• Published 8th Nov 2014
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A Change in Roles - Sea_Swirl

Applebloom makes a wish that will lead her to learn more about the sister she loves and wants back.

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Chapter 4

Applebloom walked carefully by the bouncing form of the pink pony, ready to catch Applejack if she fell off but it was almost a miracle how she hadn't already! Pinkie Pie was carelessly bouncing as if nothing was there and Applejack just kept happily giggling every time she was bounced into the air about and foot off Pinkies back.

Applebloom sighed. Maybe she should have just brought Applejack home after showing her to Twilight, maybe she should have refused Rarity's demands to dress her up. Now she had to watch her sister everywhere making sure she didn't get hurt, and whenever she did it would be such a pain to calm her down! Although she only cried once and Rarity took care of it.

Applebloom had to admit, it was kind of fun taking care if her sister. She felt responsible, independent, grown up. Applebloom indeed loved this feeling. Though, she knew that if she were to change Applejack back that all this would end. She would probably get grounded. Again, and would never be allowed to leave the house without somepony watching over her. She didn't- "Gf- Ouch!" Applebloom shouted as she hit the wall of Sugar Cube Corner.

She rubbed her aching muzzle mumbled some stuff before seeing Pinkie Pie in the corner of her eye. “Oh! Watch out Applebloom, there’s a wall there!” Without waiting for a response she pulled her head back into the gingerbread building.

“Ah noticed.” Applebloom muttered angrily as she joined the rest in the restaurant. She almost immediately noticed the only ponies in the house: Scootaloo and Pinkie Pie had somehow they had struck up a conversation about Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo looked as if she just won the lottery.

“And then she was like Whoosh! And Vroom! And- And-!”

“Ahem!” Applebloom interrupted.

“What’s up Applebloom?” Scootaloo finally noticed her friend.

“Where is Applejack?”

Pinkie Pie and Scootaloo immediately perked up as they realized they could no longer hear the babbling of babies talking nonsense. “Everypony look for the alien baby! She’s alone with the twins!” And with that Pinkie took off to who knows where. Scootaloo and Applebloom frantically looked everywhere: Under the counter, in pots, upstairs, in cupboards. Finally Pinkie Pie came down and as if on cue there was a crash in the kitchen.

The only place they haven’t looked.

“Now how th’ hay did we miss such n’ obvious place?!” Applebloom pointed out. While Scootaloo face hoofed and Pinkie Pie gasped.

“AUNTIE PINKIE PIE IS COMING TO THE RESCUE!” The party pony shouted as she dashed into the kitchen, quickly followed by the two remaining crusaders. Pinkie, Scootaloo, and Applebloom jumped wildly into the room -not without almost breaking the door off the hinges- and saw a bunch of pans in three separate piles. The cupcakes, icing bags, and Flour bags were missing from their place in the kitchen.

After about three seconds of watching nothing happen, Applejack, Pound Cake, and Pumpkin Cake popped out of the three separate pan piles. Applebloom was about to interrupt when a pink hoof grabbed both her and Scootaloo and they were tossed behind the counter. Pinkie quickly joined them and shushed them before any could speak.

“Pinkie what in tar-”

“I said Sssshhhh!!!” Pinkie shouted practically spitting in Applebloom’s face. “They do this every once in a while, they face off in a Sweets war!” Pinkie narrowed her eyes. “There is no stopping them now. Even if you tried the only thing you would succeed in is getting baked into a cupcake.”

Scootaloo and Applebloom watched them play, Scootaloo in amazement and excitement and Applebloom in annoyance and frustration. Pinkie Pie just watched, eyes narrowed and the most serious face any pony has ever seen on her, almost as serious as when somepony makes a Pinkie Promise.

The babies stared at each other with almost the same look Pinkie Pie had. In one slick move Pumpkin Cake gave out ear splitting battle cry and grabbed a batch of cupcakes from somewhere out if the pile and started shooting them at her brother and new found friend. Pound Cake gasped and ducked quickly back into his pile of pots and pans.

