• Published 8th Nov 2014
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A Change in Roles - Sea_Swirl

Applebloom makes a wish that will lead her to learn more about the sister she loves and wants back.

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Chapter 5

Applebloom did not sleep well that night, she had a nightmare about the timberwolves, only, they weren’t chasing those two random ponies. No, they were after her! She ran and ran through the forest as the timberwolves went for the chase. Her ears suddenly perked as she realized this was the scene right before she saw Applejack! Running faster towards the spot she was rescued, she spotted a familiar bush and through the leaves and branches there was a glint of orange and yellow visible.

The only difference this time was the colors weren't as tall as it was the first time. The little distraction was half the time the timberwolf needed as he nearly clamped his jaw around the red tail swaying in front of his face. She gasped as she quickened her already sonic like pace, her legs burning as she kept at it. Finally breaking through the tree line and around the bush.

“Applejack!” She called. An expression of relief turned to one of horror as she caught sight of her hero. “A-Applejack?!” She exclaimed in fright. There in front of her was the little orange foal that had been with her the day before.

“Abba boom!” She exclaimed throwing her hooves up. “Upie Upie!” She once more shouted. She giggled before there was some kind of weird cut that Applebloom seemed to miss as she was now on the floor and her little sister was sitting on her chest. Applejack giggled as she looked down on her sister.

Applebloom stared in confusion as her sister jumped happily up and down. Confusion turned once more into horror as she heard the barking of timberwolves. How they got so far behind all the sudden when they were so close to catching her not even a few minutes ago was beyond her. She tried getting up only to have an invisible weight hold her down, confusion took its place again. Applejack wasn’t that heavy, why couldn’t she get up?

‘This can’t be real, this isn’t real!’ Applebloom shouted in her mind as the timberwolves approached. “No!” Applebloom shouted as the timberwolves came and picked her sister up by the back of her diaper. “L-let her go!” She shouted, once more trying to get up. She turned her head and painfully watched as her sister giggled in the jaws of danger as they carried her off.

“APPLEJACK!” The filly shouted, jerking out of bed and startling the ponies in her room. She frantically looked around to room for the timberwolves and her sister, but only found five other ponies. No timberwolves, no forest, and most importantly: No danger. She sighed in relief almost completely forgetting the ponies that were with her.

“Applebloom dear? Are y’all alright?” Asked a gentle but old wavering voice. Applebloom noticed this voice to be the oldest in the apple family household: Granny Smith. “Sorry if AJ woke ya. She snuck in ‘ere an’ somehow climbed ‘nto yer bed, don’ know how she does these thin’s, almost like Pinkie Pie an’ ‘er shenanigans.

“I-It’s Alright.” She turned to look beside her. “What’re ya’ll doin’ her any who?” She asked curiously noting that every pony in the household, including the two ‘strangers’ were all piled around her bed.

Orange Delight, who apparently in the dream was the timberwolf who took Applebloom’s sister, put the squirming Applejack onto her father’s back, almost immediately she threw her hooves around the giant neck. Applebloom’s attention was then set on Orange Delight when she spoke up. “We were jus’ checkin’ up on ya darlin’. When ya’ll refused supper las’ night, we got a bit worried.” The pale orange pony put a comforting hoof on her shoulder.

“Ah said Ah’m fine.” Applebloom pouted. They all shared an unconvinced look, all except Applejack who was now peaking her little head out from Apple Bucks hat. They all tried to give her an understanding look but being a family of honesty she was able to see right through them, even if she didn’t have a keen eye for that it still would have been easy to tell they were certainly not okay with her odd behavior.

After the silence went on for an extremely long amount of time, it was begging to get awkward. The tension was so thick even Applejack had ducked under the hat she was buried under. The silence was then broken when Apple Buck took his hat off and removed AJ from his head, holding her on his hoof as she clung to the giant thing. “Ah think it’s ‘bout time we started th’ day don’cha think?” He suggested.

“O-oh! Right, Applebloom dearie. Do ya mind watchin’ AJ fer th’ day? Ah need ta run inta town an’ get some thin’s fer th’ farm.” Orange Delight asked, taking Applejack from her husband before he left the room. “She migh’ get a bit cranky, bein’ away from us fer so long.” She finished that sentence while putting Applejack onto Applebloom’s lap.

