days ago. “Then he acts like Entropy’s some kind of criminal, and has his buddies investigate him.”

“WHAT?” Discord dropped the pipe, staring open mouthed at her.

“Yeah, and that’s not the worse bit.” Twilight sighed, blowing a stray lock of hair out of her eyes. “He claims there’s never been a Professor Entropic State. But, that can’t be true, because Celestia vouched for him personally.”

For a moment, she contemplated telling Discord about Entropy’s threat to Spike, but thought better of it. Shaking her head, she continued more quickly, “I got mad at Shining, and he stormed off. I don’t know what to do, Discord. If I support Entropy, Shining might hate me, but if I agree with Shining, I’ll lose Entropy. I don’t want that either!”

“Twilight . . .” Discord snapped his talon, causing the lounge to disappear. “I’m the Spirit of Chaos. I break up friendships, not mend them. However, I will give you a piece of advice.” He looked her in the eye, “There is always another option, do not limit yourself to two choices.”

She rolled her eyes. Really helpful, Discord. “Don’t you ever have straightforward advice?”

Discord’s booming laugh made her hairs stand on end. “My dear Twilight, when has a draconequus ever given a straight answer?” Discord’s smile vanished, his tone becoming serious, “Besides, you’ll have plenty of time to ask for advice from Celestia.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, she’ll have you all to herself before long.” Discord cuffed at the dirt with his hoof, “She seems to think you need to learn control after your little outburst.”

Her heart sunk at his words. “My outburst? How did she know about that?”

“A powerful being like her? Please, it would be easy.”

He can’t be serious. “I can’t go back to Canterlot! I live here in Ponyville, all my friends are here.”

“That isn't much concern to her.”

For a long moment, all she could do was stare at him, limbs quivering. Celestia’s sending me back? But why? It was only one slip up! I can control it now. Her heart began to race until the blood pounded in her ears. It was all crashing down, just like before. I’ve got to think of a solution. Without another word to Discord, she took off at a dead gallop.

Well, that was . . . awkward. Why in Equestria had she bolted like that? He did not think he had said anything terribly offensive. Ah well, he had at least given Twilight what she wanted while simultaneously avoiding the truth. However, that avoidance was about to come crashing to an end, on his terms.

Taking a deep breath, he opened the door to the library, stepping inside. “Twilight, I need to have a . . .” he trailed off, staring around at the decidedly alicorn-free room.

Spike trotted over to him, still wearing his cooking apron. “Hey, Entropy.” He squinted looking at the door, “Where’s Twilight?”

“I thought she was here.”

“Er, no.” Spike slipped out of the apron, starting for the stairs, “She came back a while ago, ranting about finding a solution. I thought she was looking for you.”

Discord’s heart skipped a beat, realization sinking in. Oh, gods. What did I do? Wheeling on his haunches he charged out of the door and into the morning sunlight. He had to find her and fast, or it would be too late.

Twilight stood by the edge of the cliffs, allowing the wind to cool her lathered neck. The winding canyon below would have been a beautiful sight under any other circumstances, but not now. Now it felt more like the chasm that would soon divide her from her friends. After all they had been through together, all they had accomplished, she would be pulled back to Canterlot as if it stood for nothing.

The sound of hoofbeats made her turn around. There, panting heavily was Entropy looking as close to panicked as she had ever seen him. She wanted to smile, to reassure him that everything would be all right, but she could not bring herself to do it. Still, she walked over to him, “You found me.”

“I’ll admit, I had some difficulty.” He smiled softly, reaching out a hoof to stroke back her forelock, “What’s wrong?”

She pulled away from him, glowering at him. “Everything’s wrong Entropy!” Why did he have to go when she needed him most? “You’re leaving, Celestia seems to think I can’t control my magic and wants to take me back to magic kindergarten, not to mention Shining Armor might just never talk to me again!”

Entropy reached out a hoof, “Twilight, you need to calm down.”

