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The Other Mane Six: Adventures in Ponyville - DayDrifter75

You've seen the elements of harmony in action, the six bearers being best friends, and the ponies that have been the focus of My Little Pony for a whole two seasons. What do the ponies seen in the background do during the adventures of the mane

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Episode 1-Part 2: Fundamentals of Friendship

An awkward silence hung in the air as the earth pony took a moment to try and absorb what Lyra had just said. After a few moments of contemplation Bon Bon finally spoke. "Er... oh yes, Lyra. I've been expecting you. Please, come in." The two cantered into the house quietly. Lyra took a good look around and observed the inside of her soon-to-be home. It was a quaint two floor home with a calm countryside feel. It wasn't too small, but it was definitely smaller than her old home; a nice change for once. Being from Canterlot, she had come from a fairly wealthy family. A family that could afford a more pricey abode. This house is exactly what she wanted. An average pony house. This would do nicely.

"...And here's your room" a voice ended off. Lyra shook her head, a slightly confused look plastered onto her face. She then noticed that the two of them had actually arrived upstairs, and that she had been absentmindedly following Bon Bon through the house and to the upper floor without any notice of what her fellow filly was saying. She had been so absorbed in seeing everything that she had paid absolutely no attention to anything that Bon Bon had said.

"What?" Lyra questioned. The other mare simply gestured to the door in front of them.

"Your room. It's this one here," Bon Bon said in reply, "Mine's right across the hall. I shall give you time to settle in. I will be downstairs in the living room. Come down when you're ready." The candy-maned mare trotted down the steps, leaving Lyra to her thoughts. Just as Lyra began to open the door, when Bon Bon reappeared at the peak of the stairs. "BUT!" she exclaimed, which made Lyra jump on the spot, hitting her head against the ceiling. "Don't you even think of unpacking your belongings. You have yet to make it past the barrier to roommate-hood." As she backed down the staircase while making a gesture as if to say 'I'm watching you'. The sea-foam filly hesitated for half a second before continuing to open the door and hoped that there wouldn't be any more unpleasant surprises waiting for her. Fortunately for her, the room was completely empty, save for a small bottle with a small, red bow on it. Upon further inspection Lyra found that it was a bottle of hoof sanitizer. A bit of an odd welcome gift, she thought to herself, but it's a nice thought. Lyra let her bags drop to the floor and let out a huff. This was one of the longest days Lyra had ever had in her life, and there was still more for her to do. It was especially imperative for her to speak to Twilight Sparkle as soon as possible. The mint coloured pony thought about going downstairs to talk to her brand new roommate, but fell to her stomach after realizing how sore her legs were. Her eyes slowly drooped shut until she eventually fell asleep on the cold wooden floor.


A white light flashed, blinding Lyra. After a few seconds of being unable to see, shapes began forming before her. She could just barely make out a strange creature that she didn't recognise. It look a lot like a large monkey, but this odd monkey wore a clothes as if it were a pony. The creature knocked on the air. There seemed to be some sort of barrier in front of it. Then something happened to send Lyra's brain into a whirl. It spoke. "Hello? Can you hear me?"

Lyra wanted to respond, but something kept her from speaking, and even moving. It seemed that she could only watch and listen to the monkey before her. "Okay then," it started again, "sorry 'bout this, but I'm having a slight problem-" the beast was interrupted when sparks shot out of the pillar standing behind it. "Gah, don't worry about that. Anyway, if you can hear me, which you should, I need your help. I need you to bee at these coordinates at exactly..." the monkey, which apparently seemed to be male, looked at a watch on it's left wrist before it continued speaking. "Four thirty six in the morning." Explosions and flashes of light continued as he reached beyond her range of vision and hit something. Numbers and letters flashed in front of Lyra. "Good luck, whoever you are. Oh and one more thing-"


"Lyra. Lyra! Miss Heartstrings!"