The yellow filly looked a bit disappointed. “Ah wanted ta go help twi- A-Ah mean… Ah wanted ta go crusadin’ with mah friends.” She sighed.

Orange Delight sighed as well. “Sorry Applebloom we need ya’ll ta help us. While th’ boys ‘er out doin’ chores they can’t watch ‘er an’ she won’t listen ta a thin’ Granny Smith says! Ah jus’ might brin’ her with me. Plus,” She added. “It shouldn’t be that hard. She absolutely adores you.”

As if to prove her point, Applejack gave Applebloom a tight hug saying: “Abba Boom Pway?” Looking up at her with the biggest set of puppy eyes Applebloom ever saw!

Applebloom resisted the urge to squeeze her sister in a crushing hug and managed in patting her on the head before saying: “Ah guess it’ll be alright, crusadin’ could wait a day.” Applebloom gave her little sister a warm smile while the bigger pony beside her chuckled in relief.

“Thank ya kindly Applebloom, Ah don’ know what Ah would do without ya.” She helped Applebloom and Applejack get out of the bed before leading them through the hall. “Do ya know how to take care o’ her? This is yer first time taking care o’ her fer the whole day.” They walking down the stairs while Applebloom nodded, careful not to let Applejack slip off her back. “Do ya know where the stuff is?” Her mother questioned further.

“Uhh… No.”

“Alright follow me.” They walked into the kitchen and Orange Delight opened the cabinet closest to the fridge and took out a container of Applesauce which once in sight, Applejack immediately reached out for. “This is fer when she gets snacky, so around 12:00, 2:00, 4:00, an’ 6:00 o’ clock.” Applebloom nodded. “Th’ diapers ‘er in th’ closet, top shelf. If she gets cranky try ta put ‘er ta sleep.” Applebloom nodded and looked back, Applejack was not paying attention, not even in the slightest. She had somehow managed to grab the applesauce from her mom and was now covered in it.

Applebloom sighed in frustration. Her sister was covered in it! Her mane had applesauce, her belly was covered with it, somehow she managed to get a few spots on her back, and she was sucking her covered hoof, her mouth was no longer the color orange but tan of the sweet gooey treat. Orange Delight giggled at her daughter’s sloppy way of eating and added: “Don’ forget ta bathe ‘er when needed.”

“Ya, alright.” Applebloom agreed grumpily.

Her mom giggled again, heading for the door. “Jus’ make sure ta be careful with ‘er.” She said, grabbing her saddle bag from a hook by the door. “An’ good luck.” She winked before shutting the door.

Applebloom huffed, feeling Applejack chew on her mane. “This is goin’ ta be a long day.”


Applebloom felt the water to make sure it was the right temperature for the orange foal. Satisfied, she put the bath plug into the drain to let it fill up. Grabbing Applejack off her back, she put her on the toilet before giving her a look. “Don’ move AJ Ah need ta get yer bath ready.” She collected the right shampoo and conditioner from off the shelf by the door. She turned back to Applejack who was watching her work, she then turned to the bath, quickly turning it off so it doesn’t overflow.

She then turned back to Applejack and said one simple word: “Stay.” Then headed off to get a towel. Upon returning she found the room terrifyingly empty. She gasped knowing her sister was no longer on the toilet seat. Panicking she called for her sister. “Applejack! Applejack?! Where th’ hay ‘re ya!” Looking down, she caught sight of applesauce hoof prints leading to the cabinet under the sink.

If she didn’t spot the tracks, hearing a high pitched giggle would have led her to the hiding spot anyway. Applebloom sighed in relief that her sister was not lost. Crouching down, she touched the knob of the door and quickly pulled it open yelling: “I FOUND YOU!” She quickly covered her mouth to hold back the laughter. Applejack was sitting inside a hoof tub, cramped with different kinds of bottles and was sitting in an awkward and uncomfortable looking position.

Despite all that she still managed to laugh so loud it hurt Applebloom’s ears. She reached out for Applebloom to grab her, which the filly in question was happy to do. “Abba Boom Pway?” She asked.

