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She left him to die how is this better

The fact that your encouragement came from 4chan is off enough as it is considering the content of the story

This wasnt as bad as i thought it would be. Liked :pinkiehappy:

That... Was... Hilarious! :rainbowlaugh:

I actually wouldn't mind being in his shoes in the least. It would seem fun really. I can't say the same for him though.

Fluttershy had an awful idea. She had a wonderful idea. Fluttershy had a wonderful, awful idea.

I have never been so scared of Flutterrape in my life.


[politely raping everyone] :trollestia:

Comment posted by IReadDoctorWhooves deleted Nov 17th, 2014


His name is Bulk Biceps:ajbemused:

I found this quite funny.

If it wasn't for his guy friends he'd probably would have killed himself. :rainbowderp:

5276880 that's what I was thinking!!!

Fluttershy: what's your fetish?

Anon: human women.

Fluttershy: :fluttershbad:

Maybe I am too sensitive to rape, but I probably would've attempted to kill Fluttershy and if that didn't work I would kill myself. :rainbowderp:

anon "i need an adult!"

Fluttershy "i am an adult..."

Author's Note: This is the only and final warning. This story contains elements of Rape. 4chan's Flutterrape thread uses a Fluttershy who is overwhelmed by a human fetish to create humor, usually dark humor. This is one of those stories. I can only urge that if you do not find rape funny in anyway to please stop reading now and turn back. This is not your story in any way shape and form. On top of that, this is a very OLD story, edited for Fimfiction. This is not up to my current standards of quality.

Well, it can't be worse than that Flutterbanana bullshit. Eurgh.... (shudders) Nasty...

Other than that, oh my fuck. This is on the Scare-O-Meter scale of Flutterhulk.

什麼。 性交。
Diese Scheiße ist so merkwürdig, dass ich in einer anderen Sprache reagieren muss.
Σοβαρά. Μη καλός.


What. Sexual intercourse.
This shit is so strange that I must respond in a different language.
Seriously. Not good.

Sorry to hear you didn't like it, my friend. On the other hand, it was mildly entertaining to translate your comment. Kudos!

really enjoyed it lol.

“Let's see...” you say a loud. “First is, Big Mac. And his fetish is... 'his sister?'”


5276880 Now i'm inspired to make a story where Fluttershy is the pedobear version of the Grinch... Dear lord dude you just gave me nightmares and a reluctance to see any stories of Fluttershy for 4 months i hope your happy. *Is it going to be on Christmas?* Pretty much guards outside my door.

That was funny.

he he awesome

I need more of these types of horror fics.

Is camp crystal pondnment to be a replica of camp crystal lake form friday the 13th

I think you're the first to get this. Yes.

7777456 yes i new it because i figured out by obviously using the name and because of the horror theme

equestrian trap house got the fuck out a while ago tse3.mm.bing.net/th?id=OIP.s_cDM0wLov6ZFjHsJtyuegHaEu&w=275&h=175&c=7&o=5&pid=1.7 half near scared the fuck outta me I no want surprise butt sex like to keep that part of me intact thank you

Is it true that beastial pornography is illegal in some states? And does that affect who can use Fimfiction?

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