Lyra opened her eyes. It had all been a dream. But it felt so real to her, and what she saw in the dream was beyond anything she could even imagine. "Miss Heartstrings, I told you to meet me in the living room, not to go to sleep." Bon Bon lifted a notebook and stuck a pencil in her mouth. She scribbled something down disappointedly before continuing to lecture Lyra. "You've been up here for nearly two hours. If this becomes regular you can say goodbye to becoming my roommate. Now, please follow me so that we can organise your signing of my recently drafted contract."

Wait, two hours? Lyra thought. That was impossible, her dream had lasted less than a minute. She looked up to Bon Bon and questioned "Contract? You mean like a roommate agreement?"

"Yes, now, follow me."

When the two arrived in the living room Bon Bon sat down on the couch, while Lyra sat upright in a single chair opposite of her. Bon Bon gave her a strange look. In fact, it was the exact same look that The other mare, Octavia, had given her on the train ride to Ponyville. "Er, Miss Heartstrings, what are you doing?" Bon Bon inquired.

Raising her hind hooves up on the table between them, Lyra replied "I'm sitting. You sound just like somepony else I know. Am I really the only pony that sits like this?"

"Yes. And I don't like it."

"Look, there's nothing wrong-"

"You are not going to sit like that in this house. It's... Un-pony." Bon Bon scribbled down on a piece of paper. "This is the posture-rider. It states that you are not going to sit like that as long as you are in this house."

Lyra was taken by this. "But I always-"

"There are no 'but's"


"Sign it."

Lowering her head and drooping her ears, Lyra gave a sigh of defeat. She levitated the quill from the table, dipped it in the inkwell and signed the agreement. "Good, now we can continue with the rest of the agreement." Bon Bon gave a smile and pointed a hoof at a large stack of papers, presumed to be her contract.

The two went through pages upon pages for about another hour, taking turns writing down their signatures. It went pretty smoothly, though, there were a few discrepancies that troubled Lyra. There were some parts that she was forced to sign even though she did not agree with them, such as one clause that stated that she "must go grocery shopping on any given Wednesday along with every other Monday when Bon Bon had to work overtime at Sugar Cube Corner". Other parts were just plain weird or pointless, such as "The Mane Dye Clause", "The Trimmed Hedge Shape Clause", and the "Pets Clause". She wasn't absolutely desperate for a home, she had plenty of money to spare. But she wanted to live a normal pony life, one that didn't necessarily include her parent's money. She didn't think Bon Bon would be absolutely serious about any of this, it was probably just a way to warm up to each other, nothing more. And even if she was, if this is how average ponies lived together, she may as well get used to it.

The sea-foam unicorn looked up behind her new roommate to the area where a hoof carved wooden clock was hung. She blinked in surprise before her eyes widened. "It's already six o'clock?" she questioned. Bon Bon looked up to her.

"Yes, is there a problem? Is there something you usually do at six? That's going to be a problem, six is usually reserved for watching a play." Bon Bon rambled on about her little schedule and that there would be no way for them to change it, but Lyra didn't really care. It was already getting late, and she completely forgot about Twilight's party. It was her only chance she would get to talk to Twilight before the Summer Sun Celebration.

Lyra quickly stood up and said, "Um sorry, but I just remembered that I have something to do. Can we, um, finish this up later?" She cantered over to the door as fast as she could. As she carefully pushed the wooden door open, her soon-to-be roommate rose from her seat as well.

"We haven't finished. Surely there can't be anything more important than this?" she asked inquisitively while making her way towards the unicorn.

There was not much Lyra could do at the time, so she simply up and ran. When Bon Bon began to follow behind her, she yelled, "Sorry, but this is too important. It involves the fate of Equestria!"