“Sorry AJ but ya’ll still need a bath!” Applebloom chuckled as she gently set Applejack into the water. As the foal splashed and played with the newly added bubbles, Applebloom grabbed some shampoo and started washing and scrubbing at AJ’s mane and coat, sometimes reaching some spots that would make her splash and try to pull away while giggling mad.

Once done with that, Applebloom put the shampoo back on the shelf and took hold of the conditioner. Carefully as not to get soap in her eyes, Applebloom used a hoof under her sisters chin and push her head up some. Applejack, now looking up to the ceiling, watched her sisters hoof rest on her forehead while she felt a cool gooey substance cover her mane.

Applebloom rubbed a hoof on the blonde mane as she worked the conditioner in. When her hoof started to ache she let her sister play while the cream soaked. This was kind of fun, being able to play mom. It’s an experience she would enjoy for a while until it got old, will it get old? “No Applejack, that’s not edible.” Applebloom scolded as she pulled Applejack’s head away from a pile of bubbles.

Applejack pouted and crossed her hooves as she closed her mouth. “A bubbes!” She shouted angrily at the little white pile, and almost like a balloon she deflated. Her hooves fell, her head dropped and her scowl turned into a frown. “A ‘ungy.” She whined, patting her tummy as if to soothe what she was craving for.

It took her a bit but Applebloom guess what her sister was trying to tell her. “Oh! Yall’re hungry!” She pointed out, soon realizing the pony in the tub was giving her the ‘duh’ look. She smiled sheepishly while rubbing the back of her head. “Hehe… Sorry AJ Ah jus’ need ta finish washin’ ya.” To her surprise Applejack waited patiently for her to continue.

Applebloom put a hoof on her sisters back and one on the back of her head and slowly dipped the back of her mane in the water, careful not to go too far and get water on her face. Applejack squirmed uncomfortably at being in such an awkward position as the pony above her carefully took her hoof off the back and slowly scrubbed at her mane. Applebloom came to realize her sister was not happy with this at all when her sister started flailing her back hooves to try and get up.

“Applejack! Stop! Ah jus’ nee ta-” She was rather rudely cut off as Applejack started flailing her front hooves at her said and caused a whole lot of water to attack Applebloom. “Ack! AJ!” Now thinking it was a great time her mane was done Applebloom quickly pulled her sister up and back into a sitting position, and only then did she realize how hard Applejack was breathing.

She looked panicked as if somepony almost killed her!

“O-oh, Ah’m sorry sis.” She apologized, used a hoof to scoop some water and pour it on the remaining suds. Applejack, as soon as she realized she was out of danger, splashed towards the edge of the tub to grab ahold. Applebloom felt bad, she knew that feeling like you were about to go underwater without being able to stop it was scary but Applejack totally freaked! She watched as Applejack struggled to climb the wall of white that was about two times her size.

Sighing, Applebloom went to grab her sister and set her on the edge of the tub but recoiled in concern when her sister scrambled to get away from her yellow hoof. “Its okay AJ Ah’m sorry, Ah won’ hurt ya. Ah promise.” The foal still seems uncertain but the warm smile Applebloom held seemed to ease her enough to let her -now big- sister take hold once more. Applebloom then proceeded to place her sister onto the edge of the tub and hold her with one hoof while the other one grabbed the conditioner again.

It seemed that as soon as Applejack noticed she was not completely away from the water, her eyes grew as big as saucers, her lip curled into a helpless frown, and she held her hooves out toward her sister. “Eh! Uppie!” She whined. Applebloom took hold of the bottle and looked towards AJ, almost giving into the face but she quickly shook her head.

“Sorry AJ. No can do. Ah need to get yer tail washed ‘er it’s gonna get tangled somethin’ awful later.” She explained. Hearing this Applejack started whining louder, as if Applebloom wasn’t able to hear her. “Ah’ll make it quick but ya’ll have ta be patient, this has ta get done.” She confirmed as she quickly scrubbed at the tail followed by scooping up water and washing it out.

Once done, Applebloom took the now shivering Applejack and wrapped her in a soft welcoming towel from off the counter. Applebloom sat Applejack on the toilet and started to gently rub the towel on the orange fur, trying to rid it of the water that remained. She found out fairly quickly that this was unwanted by the pony getting the treatment as her tummy gurgled in protest of being slow to get done, following shortly after was a whine as the owner of the belly started to get fussy.
“Alright, Alright, let’s get ya’ll somethin’ ta eat.” Rubbing the little pony down quicker this time, followed by putting AJ on her back. As Applebloom excited, she carelessly tossed the towel into the laundry basket by the door.

