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Too much to write; too little time


In life, we can only truly trust what our senses tell us, but what if our senses are wrong? When does the real world end, and fantasy begin? And when do they bleed into the other?

Dramatic Reading by Scarlett Blade: here

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I don't know what to say, this was... wow. Just wow, keep up the good work.

Comment posted by The Dead Account deleted Nov 11th, 2014

Wow, that was... surprisingly interesting. Thanks for this! :fluttercry:

Hey. Take your time. None of us want to rush you, and if we did then we wouldn't get your quality of work. Just piece through how you feel and write when you feel like it, it's not like our admiration pays you.
And ps.

Nice story, really enjoyed it.

Very interesting, though I've come to expect nothing less from you. Don't worry about your fans getting antsy at your funk, everyone goes through one now and then. Anyone who says differently is lying, not a true fan, or both.
Keep up the great work. Deus tecum.

Now that was something, really liked it!

That was really good!

Wait wait wait, are you really this angsty right now? All those emo jokes was actually real?

So now you have reached the point of fishing for pity? That's sad man.. very sad.

5256967 No, I'm not angsty or emo, and I am not fishing for pity. I'm melancholy. The change of the seasons coupled by the fact it's been raining here non-stop for the past four days has put me in a mediocre mood. As such, I decided to write a story that reflected that.

The author's note at the end was suppose to inform why the tone of the story was what it is, and why I'm not getting as much writing done as usual.


More please

5256967 Bear Glitch you are irrelevant no one cares what you think and no one cares about you!

5257036 Then ignore him.

I'll post an actual review once I have read this thoroughly.

The darkness, however, remains.

I immediately thought of this song when I read this.

An effective, melancholic tale filled with imagery that is very, very saddening.
The like is earned.:twilightsmile:

While I cannot really favorite this, I did find it an enjoyable tale.

If everyone of us, it's in the hospital of Ponyville in a coma and all of this it's nothing more than a dream created by Princess Luna to interact with the others? and this web site it's the key to wake up?:pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp:


That video...

is beautiful.

5257291 Yeah beautifully retarded like Bear Glitch so it suits him.

this was good i really want to see a sequel to this story but i would like a multi chapter sequel this story has great potential. in my eyes this story seemed to be 1 chapter not a whole story or maybe you intended it to be that way to see how your readers would respond to it to see if is worth writing more to this story arc if so very clver of you i am very interested in this story arc and i am eager to read more. if you DO have a sequel please PM me a link

*This is not a reflection of the author’s belief. All ponies are best ponies, and all deserve more screen time than they get.

I was gonna say! I've never been that bad at spelling Spike's name. I was, like...every letter off!

Max, you're lucky you get any rain! Over here in Tucson it only rains in the summer during monsoon season and it's my favorite time of the year.

I love the rain!

But, of course, it is a matter of perspective and I understand that rain makes some people melancholy.

all we know reality is fantasy and reality was lost years ago because of the Infinite Tsukuyomi and we can not wake up unless it is undone.

5258475 I live in texas. What is this rain you speak of. I think my grand dad told me of this legend but I'm not to sure.

Reality is only what we perceive it to be and it is different for each and every person who observes it.

I do hope you expand this or something because it was beautiful.

5259507 I'm in Texas too. I've heard of this "rain" . Legends say it is when water falls from the sky.

5259632 ohhhh that's what rain is. I went to California for a week and I thought it was just a very good water sprinkler.

The best pony note seems irrelevant considering it is based on the character's opinion. He loves fluttershy in real life, so of course she is best pony.

I would love to see more of this as he wakes up. See how that goes. Sad.

Uhm, so the 'human' is a stallion put into a coma by a manticore.. who somehow dreams up a human world complete with technology he's never encountered before and "Mythbusters"...

Lol, wut?

Congrats on another featured story! :moustache:

Ah melancholy. My old bastard of a friend. It comes and goes as the ebb and flow of the ocean. Just keep moving and don't get swept up in the funk. It's far too easy to get lost in the feeling.

wow this was an awesome read. had me a bit confused. not sure if it was a human dreaming he was a pony...or a pony dreaming he was a human. hopefully you decide to write a follow up. either way is fine.

It pleases me that you have this story marked as complete. I like it very much.

Well written, very good job.

this story has had an amazing start i wonder what you'll do with it

A couple weeks ago, I got stoned with my best friend. At one point, I thought of something. Immediately after it came out of my mouth we both looked at each other and agreed: "I really don't like thinking about that." Neither of us can remember what it was I thought of, but this story reminds of it.

MadMax, my good fellow. Pray tell, why in Tartarus is this story marked as 'Complete'?:twilightangry2:

5262451 Because it's a one shot and the cliffhanger ending is a very good one.

Manor, Texas. We too, have heard of this magical thing several times around the roasting of beef. They say that the stars would be blotted from the sky, and a cold feeling would creep up on us all.


Four days? You don't live in Italy do you? Luna damned rained just wont quit,it's been raining NON STOP!

5262692 Nope, I live in Michigan. It stopped raining this morning...

...it's now snowing.

This story gives me inspiration. :yay:

I feel like I'm reading too much into this...

5262720 Pffft here in calgary we have two types of weather

Snow and slush

I am unable to decipher this story, regardless of the many hints in the title, description, chapter title and content. This exasperates me. Does this make it a good story, or a bad one? Am I to blame for the oversight of critical text needed to understand the meaning of this fable or is it the author whom fails to elucidate the story's meaning?

I will just assume it is the former and move on. I am stoopid. Great work.

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