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When a certain mare dies, everypony's devastated. Can anything help them move on, or will it leave a hole in their hearts?

Teen for some pony language.

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Hi, I'm Rated Ponystar. The cover art your using is one I specifically commissioned for my fanfic, Sanquine Kindness, see chapter 2. You neither asked me nor the original artist permission to use this. He has asked, respectfully, that you take it down. Not the story, just the art. He stated he wanted it only for my fic and my fic only. I'm not saying take down your story mind, you I think it's a good thing you wrote it for your departed friend (May God Grant Him Peace), but we would like the art taken off and you use something instead.

5270097 I couldn't find the artist, sorry. Removed.

...If you hover over the image and click the button that says 'source' it literally takes you to the deviantart page where the image is, and thus, the artist.

Have a big thumbs up from a writer of sad stories

5270143 Not where I found it. Google doesn't like to do that for me. It just gives me the image, nothing more.

First neck then ribs, continuity ? When you get older the death of close friends and others is more common .
Remember the living, They will need your support, We all will die, Live well.

5270312 They only notice the neck at first, obviously. You ever see a twisted neck? Disgusting.

5270358 How about helicopter recovery of airplane crash remains ?,
I can't count the number of times when I found raw or Bar-B-Qed pieces not recovered by the authorities.
Buried lots of old friends and co workers. Aviation is quite unforgiving in lapses in judgment, 37 years at it.

5270638 I hate burnt remains. They smell too smoky. I happen to prefer corpses in one piece. Glad I've never had to smell an airplane crash.

5270644 Sweet smoky gritty, You never forget . Loved the flying.

5270668 I'm sure it was smashing. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

I'm a bad pony...

5270673 I'm sure you are, See Helis .com 'hillberg helicopters"

5270676 Might that be the origin of your name?

5270681 Olafsen was from Norway In Elis Island it became Hillberg. Damn INS.

Hillbe, Came from some guys at Corona Airport Ca,
Hillbe doin this, Hillbe doing that, Hillbe flyin overe there. Hilbe happy. and on and on and on.

5270821 Lol, is all I have to say on the matter.

I love this story. Read it ages ago, only just realised its one of yours. Well wrote mate

It's a beautiful story, I loved every second of it. I didn't know what to do once I read your book so I did this. Well done, you managed to make my heart disintegrate into atoms :raritycry:

I know what it's like to lose someone close. I'm sorry you had to go through that.
*Virtual hug*

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