Slowly walking down the stairs, Applebloom thought up what she was going to do next. ‘Well Ah guess Ah can go ta Twilight’s an see if she foun’ anythin’.’ She thought. Set on achieving her new goal, Applebloom opened the door to the kitchen and got straight to work. Setting Applejack down on the floor, she walked over the cabinet her mom told her the applesauce was. Seeing there was more than one flavor in there, she pouted. Orange Delight never told her if AJ liked a specific kind!

“Well.” She sighed. “Guess Ah‘ll have ta find out th’ hard way.” Grabbing the regular Applesauce, she put it on the counter before going over to another cabinet to get a bowl. Once that was achieved she started pouring the tan mush from the glass jar to the plastic bowl. “Al’right Applejack eat up!” She exclaimed. Once the food was placed in front of her, Applejack dug in. Applebloom laughed at the sight, Applejack was being so uncouth it would make Rarity faint all over again!

Though Applebloom’s laugh died in her throat as the mush was splattered all over her hooves, instinctively she recoiled and looked down at her hooves is disgust. “Applejack!” Applebloom shouted.

“Abba Boom!” Applejack shouted back before sticking out her tough and wiping her hooves on it as if trying to rid it of any remaining drops.

“What did ya’ll do that fer?!”

“E’ goss! bleh! Ahmana! Ya goma tamama!”

“Ah didn’t know which one you liked!”

“A mama! A mama! o’... o’ ‘ac! o’ Dada!”

“None o’ them ‘re here!”

“Eh ‘it abboe tees!”

“Ah know! But Ah can’t just interrupt them at work!”

“Bah! ney no! no!” She crossed her hooves and pouted, mumbling something Applebloom was just able to catch. “Ey noe goo’ ‘ood.”

Now Applebloom was irritated, it seems Applejack knew or was able to speak more clearly when angry because Applebloom was able to catch almost all of that. “Well why don’ ya jus’-” She stopped herself. “What ahm Ah doin’?” She asked herself, slowly calming down. “Heh… Ah’m arguin’ with mah who knows how old sister tha’ got magically turned inta a foal…” She stared blankly at the roof. “Wha’ happened?” She asked slowly.

The more she thought about it the more she felt she was going crazy! Why was she feeling this way all the sudden? Why now? Why not earlier?! Maybe it was the fight? Why could she hear the pounding of tiny hooves fading from the room? Where did the upset mumbling go? She needed a nap.

Applebloom, still staring blankly into space, laid down on the floor and slowly closed her eyes. Maybe this really was all a bad dream. At least the room stopped spinning. Now she could be at peace.


Applebloom jumped as she was ripped away from her first peaceful dream in three days. Her heart beating wildly, she frantically looked around for what had caused the sound. She didn’t see nopony around… Who would- She didn’t see anypony around! Where did AJ go?! “A-Applejack?!” She squeaked out, looking around more frantic than before.

“Lookin’ fer somepony?” A deep voice growled. Applebloom slowly looked up to see a giant red stallion, luckily it wasn’t the father she was dealing with. There was her big brother holding a clearly irritated AJ. She was slightly relieved that out of the two big red stallions she could get in trouble with, she was glad it was the one she knew the most.

Even though his fury was still bad, she would still rather come face to face with it then see how much worse the fury of a stranger stallion bigger than her brother was. She silently gulped down a lump in her through as Applejack was gently put down onto the floor. “H-hey Applejack! Hehe… Ah though ah told ya not ta go outside when playin’ hide an’ seek, hehe…” Applebloom nervously made up.

Macintosh’s eyes narrowed slightly more in a sign that he could easily see right through the lie. “Applebloom.” His voice was stern and angry yet still carried to gentleness through it. “Ya’ll should know better than ta lie ta try ta get out a’ trouble.” Looking down at AJ briefly before setting his eyes back on Applebloom, he pointed to the orange foal. “Foun’ ‘er crawlin’ ‘round th’ baskets. She looked mighty hungry.” He rested hi hoof back on the wooden floor. “Got a reason?”

