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I am a young 15 year old from Michigan. I love to create stories for people for their entertainment. I often get asked if it mattered to me if I was popular, to me it's all about the stories. :)

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Pretty good so far. A couple of minor stuff that needs to be worked out but nothing that can't be fix by copying and pasting with MS Word.

5273424 Actually if you wanted to point out a few errors I would be happy to fix them. I also didn't do it on microsoft word I made it with the sites story making thing...whatever they call it.

5273428 For one thing, cap you I's. And I would suggestion either using MS Word or look for an editor.

5273763 I will do so thank you for the advice.

Question! Why do they see him as more than a friend? In the first chapter you made it seem like they haven't seen him in seven years. Am I mistaken?

5273766 Yes it will all be explained in the next chapter, it'll most likely be up later.

Also be a bit more careful with your spacing. Some sentences has more spaces than they should.

towards him. Before she could reach him he

5273851 Will do I do get space happy sometimes :)

5273855 Eh, it happens to use a times when we're on a roll.

As soon as Spike noticed he just rapped her in a hug

Like 50 Cent, yo!

It's wrapped :pinkiesmile:

5273947 Lmao I just noticed that thank you

I'm acutually surprised that it looks like Dash already have the looks for Spike....especially with how she acted---she was naked like Rarity was, but---and it's just probably me---it seemed like Dash was waiting for Spike to show up, hence showing up at the door in the I-just-came-out-of-the-shower ensemble, not to mention all the flirting and teasing.

It does look like something to keep an eye on...

I don't know if his dicks can't handle this.

Quadrupled boner!

The Mane 6 are all in love with Spike.
How will his mom and aunt react to this?
FTR: Spike's surrogate mom is Celestia and his aunt Luna

5274159 all of you comments had me laughing so hard

Spike + Main Six = Celestia Shocked, QUICK GET THE CAMERA

Gotta commend you bro, four chapters in one day.

5275927 Inspiration hits and I just write it down.

Wasn't it Saturday in chapter 1?

5275886 Better idea! *Pulls out video camera* Send her proof of his connection with the Mane Six! XD

you need an editor bro
other than that, I can't wait for the hilarity to insue

Simply amazing and four in one day, I'm so impressed.:raritywink:

So now Spike is going to be thanked by each of the Mane Six. I like it.:pinkiehappy:

5276161 What I need is get a computer that can run MS word :ajbemused: xD

5276080 DISCORD WOULD BE SO PROUD:scootangel:

Comment posted by JEP1996 deleted Nov 17th, 2014

:rainbowlaugh: Spike didn't taste the raindow, Shame.

This rainbow just got spiked!

"Thank you."

Now I am confused of whether they are using him or saying thanks as in they may of been part of his harem. Idk, but all I know is I am loving it.

man gotta love pinkie . although i believed Shy would fuck him because it was her house

5281689 That's tomorrow morning silly billy

A Spiked creampie.

I'm guessing that this is their way of saying 'Thank you' for all he has done throughout the years.

5283321 Or perhaps as part of it. Who knows

If the herding starts then Spike needs to inform of their family and his.

No pressure man . Personaly you are the only one who posts a character every day . So calm your horses focus a bit more in your school work and when imagination comes you will find the time you need :raritywink: .So cool man


What he said. Best to keep your priorities in order.

OH HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:rainbowkiss:

It's interesting to me that it seems that Fluttershy is the head mare in this....usually it's Rarity or Twilight, and I have seen Pinkie as Spike's number one.

So to see Fluttershy to be as assertive that she is willing to tell him that she loves him, even w/o the thing of heat season around the corner, it was sweet, and a bit refreshing. It's nice that all the girls really care for him but it even more so that there is at least one that truly loves him for him. Great decision to not have Spike mate Shy in this chatper---there will be time and place for it, but for now the confession was good...get that right there in the open.

Going off-topic a bit, I wonder why there hasn't been more with Fluttershy and Spike. I mean it seems that from the very first episode it could be that Shy has had feelings for Spike, and it's grown from just another cute creature to a dear friend, trusted confidante, and ultimately the first (documented) mare that has romantic love for a dragon---yes, even earlier than Rarity or Pinkie...

Pinkie's IMMEDIATE family?

5287913 Not at all, she still has to clarify Mr and Mrs.Cake.

5286901 I completely agree with you.

This looks like an interesting story, but it seems just a little bit rushed. Dash came off as a little bit out of character, but I can see her acting like that if she really did have a crush on him. It also seemed a little odd that Spike was mentally complaining about how far away Sweet Apple Acres is to walk when he can fly.

5288377 I can guarantee that this story isn't rushed in any way, shape, or form. I do get what you're saying though, there are areas I need to brush up on. Thank you for pointing that out though.

Lol! Spike acquired Fluttershy's personality over the years.:trollestia:

Aaaaaaaaaand this just turned into an Anime themed Harem Story where Spike acts like the socially awkward wimpy teenager and the mares all want him for mysterious reasons.

Ecchi Harem Anime anyone? :trollestia:

There are very few authors that can keep up the pace of one chapter a day. Plus, I know real life also gets in the way, So, don't worry about how often you update, as long as you do update and finish what you started. Besides, I prefer quality over quantity.

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