"Don't be silly, you're over exaggerating!" Bon Bon retorted. Lyra was actually quite surprised by the cream coloured mare's speed. She just didn't seem like the running type, but obviously Lyra had been wrong. If Bon Bon caught up, Lyra would end up with either no home, or she would lose her chance to talk to the lavender mare, Twilight Sparkle. She zipped through the city, weaving in between the thatch-roofed buildings in a poorly executed attempt to lose the earth pony mare. A wooden structure in the shape of a tree began to loom over the horizon. It was, in fact, not only a tree, but it was the hollowed out tree that served as the town's public library. She was just able to see around the corner of the building to be able to recognise the silhouette of another unicorn. She then noticed the colour of the pony, and the small figure on its back. Wait is that- she started in her head, but her thoughts were soon interrupted by the upcoming bark wall of the Ponyville Public Library. Just in time, she halted her gallop, skidding to a stop. As she slowed the ground was torn beneath her hooves, shooting up into her face. Soon the unicorn ceased to move, her face covered in dirt and mud. As she began to stand from her sitting position on the ground, the sound of hooves clopping against the ground grew louder behind her, making her turn her head to see her pursuer not too far away. Bon Bon too tried to slow down, but failed to do so. She tumbled across the ground, following in Lyra's path and finally into Lyra herself. The two were sent flying backwards and through an open window on the side of the giant tree.

Lyra stood up and put her hoof to her head in order to stop the room from spinning around her. As she looked around, she noticed a strangely large amount of ponies for a library. She blamed it on her lack of coherence at the moment, but as she regained herself she found that there really were quite a lot of ponies. What was more was that they were all staring at Bon Bon and her. Seconds passed by before a recognisable pony stepped out from the crowd and toward the pair. "Hey, Lyra glad you could make it! The party's going to be so awesome!" greeted the white unicorn.

"Vinyl Scratch!" replied Lyra, "So this is the party? Where's Twili-"

"Miss Heartstrings, I believe you've forgotten about the business we have." It was Bon Bon who had interrupted her, and who was now attempting to pull Lyra toward the front entrance. As the candy-maned earth pony reached her hoof steadily towards the doorknob, a window above burst open, a grey pegasus pony toppling through it. The blonde maned filly slammed flat against the floor, her uneven eyes spinning wildly. A bubbly pink pony, who was today's party manager, bounced towards her, followed by the white unicorn known as Vinyl Scratch.

"Hiya Derpy Hooves, did ya see anything? Huh? Huh?" the pink party pony proclaimed pretty playfully.

Derpy, who was still laying on the wooden floor focused her eyes, or at least, her left eye, on Pinkie Pie and shouted words that sent everypony into a frenzy. "She's coming!" At that moment all of the ponies scrambled to get into place, looking for the best hiding place to keep from being seen. As everypony got into place, the lights were shut off fast as possible. The door creaked open and Lyra began to speak, but was silenced by Vinyl Scratch's hoof. Bon Bon also opened her mouth, but was also stopped by the techno musician.

The door opened. Two dark figures entered the library; one about average pony size, and the other too small to be a pony. After both stepped through the doorframe, a loud crack was heard as the door slammed shut. Lyra, whose mouth was still covered by a certain unicorn's hoof realised who this must be. "Huh. Rude much?" came a young sounding boyish voice.

"Sorry, Spike," another, womanly, voice retorted, "but I have to convince the Princess that Night Mare Moon is coming, and we're running out of time! I just need to be alone so I can study without a bunch of crazy ponies trying to make friends all the time. Now, where's the light?"

As the light flicked and the room filled with colour, shouts and screams erupted throughout the tree. Lyra fell to the floor as Vinyl raised her hooves and jumped up to cheer to the newly arrived mare. The mint unicorn shoved to the front of the crowd and called the name of their new guest. "Twilight!" she exclaimed, but was drowned out by the rest of the ponies as they shouted at the same time.


Twilight Sparkle's reaction was not pleasant. She groaned at the sounds of kazoos and noisemakers.

"Surprise! Hi, I'm Pinkie Pie, and I threw this party just for you! Were you surprised? Were ya? Were ya? Huh huh huh?" the bubbly earth pony announced.