What was she supposed to say? Sure the applesauce part could be told but when she fell to sleep that was because everything was going crazy and she was going crazy and.. And… ‘Don’ think ‘bout it Applebloom’ She thought to herself. ‘yer jus’ goin’ ta get yerself worked up again.’ She took a deep breath, oblivious to the beads of sweat starting up on her forehead, Big Mac raised his brow expectantly. “Ah got th’ wrong applesauce an’ AJ here got mad an’ I got tired of ‘er being fussy ‘bout it an’ accidently fell ta sleep.” It was the closest to the truth without telling the truth she could get!

Macintosh’s brows furrowed as he thought. “Fine, but make sure ya keep an eye on ‘er this time.” He huffed as she walked out the door.

Once he was gone, Applebloom let out a breath she didn’t realize she was holding and glared at Applejack, who returned it with a scowl. Although, she couldn’t keep her glare as her face softened upon the foal. Sure she used to be a grown mare but not anymore or not now at least. Applejack was only trying to get food because she was hungry and Applebloom didn’t feed her, it was Applebloom’s fault.
She sighed and dropped her head in shame. “Ah’m sorry Applejack.” She apologized. From the corner of her eye she could see her sister physically soften. “Ah didn’t mean ta ditch ya like that. Can y’all forgive me?” She slowly looked up and saw that Applejack no longer looked mad, that brought a small hopeful smile to her face.
After a moment of thinking about it and small smile crept on the little ones face as she held out her hooves. “Abba boom!” She cooed lovingly, at that moment Applebloom realized she was reaching out for a hug! Applebloom was more than happy to pick up her sister and hold her as tight as possible, before loosening the grip a bit as she felt like she was going to crush her.
After a long lasting hug of the two siblings it ended and Applejack was placed gently on the ground. Applebloom was just about to ask Applejack if she wanted the play but was stopped when her sister sniffed. At first Applebloom thought she was going to cry, she reached out to comfort her but Applejack didn’t seem to want that.
Pushing Applebloom’s hooves to the side, Applejack then pointed out of the window. “i’ wa’er!” She shouted almost looking concerned.
Applebloom looked out the window. “Wha…?” She asked, obviously not being able to tell what her sister was trying to say. Applejack didn’t looked pleased at that answer as she ran for the window, Applebloom of course followed her, not wanting another scolding from Macintosh or her ‘dad’. When they reached their destination, Applebloom realized what Applejack was trying to say!
“You smelled water? It’s going to rain!” Applebloom and Applejack always loved the rain! Whenever they got the chance, she and her sister would grab their rain coats, boots, and hats to play together. They would splash in mud puddles, see who would make the biggest splash, and they would get some buckets and see who could catch the most water in five minutes.
Stuck in her thoughts, Applebloom didn’t seem to notice Applejack trying to get her attention. She did notice however, when the door opened. “Huh?” Applebloom wondered as she looked at Applejack. Her sister was looking at her expectantly. “Ya’ll wanna go out an’ play?” She guessed as her sister looked outside.
“Pay!” Applejack shouted in response. She clapped her hooves together twice before running out of the house. The yellow filly was quick to run out after her sister and return her inside.
“Applejack we can’t go outside! Ya’ll could get a cold!”
“Ah- Pay!” Applejack protested.
“But Ah don’ want ya ta get sick!”
Applejack pouted. “Ah ‘et dad.” She muttered.
At hearing this Applebloom groaned. “Not this again.” She face hoofed. “Alright how ‘bout we play a game o’ peek-a-boo!” She suggested. ‘Maybe Ah can get ‘er thoughts off o’ th’ rain.”
Applejack spat as she turned away from Applebloom. ‘Or maybe not.’ Applebloom sighed. “Pay i’ rain!” She heard. Quickly looking up she caught a glimpse of a stubby short golden tail before it disappeared around the corner and out the door.
“Applejack!” She yelped. “Come back here!” She quickly galloped through the door and into the orchards, hot on the trail of her once was big sister.
~♥Five minutes later♥~
Applebloom’s hooves were sore as she galloped still full speed and still hot on the trail of her little sister. “Gah! Applejack! Slow down!” She let out a heavy breath and took another in. “At least.” Again. “Give me a chance.” At that Applejack giggled.
The yellow filly darted after the orange one. “W-why are ya’ll so fast?!” She dodged a tree. “With such stubby legs?!” As Applebloom finally neared the wide eye filly, a giant smile crept onto her face. Almost there…