Applejack acted quickly too but in a different way. The orange baby quickly pulled out two icing bags, aimed, and shot a string of frosting with a force so hard it pushed the cupcake away and covering it with icing before hitting Pumpkin Cake in the horn. She gasped and much like her brother hid in her pots and pans pile before anymore icing could frost her.

“Wow, AJ’s good.” Pinkie commented. “Yea! Go Pound Cake!” She suddenly shouted as she saw the little colt sneak up behind Applejack. Hearing the pink pony shout Applejack quickly looked around the room, hoping to find the attacker and whom he was attacking. Though she wasn’t quick enough and found out his target was her when she heard a wing flap behind her and was showered by flour.

She coughed and sneezed, then finally retreated into her own pile to prepare for more battle. In her absence Pumpkin Cake and Pound cake went off against each other. Pumpkin Cake started throwing cupcakes not only with her hooves this time, but with her magic.
Pound Cake was quick to dodge the first few but they were coming in all too fast and got struck by all the rest in a frosty covered mess. Though, before Pumpkin Cake could do anymore damage to her brother, she got shot with icing in the back of the head with such force she was pushed back and off her pile.

They both looked over to see baby Applejack smiling proudly, she was still completely covered in flour except for circles of orange around her two eyes and mouth. Pound Cake, still on the floor from the beating he got from his sister and her cupcakes, was now covered in icing himself as Applejack attacked.

Applejack, once seeing both cake twins down, Stood tall and proud on her tower. This didn’t go unnoticed by both victims and observers. Scootaloo cheered for Applejack while Pinkie kept shouting relentlessly for the twins not to give up. The twins heard the cry of their favorite foal sitter and worked the strength to continue on.

This time they were on the same team and they have all but one goal: Defeat Applejack.

They both nodded to each other while the others looked in confusion, all but Pinkie Pie of course who was now cheering louder than ever!

Applejack thought she was victorious, this is her weakness. She was no longer paying attention to the gaining victims. But as quickly as she won, she realized that the war was not over yet. This thought came to her when a cupcake struck her in the side of the head, distracting her from the blue hue taking her yummy icing gun away.

Applejack glared at Pound cake and reached for her ammo… Only to find it not there! She quickly searched her pile giving the twins enough time to grab a bag of flower and fly over her head. Pound cake, once the time was right, poured the bag of flour on his orange enemy while Pumpkin Cake used her magic to frost her and pelt her with cupcakes.

Applejack, caught totally off guard, fell off her pile and onto her back. This time Applebloom decided to interfere, hoping her sister didn’t get hurt during the ambush. Though when she tried to tell the Cakes to stop, and that her sister had enough. But all that did was get her caked too.

“SSSSPPPPTTTT!!!!” Pinkie whispered loudly. Applebloom could hardly hear it over the mess that was still being thrown at her and her sister. “PLAY DEAD!!!!” Pinkie screeched in a whisper. Applebloom caught it just in time, she rolled over AJ in a panic and laid still. After a few more seconds of being pelted it all stopped. Applebloom just barely cracked her eye open and saw the twins high hoofing.

She took no chances. Quickly grabbing Applejack by her now white dress and throwing her onto her back. Wasting no time, she zoomed out of there leaving Scootaloo and Pinkie Pie with a pair of dumbfounded twins.


Applebloom sighed in relief, shaking some frosting off of her hoofs. Applejack too was shaking her head trying to get as much flour and frosting out of her mane. Applebloom chuckled softly at her now little sisters attempt to rid herself of the sticky mess. She turned back and continued down the road back home. It was getting quite dark, the sky right above her was dark with stars. The more you looked down to the horizon the more you can see the purplish, pink mixed with some yellow. The sun was barely peeking over the mountains as if saying its final goodbye before the next morning.

As she approached the farm she could see her ‘mother’ and Big Macintosh talking by the gates, when they saw them Big Mac’s eyes widened and her mother gasped. They ran over to the fillies and Orange Delight took Applejack off Applebloom’s back.

