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I have high standards of others and myself. I do it because I love the world and hate being who I am.


When two ametuer shippers plan to make their OTP come true, some things just don't go right.

This is a contest entry centered around the OC's of which weren't created by me.

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This story was genius. 'nough said.

Oh, wow, someone actually commented on this fic. Thanks for the compliment too.

Only one comment? Well that won't do.

This one was pretty funny. Didn't do much, but it wasn't meant to. It delivered exactly what ii says on the tin - a funny little story about crazy shippers.

Holy moley, another comment?
And thanks, for the compliment and understanding the point of the story.

You're welcome - glad I got it! :pinkiehappy:

This cracked me up. I love a story where you can see the twist a mile away and still find it funny when it lands. This was just so funny, and so true.

Vinyl's famous Spaghetti recipe. Perfect.

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