Next thing she knew it, she was on the ground. A pounding headache was discover before she covered her head in pain. She soon found another pain in her right fore-hoof as it clutched her head, quickly unclutching it, she examined the yellow hoof.
There was a quickly growing bruise making its way across the side. Wondering what had just happened she turned around and spotted the culprit. An apple tree root and grown above the ground and the back into it like a little wave of wood in the grass. She turned her attention back to her hoof and pounding head.
She wanted to cry but she was the big sister now. She had never seen Applejack cry before, even when things got really bad. When she asked why she had never seen her sister cry before Applejack always simply answered: ‘Aww Applebloom, big sister’s don’ cry. They need ta be tuff for the ones who ain’t so tuff.’ If Applejack didn’t cry, neither would she. Quickly, she bit back her tears and shakily stood up. Not long after did she heard the little pitter patter of little hooves ponding into the grass.
Looking around for the sound, she found Applejack standing in front of her. Applejack stood there examining Applebloom’s features in a very similar way she had when still a grown mare. After what seemed like a minuet the concentration on the foals face turned to one of worry.
Slowly taking a step forward she asked: “Abba Boom ‘urt?” Applebloom then realized that she was not better at hiding her emotions than she was lying. “Sowwy.” She apologized, looking down at the grass while her hoof shuffled the green strands around.
The yellow filly sighed. Boy was it hard to stay mad when Applejack looked like that. Ignoring the fiery pain shooting around her hoof, Applebloom placed the hoof on her sister’s blonde mane and patted it gently, while cooing to her. “Hey sis, it’s Alright. It was ‘n accident.” Looking up she saw the sky was even darker than before. “Let’s jus’ get inside.” However, before she could turn, Applejack quickly spun around and pointed further into the orchard.
“’Ainbow!” She squeaked. Confused Applebloom tried to see what she could make of this. Once she came to a conclusion she laughed halfheartedly.
“Yes Applejack, after th’ storm we can go sit on a hill and look at th’ rainbow.” But once again before she could turn and take her sister home, she noticed the foals faces harden. “Wut?”
“No! ‘Ainbow!” Much like she before, the orange baby darted into the orchard. Applebloom muttered to herself, now completely irritated with what was going on. Darting after her sister, the young pony followed until she found Applejack staring up into a tree.
Applebloom was about to scold her sister for running off and disobeying her once more that day but was interrupted mid breath by what could be either thunder or, “Rainbow Dash?!” Applebloom exclaimed. She had seen the Pegasus sleeping in their trees before but didn’t she have weather duty, with it about to rain? Upon having her name called out, a loud snore from the Pegasus in question rang out as if to call out ‘here!’
Applebloom wasn’t the best when it came to bucking some apples out of a tree but she was getting there and was able to get a few out. As she neared the trunk Applejack watched both with interest, her head darting to look at Rainbow Dash then Applebloom then repeating it, at this rate, she wasn’t going to miss a thing!
Applebloom thought back when Applejack had tried teaching her how to apple buck. She pulled her legs up from behind; wincing as she put pressure on her injured hoof, aimed for the middle, and bucked. Not many apples fell, but just enough to get lucky enough to strike the Pegasus in the noggin.
“Ouch!” Rainbow yelped. “What was that for?!” She shouted, obviously annoyed. “I was having a perfectly good dream!” She frowned.
Applebloom giggled, ignoring the temper of her sister’s friend. “Didn’ mah sis tell ya not to sleep in our trees?!” Applebloom questioned. The Pegasus faltered remembering all the times Applejack had told her to stay out of her trees and sleep on a cloud or a bed like a normal pony.
“N-no.” Applebloom raised an eyes brow. “But your trees are so comfy!” She protested in a whine. Only then did she notice the consistent giggling going on, on her right. Turning to face the noise what she saw made her nearly fall off the branch and out of the tree. After a while of staring at the orange foal the blue Pegasus burst out laughing. “Bwahahaha!” This time, she did fall out of the tree.
Applebloom gave a confused look as Rainbow picked herself up and shook some leaves out of her mane and off her coat. “Wha’s so funny?” She asked.
“N-nice try Applebloom!” She managed through laughs. Applebloom was going to speak her confusion again but before she got the chance Rainbow answered the upcoming question. “Hah! It’ll take more than that-“she gestured to Applejack. “- to fool the prank master!” She proudly pounded a hoof on her chest.
