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Acoustic Pulse

Hi. My name's Acoustic Pulse. Nice to meet you. I hope you enjoy my stories. I like writing, and I'm sure you guys like reading or you wouldn't be here.


The members of Black Sabbath randomly appear in the EQG universe.
Now, the question remains: How will they get back to Birmingham?

Rated Teen due to Profanity.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 18 )

up vote on concept alone. This is something to behold!

5274973 I'm not sure how well I'll do. I'll just do my best.

5274983 It's Black Sabbath, not much that can go wrong on that crazy train.
So... I see this story is in the no-editors group. I might be able to help you there. :unsuresweetie:

5275113 Alright. My weak spots are the following:

1. I rush the plot.
2. I use a lot of dialogue.

i found this sooo intersthing that i wanted to see more

cant wait for more chapter mate

5276479 II'll start on the third chapter.


just one question is this storyline take place after rainbow rocks? or before rainbow rocks?


does dazzling appear in this story?

outstanding never knew old school rock and roll still kick ass

Sabbath never grows too old:moustache:

the characters are kinda wrong, for example in an interview they say geezer is really quiet and reserved, also Dio FTW

Kudos for something outside-the-box in writing this! I laughed a lot; this was pretty funny. Checking out the rest of the story right now.

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