Lyra could see that Twilight wasn't enjoying her surprise party that this, Pinkie Pie had thrown. But she knew that the lavender unicorn would cheer up when she saw a familiar face. If only Lyra could actually get through the crowd of partying ponies. She finally found an opening that she could get through. She could see Twilight taking a red bottle between her teeth and pouring its contents into a waiting glass while Pinkie Pie bounced around her, popping in and out of view.

But just as she began to run towards her target, something fell from the ceiling. But it wasn't just something. It was somepony. "Did I miss the surprise? Aww..." they said before standing up. Oh hey, I've never seen you before. What's your name, I'm Derpy Hooves." She raised her hoof towards Lyra, who shook her hoof in return.

"I'm Lyra Heartstrings, now, I'm sorry, but I have to talk to someone." she returned, as she casually twisted around to the other side of Derpy. Unluckily for her, the grey pegasus had flown over and shown up in front of her face, once again stopping Lyra from getting to her objective.

"Hey, you should tell Pinkie that you're new! Then we can have another party!"

Lyra tried to duck past her, saying "Maybe later, but I-" she turned to see that her roommate Bon Bon had found her.

"There you are, perfect. It's time to leave this chaos and finish off the agreement" she said. Lyra groaned in response before trying to escape the surprisingly strong grasp of the cream earth pony. Bon Bon dragged her up to the front door when she finally escaped her hold, but soon yet another obstacle stood in her path to victory, a white mare staggering up to her.

"Hey, Lyra, why aren't you dancing? This is a party, so party!" Vinyl grabbed hold of Lyra and spun her around, forcing her into a crowd of dancing ponies. Their dancing caused her to get tossed about, bumping into other ponies that pushed her away and into another. Lyra had enough. She burst from the crowd and onto the floor. She looked up to see that Twilight was finally within her grasp. The unicorn stood up, but before she could take even one step, something happened.

"And now you have lots and lots of friends!" exclaimed Pinkie Pie as four other ponies that Lyra didn't know gathered together around her.

Twilight’s eyes widened until they as wide as dinner plates as she turned to face the group, her face suddenly red with bulging cheeks and watered eyes.

One of the ponies next to Pinkie stepped forward and asked, "Are you all right, sugar cube?" before Twilight jumped up. Her mane and tail turned into flames for a brief moment, and zipped off at top speed.

Lyra took a step forward, but heard a door slam at the top of the stairs, which was a sign that her chase was a failure. Her ears drooped and she lowered her head in dismay as she slowly trotted toward the door. Bon Bon caught up to her and gave a small smile. "I'm glad you've finally gained some common sense." she said, but soon noticed the downtrodden look on Lyra's face. "Hey there, don't be sad. This night didn't turn out so sad. It's the eve of the Summer Sun Celebration. You like to glare directly at the sun, don't you?"

Lyra sighed in return. "I know, it's just that I thought I would have more time to learn about the Mare in the Moon, but it looks like I'm never going to get a chance to speak with Twilight."

Bon Bon had a chuckle at this. "Mare in the Moon? You mean that old ponies' tale? Why would you need to know more about that?"

"It's nothing," Lyra replied, "I just hope you're right." She looked up to the sky, directly at the moon. "I hope it really is just an old ponies' tale."


The rest of the night was a bust. After the pair of mares returned to their shared home, Lyra fell asleep for the next hour or two before Bon Bon woke her up to leave for the Summer Sun Celebration festival. The Princess was to travel to the festival's host town and raise the sun for all of Equestria to see. As the two cantered over to the town square pavilion, Lyra couldn't help but notice how much her head hurt. Unlike at the party, her head was pounding like a drum. Probably just because I'm not getting enough rest she thought.

The windows of the building glowed in the night as several other ponies made their way to the door, the music fading as Lyra and Bon Bon entered. The inside was extravagantly decorated with many colourful banners, pegasi admiring them above the packed room.