“Wha?” Was all Applebloom could get out.
As she stared at Rainbow Dash in disbelief she Pegasus in question flew over to Applejack and started inspecting her. “What did you guys use? Dye?” She shuffled through Applejack’s mane, searching for any evidence of the original color but found none. The constant shuffling caused the owner of the mane to jump back in annoyance.
“This isn’t a prank.” Applebloom stated as she walked over and picked up Applejack who was still trying to swat the cyan hoof away. “Somethin’ weird happened an’ now AJ is a foal we’re tryin’ ta figure out how t’ fix it. Twilight is lookin’ fer a cure now!”
Rainbow stared at her Blankley then back at AJ. “He… He… You actually sound serious. Really its okay if you can’t prank me, better luck next time right? Oh by the way where is Pinkie? I’m sure she put this together. Is she hiding in the bushes?” She stopped. “Who is this pony anyway?”
Before anypony could respond there was a roar of thunder this cause Applebloom to tense up, Rainbow dash to freeze, and Applejack shake in sudden fear. Applebloom notices this and trots over to comfort her sister while Rainbow’s expression turned to one of fear too. “Gah! I forgot, I was supposed to help with the weather!” She quickly zoomed off, only to zoom back and warn Applebloom. “Hey squirt, you might wanna take cover as quickly as possible. This storm is going to be a rough one and it isn’t good to be out right now.” And then she was gone, leaving apples falling from trees from the wind of her speed.
The little crusader watched the rainbow trail leave and disappear beyond the clouds. As if planned, she felt a drop of water on her muzzle and a second later the rain started pouring. Applejack cried in her sisters hooves, there rain wasn’t as fun right now as the foal had hopped, it was not even close to regular rain and it was raining hard. Applebloom held Applejack in one hoof and held her under her chest to try to block the rain from pelting her sister.
Applebloom ran through the orchards towards nowhere in particular. Sure she knew how to get home but she used landmarks. Right now she couldn’t see anything but darkness caused by the rain. Aimlessly running, she saw a flash of red as thunder flashed through the sky. Quickly turning in that direction she quickly but cautiously trotted towards it.
After a quick observation, it seemed there was an unfinished barn. What looked unfinished about it was the paint. As she got a closer look, Applebloom saw than some of the red paint either stopped its trail completely or was torn in bits in random places, clearly this was an old place that hadn’t been visited in ages. Scurrying towards it, Applebloom could see a few holes in the side of the wall as she got closer, and as she reached the barn door she wasn’t sure if she should open it or not.
Sure inside would be dry but would it be safe? The door didn’t seem to be covered in moss or colored in rust, in fact, despite the rest of the all walls the door looked almost brand new! Applebloom carefully opened the door and once she heard the loud creek it made she hide behind it. She heard light fussing under her and looked down, surprised. It seemed that she was so cautious and obsessed with check out the barn that she totally forgot that AJ was right there!
Applebloom smiled gently, rain still pouring into her mane and on her coat. Holding Applejack up to her chest, she hugged the foal and her quiet whimpers stopped. As this happened the now old sibling felt warmth despite the freezing weather. Still keeping Applejack to her chest, Applebloom then realized nothing had happened. Slowly walking to peek inside, she saw the barn empty and that filled her with relief.
Upon entering the barn, she saw piles of hay in random corners and a few barrels, wood boxes, and shelves with tools on them. She listened as the floorboards creaked under her hooves. Once she did another quick scan and listened carefully for other life forms, she put Applejack down, who immediately ran to a pile of hay to play in. It seemed that the hug had put both in a better mood, and getting out of the rain only added to that new found happiness.
The filly sighed as she watched Applejack run from corner to corner, from hay pile to hay pile.
She was bored.
Sure watching Applejack run around and giggle at nothing sure was a bit entertaining but that just wasn’t enough for the energetic crusader. Thinking about it and finding nothing to do, Applebloom decided it was time she done something. She decided maybe she could find something entertaining to do in one of the crates or find something interesting hidden somewhere.
For a minute she wondered what would happen if she left Applejack alone. Almost immediately she pushed the worry away as Applejack was being so loud that Applebloom would only have to check on her when she was quiet. With that in mind she started walking around before exclaiming in her head:
