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It's almost Christmas in the human world. Everybody's getting ready for the holidays. Except for the Dazzilings. But can they celebrate something so happy and joyful if they're not even happy themselves? Will they learn more about friendship towards each other in this cheery holiday? Wait and see!

*Sorry guys I just don't remember the storyline of these after 4 years. *

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Now, who would say that? Sunset? Applejack? Principal Celestia? The OC tagged that I completely forgot about until now? :scootangel:

This is after the IDW holiday special comic, right?

5396853 I haven't really read that comic yet. But yeah, I guess so.:twilightsmile:

5396696 Not really sure. Who could it be.:rainbowhuh::trollestia:

I finally watched Rainbow Rocks!!! Now I can read your story. It's super cute. I can tell you put a lot of effort into this one. Your descriptions are improving, and so's your sentence structure variation. Nice job!

5397590 Thanks! I did try to do a really good job on this one. So, where did you watch the movie? Who's your favorite Dazzling? What's your favorite song? :pinkiehappy:

5398292 I watched it from the comfort of my home on Netflix. It was so good!!!! LOVED the visuals and the songs were top notch. My favorite had to be the introductory Dazlings song when they walked into the cafeteria. That was simple phenomenal. Though, I liked their audition song (where they did the battle of the bands time lapse) just as much. Oh my goodness, that was amazing!!! My favorite Dazling, hmmm. I thought they were all pretty funny. I got a kick out of their leader (I think that's Adagio) and Sonata. It was a really fun movie.

Never did they think that the people in this world would be so cruel and cold hearted to never forget that day.

Those bastards! D:

Relevant: http://cheezburger.com/8386622208

:pinkiegasp: Who was that?? Trixie? One of the Rainbooms? New antagonist? DON"T LEAVE US HANGING, DUDE!!! And I really like the Dazzling fluff! So much 'Daw! :heart: Also, my fav part was how Adagio and Aria's weakness was Sonata's cuteness :scootangel:

5398832 Thanks! I'm just trying to see if anyone got my reference.:twilightsmile:

Given how the Dazzlings have been in the human world for so long, I'm surprised they haven't heard of Christmas until now.

Oh, whatever, this is adorable. :twilightsmile: MORE!

5409879 Glad you like it! I must have forgotten that part, I just went on and wanted to write a story about these three for Christmas!:twilightsheepish:

The cover art comes from the movie, right?

5423873 Umm, yes. Of course it is. I just colored it. Is that wrong?:applecry:

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