“Don’t tell me to calm down!” Tears stung at her eyes, but she could have cared less. “You just don’t get it, do you? Everything I’ve done, everything I worked for, it’s all for nothing! I’m not useless, and I’m not a damn filly anymore.”

“Nopony’s saying you are, Twilight.” Entropy stepped closer, but she continued to back away.

Sparks of magic started to fly from her horn just as Entropy’s did. “I won’t t-take it any-anymore!” An incredible pressure seemed to well up around her, as it had before with Entropy. Then, just as quickly as it came, it broke in a tangible wave, sending Entropy flying backwards into a nearby boulder. Her heart stopped at his limp form, head soaked in blood. Entropy? Oh, Celestia, what did I do?

Damn, that hurt. Discord blinked, trying to clear the blood from his eyes. His head must have made rather solid contact with the boulder. Wincing, he tried to stand, but felt his legs give out from under him. Snarling in frustration, he wiped the blood away with a hoof to stare ahead of him.

There was Twilight surrounded by an unmistakable miasma of corrupt magic. It was larger than before, and, judging from the rotting stench it was giving off, particularly potent. He lit his horn, attempting to blast away some of it with his harmony magic. The attempt did as little good as if he had thrown a dirt clod at a dragon.

He watched as the miasma only continued to grow, reaching out for him. Not this time. Slowly he struggled to his hooves, concentrating all his focus on the spell keeping him bound in the false form. If that concentration of chaos magic were to be released at once, it just might be able to flush out the corruption. He sent up a silent prayer, then released the entirety of his chaos magic on Twilight.

As soon as it left him, he felt his body morph back into its true form and watched as a great wall of magic cascaded over the alicorn. The strands of corrupt magic evaporated like mist or were swept away by the golden wave crashing over it. Just as quickly as it came, it evaporated, returning to its source.

Discord rushed to Twilight, looking her over. Thankfully, there appeared to be no lasting damage, though she was quivering, likely from the shock. He knelt down beside her, stroking the mane back with his paw. “It’s all right, Twilight, it’s allright. You’re safe now.”

Her eyes began to flicker, and she blinked slowly awake. For a while she stared at him, as if trying to make out his features. Then they widened, “Discord? What are you doing here?” She struggled, attempting to get to her hooves, but he held her gently down. “Discord? Let me up, I need to find Entropy, he’s hurt.”

“No you don’t.”

“I do!” She started to thrash about, but was apparently too weak to give it much of an attempt. After a while, she glowered up at him, “Why won’t you let me look for him?”

“Because,”he sighed heavily, heart pounding in his chest. This was it, there was no turning back, no more denying the truth. “Because he’s right here.”

“What are you talking about? Entropy’s not here, Discord,” Twilight snapped.

Gods have mercy. With a long slow breath, he concentrated his efforts on drawing up the chaos magic once more. Slowly, painfully, his body transformed back into that of a unicorn once more. When the transformation had finished, he released her, taking a step back. “Because, Twilight, I am Entropy.”

Silence, the kind of silence that ate away at his heart like an agonizingly slow poison. Twilight stared at him, eyes widening and mouth hung open. Then, weakly she got to her hooves, pointing a quivering hoof at him. “All this time . . . it was you?”

“Correct, Twilight.”

“But, but Celestia said you were a professor!” She let the hoof go limp, “Why would she lie to me? Why would you lie to me?” Her eyes misted over with tears, even as her voice rose to fever pitch, “How dare you! I trusted you, Celestia forbid, I think I even loved you. And you went right along with your little game like it was nothing. What kind of sick bastard does that?”

Discord cringed. It was all coming down, just like he knew it would, and yet a part of him wanted to fight back. Concentrating on his magic, he released the spell, resuming his usual form, chaos magic swirling and sparking around him like an electric cloud. “What do you think? I’m the Lord of Chaos, Twilight!”

He let his words hang there, heart aching as Twilight stepped slowly away from him. But he had to continue, he had to explain, perhaps then she would understand. Allowing the magic to subside, he rubbed his temple with his talon. “It started as a bet, Twilight.”

