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Minuette sits in a cabin in a train to the Crystal Empire. She was leaving for good. She will, she has, and she had. But she is not alone, and yet, she is. The pieces are coming together, Minuette will finally understand what she has failed to a long time ago. All will be clear, yet all remains so blurred. When realities clash, how will she know which one is real?

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Well, that was my daily dose of mind fuck.

I spotted an error or two in the prose, but ignoring that this was fucking terrific. Really.

The time travel bit was handled exceptionally well and the overall style of this piece was intelligent with the little crumbs of time theory and whatnot, yet how you grounded the piece with Colgate's underlying emotions is truly where the fic shines.

Good job and please keep the stories coming.

5453021 Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed this piece. :yay:

Very nice. I like it.

Normally, time-travel stories that others have trouble understanding make sense to me. For once, though, I'm not quite sure what happened. Still, it was an interesting ride, with a distinctly dream-like quality. Excellent work! :twilightsmile:

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