"Lyra? Lyra, darling, it's marvelous to see you again!" came a voice behind her. Lyra turned to see the posh earth pony she had met on the train to Ponyville. "Isn't all this magnificent?" Octavia continued. Lyra had to agree, it was very beautiful. Whoever designed the decorations must have been a real expert. "And who is this?" She pointed a hoof to Bon Bon, who answered for Lyra. "I am Bon Bon, confectionist, and Lyra's roommate here in Ponyville."

Suddenly whisteling was heard, and she noticed that what she was hearing was a group of birds being conducted by a yellow pegasus that was at the party. A short fanfare played, and a spotlight gleamed upon the vacant balcony above them and descended to the dais below. Standing there was a tan earth pony. Upon her nose sat a pair of gold-framed half-moon glasses. The grey maned pony was in fact the Mayor of Ponyville.

When the bird song concluded Octavia whispered to Lyra, "I still can't believe they didn't get me to do the music."

"Fillies and gentle-colts!" the Mayor announced, her voice containing dignity that came with age and experience. She continued with her speach. As Mayor of Ponyville, it is my great pleasure to announce the beginning of the Summer Sun Celebration!" A fit of cheering erupted from the crowd, except from Lyra, whose headache had now worsened. The Mayor waited for the crowd to die down before she continued. "In just a few moments, our town will witness the magic of the sunrise and celebrate this, the longest day of the year! And now, it is my great honor to introduce to you the ruler of our land… the very pony who gives us the sun and the moon each and every day…the good, the wise…the bringer of harmony to all of Equestria…"

The pegasus conducting the bird choir whispered something to her birds before the Mayor concluded.

"…Princess Celestia!"

Curtains that sat behind the balcony began part, the spotlight hiting the balcony as another fanfare plays, and everypony in the building looked up toward the pool of light. However, there was no one and nothing in it. Confused murmurs filled the room.

"What?" Octavia and Bon Bon gasped in unison before looking at each other.

"Remain calm, everypony." the Mayor announced with an ounce of worry in her voice. "There must be a reasonable explanation." A panicked cry emminated from the front of the audience before the ponies began glancing up toward the balcony. Sparkling clouds of deep violet mist began to envelope the balcony as another pony gasped.

The thickening clouds split apart, revealing an armored, winged unicorn. Her mane and tail consisted of a strange blue-purple vapour that twinkled with starlight, and her coat was pitch black. The figure spread her large wings, accentuating her size.

"Nightmare Moon!"

Lyra perked up when she heard the name. The legend was true. Nightmare Moon had returned to-


A light flashed, blinding her as a familiar scene came into view. It was the strange room from her dream. The only difference was that the room was now showered by a red light, and the center pillar was now on fire. The same suit wearing ape was standing before her reaching past the unseen forcefield. Again, she couldn't do or say anything.

"Okay, real problem now, I'm going to be crashing soon, so, same warning as before, I NEED YOUR HELP!!! Please get here as fast as possible." Suddenly an explosion sounded off behind him. "Oh yes, what I was going to say before I cut out was please do bring some rope. This should help in finding the coordinates." The ape reached into it's pocket and pulled out a device that Lyra had never seen before. He pointed it at her and triggered it. WEEOOEEOOEEOOEEOOEEOO!!!


Slowly blinking her eyes open, Lyra regained her conciousness. Surrounding her were four ponies, two being earth ponies, one a unicorn, and the last a pegasus. the mint unicorn quickly stood up and inhaled deeply. "Wha, who?" she stuttered. Other than them, the rest of the hall was empty.

"You passed out dear, right after-" Octavia began before being cut off by the cobalt maned unicorn.

"Nightmare Moon!" Vinyl Scratch exclaimed. "She was like, 'Remember me?' and Rainbow Dash was like, 'Where's Celestia?' and she was like 'You don't know me?' and she was being all evil, and the new pony was like 'I know you' and Nightmare was like 'Buahahahaha' and then there was lightning and she turned into smoke and..." She stopped her little story when she noticed everypony was giving her strange looks. "Well... You get the picture."