She stopped backing up, staring at him incredulously. “A bet?”

“Yes, a bet.” He ran his paw through his mane. “Celestia grew tired of my disruptions, claiming I did not respect the affairs of ponies. So she challenged me to living a month as a pony without the use of my chaos magic.”

Twilight’s eyes widened, staring at the ground, “So when she vouched for you—”

“—It was because she knew the truth.” Discord’s heart lurched at the betrayal streaking across Twilight’s face. It’s all my fault, all my damn fault. He felt his own voice shaking now, “I never wanted to play you for a fool, Twilight. It was a game at first, I never intended to . . . never intended to . . .”

She stamped her hoof challengingly, “To what, Discord?”

He could feel his heart pounding against his chest, blood rushing to his ears. The words tumbled out before he could stop himself, “To see you as a mate!” The tears came freely as he sank to his knees. “I can’t help it.”

Her expression morphed into one of repulsion, “We’re not even the same species, Discord! There’s no way a relationship between us would work . . . not in the long run.”

He sobbed into his hands, “I know . . . dammit I know, Twilight.” After a while, he regained enough composure to look her in the eye. “You cannot deny that we were happy together.”

“Yes,” she whispered, pawing at the ground. “But, it’s not . . . it’s not right, Discord. It never could be.”

Not right? Discord felt a ripple of anger shoot through him. He stood, this time on all fours to be at her eye level, tail swishing like a whip. “What is so wrong about our being in a relationship?”

“Well,” her eyes drifted to his body, grimacing, and he knew the truth.

“Does my form repulse you, Twilight?” His voice rose to its loudest, echoing off of the canyon below. “Do you hate yourself for falling in love with a draconequus? Or is it my being the Spirit of Chaos that has you cringing? Do you think me incapable of love?”

Twilight flattened her ears, taking a step back, “No, I—”

“—You what? You’re only worried about your reputation! The princess of Equestria in love with a mere chaotic beast,” he spat the word like a curse. His magic began to ebb and flow around him as he snarled at her. “What would your dear princess Celestia think of you then?”

An anger like he had not felt since the day of his banishment surged up inside him. Twilight was acting as though he was some kind of disease, as if his only purpose in all this was to cause her misery. Was she so blind to the truth? “Have you even considered how I feel? For centuries I have been reviled because of what I am. You keep telling me what an awful fate it is to be separated from your friends, but what do you know of estrangement?”

He pounded his chest with his paw, “I am the last draconequus in the world, Twilight! Imagine for a moment how that feels.” His voice started to shake, “To know that you will never see another of your kind, even if you travel to the farthest reaches of this earth. Longing for their understanding all the while having what little is left of your culture taken out from under you.” Discord allowed his head to sink down, voice growing barely audible, “Being the only creature who does not find his form repulsive.”

Twilight did not speak, though from the dead look in her eyes, he had overstayed his welcome. Sighing, he stared up at the clear sky, “Forgive me, I should not blame you, your feelings are only natural.” He turned to Twilight, raising his talon. Despite all that had transpired, he could not bring himself to hate the mare now frozen in front of him. “It’s a cruel and random world, my dear, I sincerely regret becoming the one to prove that to you.” Without another word, he teleported away, leaving Twilight to her thoughts.

Discord stood outside the throne room, quivering. Try as he may to settle his anger, he could not. Had Celestia known all along it would come to this? Even if she had not, it did little to change the reality. Twilight’s haywire magic, her confusion about her ascension, all on top of Celestia trying to rip her away from everything she loves. It was wrong and he was not about to stand and take it.

Upon stepping forward, the guards who had been watching him flinched. He could only roll his eyes, “Really? What are you going to do?” With a single snap, he appeared in front of Celestia’s throne. As usual, the alicorn was reviewing some kind of official document with that smug expression of hers.