Cutie Mark Crusader: Treasure Hunters!
She immediately regret thinking that as it reminded her that she was not with her friends and if she claimed she was trying to get a cutie mark then she would be exploring without them. Well if she didn’t try to get her cutie mark for treasure hunting and just went looking for interesting stuff that would be better right? Yeah better.
Slowly she got to her hooves and walked along the rusty wood of the barn. Looking through many boxes, most were empty or had nothing interesting in them. Finally Applebloom came upon a box with pictures in it. “Is this…?” She trailed off as she looked at the picture.
The photo looked like it had been taken in the hospital, a soft orange mare with a bright red mane was laying in the hospital bed. She looked tired and her mane looked like a mess. Behind her was the large dark red stallion with the blonde and orange mane, his hooves were laid gently on her shoulders. On her left was Granny Smith. She didn’t have as many wrinkles as she does now, though even though there wasn’t much didn’t mean they weren’t there.
On the right side of the bed was a stall skinny colt, he had an orange mane and a red coat like the stallion except lighter, Applebloom could tell this was her big brother. She could also tell that the stallion and the mare were the random ponies who showed up the morning she was officially grounded. But what really caught her attention was the ponies in the middle.
The two last ponies she seemed to recognize was the ones also in the hospital bed. She seemed to be Applebloom’s age, she was an orange filly with a blonde mane and a face full of freckles. As the filly sat on her mother’s lap Applebloom could recognize her as her idol and beloved sister, Applejack.
In Applejack’s hands was a blanket as blue was the sky, but that was not all. Applejack had the blanket held in an angle for the camera to see who was wrapped inside like a little taco. Inside the hood of the blue was a yellow head, the eyes were closed and Applebloom could almost hear the little snores coming from the slightly open mouth. Coming out from the top of the hood were little strands of red, some were in groups and some were single but it was obvious that was the mane. It didn’t take long for her to realize who she was looking at.
“...Me?” She squeaked.
At that moment everything was so silent, so still. She realized this and was about to check on Applejack but she didn’t need to when she heard another giggle followed by the sound of something crashing into the hay once more.
She forced herself to put down the picture and continue her search in the box. There were many other pictures too. Same ponies, sometimes they were all together, sometimes in groups or in pairs, and sometimes singles. Birthdays, holidays, even just some normal day pictures, they were all there. Applebloom couldn’t help but question their location.
Why would they be in a box in a long forgotten barn? For what she knew, Granny Smith never let a picture escape the photo album. She especially thought it was weird because why would they not want to put their parents in the photo albums to remember them? Deciding to ponder more about this later, Applebloom pushed the pictures aside to see if anything else was there. She didn’t find anything, except for a book.
She picked it out and looked at it closely. She expected to see it covered in dust but was surprised when there was hardly any. On the front of the book was a family mark, three apples in the shape on a mini pyramid. Applebloom gasped as she realized that this was Applejack’s diary.
What was she to do? Put it back and leave it alone? Or read it and see what her sister was like as a filly. Of course being the little sister she was, she opened the cover and started reading.
I’m Applejack, this is my new diary.

Author's Note:

Wow! A million-bagillion-trillion years later and the chapter FIANLY comes out!

SO SO SO SO!!!! Sorry for the major delay. It's funny when I think about it, I wanted to get this done the night before it became 2015! Look how that turned out... :applecry:

ANYWAY! I thought I would get in some sisterley time (or however you spell it...) I hope the next chapter won't take as long but I can't make any promises because the next chapter I'm going to do is probably going to be a chapter for my other story 'Princess Skyla'

So again, sorry for the delay but things are just not on my side this quarter. As always thanks for reading and please if I make any mistakes, please tell me so I can fix it and improve my writing.


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I’m Applejack, this is my new diary.

Well, this should be interesting.

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