Now Bon Bon spoke up, "What happened there? You just fainted."

From what Vinyl Scrath said to her, it sounded like Twilight recognised Nightmare. She had no idea who Rainbow Dash was, but that didn't seem as important. "It was nothing. I was just a little tired. Tell me, what happened after Nightmare Moon left?" she asked.

The last pony, who Lyra believed to be named Derpy Hooves, answered her question. "Oh, she went towards," she shivered before saying the next few words, "the Everfree Forest."

"Figures, an evil witch would go into such a creepy, evil place." grumbled Vinyl Scratch.

"Wait, what do you mean 'creepy, evil place'. What could possibly be so evil about a forest?" Lyra questioned.

"It's not natural. They say it doesn’t work the same as Equestria. Nopony knows what kinds of monsters live there, because everypony who’s ever gone in has never…come…out!"

Bon Bon rolled her eyes. "Oh stop it, you're scaring... Um, what was your name?" she asked the grey pegasus cowering behind her.

"Umm... Derpy Hooves..." she responded, quivering.

Lyra raised her hoof to her throbbing forehead and rubbed her temple. There were too many things going on at once. She was in a new town that she knew nothing about, there was a talking monkey in her head, and on top of that an ancient evil had returned to bring eternal night. It was all too overwhelming for a pony like her. But she knew what had to be done. "If she's gone into the Everfree Forest, then we have to find and stop her."

Octavia gave a confused glance and said "But how can we possibly stop her? She made the princess disappear."

"Pfft," Vinyl Scratch responded, "Princess Schmincess, we can take her. There's five of us, we can easily overwhelm her."

"If I may interject," said Bon Bon, "we still have no idea where in the forest she could be. Even if we could beat her on our own we would never get the chance."

The group continued to quarrel with each other for a minute or two whilst Lyra sat back. She needed time to think. Technically, they had all the time in the world, but on the other hand if they waited too long they might never be able to do anything. Thinking of a plan would be so much easier without that buzzing sound invading Lyra's ears.

Wait, that sound! it was the same sound he heard in her dream. Lyra looked around the room trying to see where it was coming from. The hall was still empty, the source of the buzzing nowhere to be found. It couldn't be coming from nowhere. The mint unicorn's horn began glowing lightly, slowly fading in and out. The rest of the pony group stopped their argument and stared at her. She had to find the source of the noise, it was going to drive her mad. The unicorn mare made a mad dash to the door.


It wasn't like she wanted to go into the Everfree Forest. She didn't feel like they would ever find Nightmare Moon not to mention defeat her. They were a band of ponies that she had only just met. There was nothing they could do. But there was something in her head, something that caused the constant buzzing that she could now hear. As she got deeper into the forest the buzzing grew louder, drowning out all other sounds and setting her focus only on following her horn.

"I must be close. It's getting calmer" she mumbled, slowing to a mere canter. Lyra needed a break, and now that the sound wasn't as intense she could rest without getting such a bad migraine.

"She's over here!"

Lyra whipped her head around and saw a pegasus pony, Derpy Hooves, hovering just behind her. From the thick canopy of the forest burst the other three of the group; Octavia, Vinyl, and Bon Bon. She couldn't believe it, they had followed her into the forest. It was either that or they were foolishly going after Nightmare Moon. "Girls, what are you doing here?" he questioned the four.

"Dear, we couldn't stand the thought of you running in here by yourself." Octavia responded.

"No matter how disgustingly dirty it is." Bon Bon said flatly, to which Octavia absolutely agreed.

Then Lyra turned to Derpy. "I thought you were afraid of the Everfree Forest."

"I was, but you're the first friend I ever had."

Lyra cringed at this. She was her first friend?