She looked up, allowing the parchment to fall to the marble. “Discord?” The smile widened, and she motioned him to come closer like some dog. “I did not expect you would be so eager to return after you lost our little bet, and just a few hours before I was going to call it off.”

“This isn’t about your damn bet, Celestia,” Discord snarled, staying where he was.

“Discord, what in Equestria is the matter? It was but a game.”

“But a GAME?” Discord raised his talon, allowing the sunlight to catch the long nails. “Do you consider turning inexperienced children into near immortal alicorns a game? Do you consider allowing her to magic to corrupt because of the fear you were responsible for a game?”

“Now Discord—”

“—Do not interrupt me, Celestia,” he spat. “While you sat in your little throneroom playing dictator, I nearly lost Twilight today because you decided to wrench her away from her home! To learn control that I could very well have taught her in Ponyville if you had given me the chance.”

He lowered himself on all fours, snarling at her. “But you did not even consider it. Because I’m a damn beast that only knows of jests! Well I can tell you, Princess, that I can be very, very serious.” Taking a breath, he released a jet of golden flames around the room, sending an ethereal glow to the chamber and scorching the banners.

“Discord, enough!” She rose, voice softening, “calm yourself. I never intended upon taking Twilight Sparkle from Ponyville. And,” she stared hard at him with those calculating eyes. “I have no problem with you teaching her control if she wishes it.”

He felt his heart pounding in his chest. “You did not, you did not mean to take her?”

“By the gods, no!” Celestia walked slowly towards him, eyes sad. “Do you think me cruel enough to take everything she loves away because of my mistake?”

For a moment, he considered lying, but that would not do. “YES!” A silence fell over the chamber, punctuated only by the crackling of the burning banners. After a long moment, he continued, staring hard at the marble. “After all, you . . . you were content to watch it happen to me.”

Celestia flinched, looking away. “I am sorry—”

“—I do not need your half-hearted apologies, Tia.” He sighed, closing his eyes. “I have had enough of those for a lifetime.” A part of him wished that he could continue to be angry at her, but the longer he stared into her eyes, the more he knew that was impossible.

No, when it came down to it, all he felt was guilt. “It is I who should be apologizing. I could have put my hoof down after the fact, warned you she might lose control. In my arrogance, I was content to sit back and watch your plan burn.”

“Do not speak so, Discord.” Celestia rubbed her temple with a hoof. “You were right all along, she was not ready. I was . . . too willing to play god.”

So she admits it at last. Discord snorted, rolling his eyes. “I could have told you that centuries ago. I tried to if you recall.”

“I know, I know and I should have listened.” Her eyes looked into his in that annoyingly calculating way of hers. “You are the only creature who had the courage to tell me that.”

“Indeed.” He did not like the way her attention had turned to his neck, as if she were contemplating the best collar to chain him up with. “What?”

“Nothing. Nothing at all, Discord.” Though her Cheshire grin said that was anything but the truth. The smile faded as she stared at his head. “You are injured.”

Injured? Oh, that. He dismissed her concern with a wave of his paw, “It has already healed.”

Celestia giggled, starting to the door. “Excellent, then perhaps we should go to Ponyville and see Twilight. She deserves an explanation from the two of us.”

Discord twitched, Twilight’s horrified expression coming into focus. “I have already explained to her,” he looked down at his mismatched limbs, “she . . . she did not take it well.”

“Oh,” Celestia’s smile vanished in an instant, “very well then. I shall try to make her see reason.”

He scoffed, “Do not bother, Tia. She has all the reason in the world, it is I who has lost sight of it.” Before Celestia could complain further, he raised his talon. “Go fix your own problems, I must rest.” Yes, rest and think of some way to mend the broken pieces.

Twilight had arrived at the library by late afternoon, and yet, could not remember how she had come to be there. Had she walked? It did not matter, nothing mattered anymore. Stumbling through the doorway, she came face to face with Spike. “He tugged gently at her mane, “Twilight, where’s Entropy?”

