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I'm a young highschool student that roleplays as a pegasus pony in facebook. I won't write stories here very often, but when I do i'll make sure to post something worthwhile. :D


If death came knocking, would you choose to die as yourself today or as an empty shell in four?... This is my story, of my death and love of my best friend.

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This is soooo sad, and very well written.
I feel so sorry for Pinkie, and I hope she gets better. :fluttercry:

530579 bravo good sir, bravo :fluttercry:

I cried... and a slight bit jealous.. I actually imagined how I would have reacted to all this.. and even what I would have done when I was told Mack passed...

Damn it.. no stop tears... :fluttercry:

I just found out this story was shared on Reddit... To anypony who did, thanks a lot! I really appreciate it!


It is so sad...WHY CAN'T I STOP CRYING!


Many mannly tears were shed this day:pinkiesad2:


*sniff* One hint of advice, use quotation marks around the dialogue of characters (" "). I can't believe I put off reading this for at least a month. And one other thing that I never fully grasped: are the two ponies in the story old now? They seems old because of the illnesses, challenges travelling and memory loss, but Pinkie mentioned she had a coltfriend?


Thank you for reading it and for the advice ^u^

And no, I assume they are (Or at least Pinkie) only a few years older prior to the events of the Royal Wedding or so.

I'm glad you liked the story THAT much :3


I loved this story and this is the reason I love pinkie so much she is so caring. Such a wonderful story.

I was having such a great day and u just had to make me cry:fluttercry:

This is so sad. Great story:pinkiesad2:

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