"Okay, okay, enough of the mushy stuff! We've got an evil pega...corn... pony... To beat!" Scratch interrupted.

Bon Bon felt obliged to correct her. "The term is 'Alicorn'."

"Whatever." returned the white unicorn.

The group continued walking along the cliff side, following Lyra in her quest to find the source of the buzzing, except that they all thought they were all going after Nightmare Moon. How disappointed they would be were they to find out that wasn't Lyra's intention.

Wait, what was that? Lyra thought to herself before looking up to the sky. There was a shimmer, but not the kind a star makes. This was red, and blinking, and... moving?

But the real surprise came from the mint pony herself as she gasped, stopping herself, along with the rest of the group in there tracks. "What, what is it?" asked Octavia.

"Sshhh. Do you hear that?"

The rest of the ponies listened carefully, but heard nothing out of the ordinary. "No... What did you hear?"

"Absolutely nothing!"

The buzzing in her head had stopped and so had the pulsing of her horn. It was a sign. A sign that whatever it was that she was looking for she had found. But what was it? There was nothing around them, and she could no longer hear anything. The only place it could be was-

A loud crack echoed across the sky as a blue object hurdled through the field of stars from the distance. It was hard to see what it was at first, but after squinting and straining her eyes, Lyra could just make out the shape of a box-like object. As it came closer it could be seen spinning out of control, and was actually beginning to catch fire.

"It's coming toward us!" yelled Derpy, who then dived away from the area. The ponies scattered, leaving Lyra standing on the spot staring at the burning blue box. It began to move in a sideways arc, like it was trying not to hit them. Suddenly, the flaming projectile made a sharp turn right, but it was too late, it wouldn't be able to move enough to miss them. Lyra was well aware of this and had already started running. As she reached the far side of the cliff she leapt to a large pine tree and looked back. What she saw was a blue phone booth hurtling towards the cliffside that they had just been. The box slammed against the cliffs face, still moving across, and tore up the reddened stone. It continued its path through the sky and towards a far off castle. Wait, why is there a castle in the middle of the forest? Lyra pondered. What's more is that ponies say that the forest is dangerous and that nopony should enter it. Is there something being hidden in the castle? Soon her friends had gathered together at the edge of the cliff, near the tree that she now held on to. Luckily for her, she happened to have some long rope in her saddlebag.

"Derpy, can you grab the end of this rope for me?" she asked. The blonde maned pegasus swiftly flew over to the tree and grabbed hold of the rope with her mouth. She floated over to a large rock and tied her end of the rope to it. On the other side Lyra was beginning to tie it to a branch of the tree.

"What the buck was that!?" Vinyl Scratch's voice exploded from the silence.

"Vinyl!" Octavia snapped at the unicorn, "Language!"

Derpy was the one to answer Vinyl's question. "I don't know. It was so wierd, but I think it looked like-"

"A phone booth." Lyra concluded. "It was a flying, blue phone booth. I think there was somepony or something inside of it." But where did it go? It certainly wasn't in there when it hit the cliff...

Her question was answered by a scream coming from up above, coming from the mouth of not a pony, but a ape-like creature. The very same creature from Lyra's dreams. The ape grabbed Lyra as it fell, noticing the rope. The unicorn mare still had not finished tying the knot, so when the two fell off the tree, the ape was able to grab onto it with his 'monkey hands' and swing. They continued to swing back and forth on the cliff face until their momentum finally ran out. As they hung on the rope the ape looked down, at the same time Lyra looked up.

Then it spoke to her. "Oh!" it said, "What are you? I don't think I've ever seen anything like you before."

"Likewise." Lyra replied nervously. What was he?

It continued to speak. "Oh, you speak! And English, even better! You must be who I contacted! I can tell by the rope, it's a nice rope. A thick, sturdy rope. What's it made out of, I need a rope like this." Lyra was confused by its ramble about rope. "Anyway, hello horse-being! I'm The Doctor!"