Her eyes stared dully into his, “There never was an Entropy, Spike.” Gently pushing him aside, she shuffled towards the stairs and some peace. Somehow she managed to reach the bed, collapsing in a heap on top of it. Every inch of her body felt cold and numb despite the oppressive heat in the loft.

She lay there staring at the clock on the wall, watching the seconds tick by. Over and over again she replayed the scene, willing it to change and have everything to go back to the way it was. But that was as futile as stopping the clock hands. It would not prevent time from passing, and blotting out the memory would not make the truth disappear. Entropy was Discord, he had always been Discord.

A part of her still wanted to be mad at him, for lying to her, for being who he was, but that would not be fair. What was he supposed to have done? It would have ended up like this regardless of when he told her.

Her eyes turned the the quilt, remembering that morning she had woken up to Entropy lying on her bed like some dog. That made perfect sense now, Discord was always the type to make himself at home. Though he had carried her safely back, despite the pain in his joints. Stupid old man could have hurt himself.

She rested her head on the pillow, greeted by the heavy smell of lavender. Closing her eyes, she longed for Entropy’s earthy scent, but that too was a lie. He was Discord, and Discord undoubtedly had his own smell, his own personality, and . . . his own taste.

Twilight ran a hoof over her lips, recalling the number of times she had kissed him in that false form. His rough muzzle against hers had been the most wonderful feeling in all the world. From the way Discord had kissed her back, he felt the same. Discord, the Spirit of Chaos kissing her like some teenage stallion head over hocks in love. Why? What did he see in her?

She could not deny that Discord cared for her, he had to. If he hated her, he would not have freed her from the trap of her own mind. Rather, he had held her tight, assuring her she was not to blame, while knowing full well how close she had come to slipping away for the sake of an irrational fear. And that was only the beginning of it. Those encouraging letters he had sent despite how awkward they must have been to write, his patience as Entropy throughout their lessons, and the quiet support all pointed to love, at least love as she understood it.

What did she know of love? What did he for that matter? They were both inexperienced and awkward. They had not planned on it, but yet, here they had ended up. Twilight had been certain it would remain forever, but now it seemed as fragile as a sculpture made of glass. And she had shattered it with a sledgehammer.

Could it really have worked between them? Discord certainly seemed to think so, but she was not so certain. They could try to go back to the way it was, but it would never be the same. Change was necessary, she would not deny that. But, could this new relationship be as strong as the old one? Would she be able to trust Discord, even after he lied to her for so long?

Her ears perked up at the sound of the library door opening. A loud gasp from Spike made her heart skip a beat. Discord? She shook the thought loose. Get ahold of yourself, Twilight! Of course it’s not him. After today, I wouldn’t be surprised if he never speaks to me again.

“Twilight Sparkle? May I come up?” A familiar, soft voice drifted from the bottom of the stairs.

She can’t be here yet! Twilight looked up from the quilt, “Of course.”

Listening to the sound of hooves against the stairs, she watched Celestia herself stride into the loft. The significantly taller alicorn had to bow her head a little to prevent her horn from scraping the ceiling. She smiled in that gentle way of hers, settling down on the rug. “I hope you don’t mind my stopping by, Twilight. I wished to have a quick word.”

“You’re early,” Twilight snapped, unable to hide the bitterness in her tone. “Should I pack my things?”

Celestia raised an eyebrow, “Pack? Whatever for, Twilight?”

Twilight snorted, gesturing to the window. “For Canterlot! So I can learn to control my magic.” The last few weeks had proved that her corrupting magic was becoming a dangerous liability to Ponyville after all.

“I fear this is all a misunderstanding.”

A misunderstanding? “What do you mean?”

Celestia shook her head slowly, “I never had any intention of bringing you back to Canterlot, Twilight.”

“What?” The blood rushed to her ears as she stared wide eyed at Celestia. “But, Discord said—”

“—Discord was mistaken.” Celestia sighed, “I had hoped to work out a kind of mentorship program with our letters. I thought we might try that for a time, and see where it goes. Also, Discord has expressed some interest coming to Ponyville to teach you himself.”

