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We're all stories in the end. Just make it a good one, ey?

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Oh, my bad, I thought I provided the source. I'll see if I can get it.

5281758 Thank you. Also, this is very well written.

Good job.


Thanks. Given the number of dis/likes on the story, opinion seems rather split on it. Then again, I've seen other clopfics so I'm wondering if it was a bit too 'normal' or something, hah.

5281825 Well, that last part can be to blame for it.


Good point. Was thinking of continuing it into another part including Big Mac.

"She could see her nipples bleeding through the thin shirt" I didn't know you can bleed for them without a cut... and I am a woman :twilightoops:
"Rainbow was tight, but Applejack made her best efforts to squeeze in a third finger, pushing them in as deep as she possibly could. "Oh God" Rainbow Dash groaned. AJ was deep enough to stimulate Dashie's cervix." even Dash is really petite or AJ has very long hands, is that possible???:applejackconfused:

Yes a threesome!!!! I love this couple... eh whole bunch of ponies... I always wanted to read a clop fic with the apple's siblings and Rainbow Dash!!! :pinkiecrazy::heart:

Other than that, very well written! I like it! read it again sometime soon! XD


'Bleeding' refers to being able to see a woman's nipples through her shirt when they're hard, not actual bleeding. :pinkiegasp:

Also, the front of the cervix isn't actually that deep inside the vagina, just a few inches. Either that or I must have really long fingers, too!

As for the threesome, I was considering leaving the story there and having it implied that they all fucked, but I might just continue with the Big Mac scene if only to appease you. :raritywink:

5284607 Well, this is the first time I read about reaching the cervix with the fingers, last I knew the vagina size was aprox 10 cm (have not idea about inches).

Another question: does AJ achieve climax? It didn't see so.

Yes do it!!!! I always wanted to read one!!!! Please!!!!


There was no climax for AJ... she's a bit harder to please than RD :ajsmug: not to mention RD didn't really do anything to AJ.

10cm is just under 4 inches which is actually pretty much the same length as an average index finger. Stroking the cervix is entirely doable and, from my experience, is rather pleasurable.

(Looks at icon and back at story)
No offense but your icon looks like it would rape somepony
Or like an evil smile
Plus this was awesome


Hah. I'm sort of okay with that? I mean not the rape part, obviously... but the menacing look was the aim, even if it does come across a little edgy... at least it isn't a black and red alicorn :raritywink:

Thanks for the compliment on the story, too! :twilightsmile:

If you would like I can draw you an icon
So are you a Pegasus or an earth pony


I'm a good ol' regular earth pony. :ajsmug:

I don't have any money for commissions. :applecry: but thank you for offering. :heart:

No need for money
here it is

5319124 May I have a commission of my OC? I may be broke but I could try to do something

but im confused , the cover art is of rainbow blitz but the description says it's about rainbow dash?...

6174777 You know what it is... I completely missed that. I do apologise for the confusion. I'll have to find another cover. Thanks for pointing that out. :twilightsmile:

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