Discord? Her stomach churned at the name. “I don’t want to see him,” she snapped, punching the pillow. “He lied to me, you lied to me! All for a stupid prank. Why should I trust anything you say?”

There was a drawn out silence in which Celestia’s eyes darted from Twilight to the floor. Then, slowly, she spoke up, “It was meant to be a jest, Twilight. I had never intended it to upset you so much. Discord as well.”

Upset me? Upset doesn’t even begin to cover it! Try having the pony you’re dating turn out to be a draconequus! Twilight snorted, “It was not funny. Why didn’t you tell me it was Discord from the beginning?”

“It was a selfish choice on my part, Twilight.” Celestia’s eyes met hers, awash with sorrow, “I am sorry, I had hoped you could give him the confidence to make friends for himself.”

“He’s a draconequus and the Spirit of Chaos, he doesn’t need friends.”

“Twilight Sparkle!” Celestia’s harsh voice hit her like a whiplash to the face. “What kind of talk is that for a princess? Of course he needs friends.” She pointed at Twilight’s chest, “I had hoped that after nearly a month in his close company you would have learned what truly prevents him from making them.”

Twilight swished her tail irritably. Sorry I was a little preoccupied about him lying to me for weeks on end. “What?”

Celestia continued with the air of someone explaining a simple math problem. “Discord has been unable to befriend ponies because he thinks that he is incapable of friendship.” Celestia’s voice softened until it was scarcely more than a whisper, “I fear he has allowed his past to blind him to the present reality.”

Discord’s words began to play over in Twilight’s head. ‘For centuries I have been reviled because of what I am.’ She grimaced, remembering the pain in his eyes as he has spoken the words. “His past?”

“No, this was many, many years before then.” Her attention focused on the faded rug, running her hoof absent-mindedly over the lines. “When Discord was but a child, an incident occurred. His parent’s actions ended up taking the lives of over two hundred ponies, and causing the draconequus to leave Equestria.”

“But, why?”

“That is not my story to tell, Twilight.” Celestia continued in the same soft tone, “After the incident, Discord was taken in by my father. Father was . . . bitter towards the draconequus, so he considered it his duty to force Discord to conform to our standards.” She shut her eyes, gritting her teeth, “Then our subjects refused to let go of the past. They blamed Discord for what had transpired, and so he was rebuked, and many a false accusation brought against him.”

Celestia looked up at her, eyes sad. “I should have noticed the isolation he received, but as with Luna, I turned a blind eye. By the time I noticed, he had built a wall around himself.”

There was a long, weighted silence, leaving only the steady ticking of the clock as the words sunk in.

Twilight felt her limbs quivering under her. Discord had trusted her enough to break down that wall, allowing her into his life. Then in one cruel moment, she had betrayed that trust, tearing apart perhaps the deepest connection Discord had with another creature in centuries. All because she was too self-righteous to see past one mistake.

“Twilight?” Celestia’s voice jolted her to reality, “He needs to hear the truth, and I believe would enjoy hearing it from you.”

Twilight longed to go to him, but would Discord accept her after she had thrown him aside so carelessly? Would he give her another chance to prove herself? If the Spirit of Chaos himself could be reformed, then who was to say that she could not be as well? “I’ll tell him.”

Before she knew it, Celestia had wrapped her in a gentle hug. “That’s my girl. ” After a few seconds, she broke it, clearing her throat. “I’ll leave you to rest now.” She started towards the stairs, turning around at the top, “Oh, and Twilight?”


“Thank you.” Shooting her a quick smile, she turned away. Twilight listened to the sound of her hoofbeats against the floorboards until they had subsided. For a moment, she stared around at the loft, contemplating her next move. Then she saw the small journal resting on the endtable, Discord’s journal. He had given it to her as an invitation, an invitation to learn who he really was. Hopefully it was not too late to accept.

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