“What in Equestria happened?” Her mother asked, flicking some frosting off Applejack’s hair as the baby hugged her.

“The Cake twins.” Applebloom muttered as she walked passed her mom. She didn’t know if she knew them or not but she really didn’t care, luckily her mother somehow did know them and she didn’t have to explain who they were.

“And the dress?” She pressed on.



“Eeyup.” Applebloom agreed as the four started making their way back to the barn. “Can Ah take a bath?” She asked pushing the door open.

“Sure thin’, but ya better not take long. Applejack here looks like she needs a bath too!” Orange Delight said with a chuckle.

“Eeyup.” Mac agreed.

When they walked into the house they were greeted by a wonderful scent of fresh baked Apple pie.

“Hope y’all‘re hungry!” Said a deep booming voice from the kitchen. Not ten seconds after a big red stallion came through the kitchen door. “Me an’ yer mom made-!” When he saw them he stopped talking and stared at them. After a bit of this Applebloom rolled her eyes as the giant stallion burst out laughing.

“Dada!” Applejack shouted as she reached for him. He picked her up and kissed her on the cheek earning a giggle from her.

“There’s mah little cupcake princess!” He teased as he tickled her belly causing her to laugh louder. “What the hay happened ta ya’ll?” He asked as he turned to Applebloom.

“Stuff.” Was all Applebloom said as she passed him. She only muttered ‘howdy’ to Granny smith who was snoozing in her rocking chair. She was way too tired to deal with family, especially random ponies claiming they were family. She felt the eyes of four ponies staring at the back of her head as she started to climb the stairs but brushed it off and continued on.

“Wha’s up with ‘er?” Applebuck questioned earning a shrug from his wife and son. “Well… Alrighty then. Soups on fer anypony who wants it!” He called rather loudly, much to the annoyance of the three ponies next to him and the now awake grandmother.


Applebloom heard her father call dinner but didn’t care. She turned on the shower and waited for it to get hot. Usually she would be the most excited for dinner but right now was just not the time. She was tired, covered in cake, still clueless on this whole situation, scared by what may happen next, and worried that life for her could stay like the forever. Not to mention all this stress was giving her a headache!

She climbed into the shower and gave a relaxed sigh. This felt nice. Of course it didn’t change anything, it didn’t fix any of her problems. Yet it made her feel relaxed, refreshed, and new. Yep, this felt good.

*Knock, knock, knock!*


“Who is it?”

“It’s ma!” Called a soft voice. “Did ya’ll want us ta save ya some dinner?”

Applebloom sighed. “Naw, Thanks though.”

The voice was hesitant and sounded uncertain. “Alright then...”
Applebloom waited a few more moments for another answer. Silence answered her question as she guessed the voice was gone. She went back to enjoying the feeling of water washing her worries away. She wasn’t going to worry about her problems right now, this was her time, her time of relax… The only time of relax and she was going to enjoy it.

The water stopped as it was turned off and the yellow filly jumped out. She took a towel from the cabinet and started drying off. She hadn’t felt this good since before she ran off into the everfree. She put her ear to the door listening for any sounds. The more of her family she could avoid the faster she can get to bed and to sleep.

After hearing nothing she slowly opened the door. Nopony could be seen anywhere. The door creaked slightly as she opened it more to make more room for her to crawl through. She tipped toed passed a room before stopping in her tracks in front of the next one. She heard voices. Luckily they had not heard her creaky hoof steps so she, even more carefully, continued on.

When she made it to her room she shut the door and immediately hopped into bed not even bothering to completely dry her mane and tail or to put her bow away. Right now she just needed sleep.

And she closed her eyes.

Author's Note:

Sorry for the wait, I hate writers block! Luckily it was only for a few days :derpytongue2:. Anyways!!! I wasn't sure what was going to happen in this chapter... I actually thought it was going to be boring but something happened and I'll be honest I really don't know what but then this came out. I hope you enjoyed the little battle as much as I enjoyed writing it. This chapter is inspired by this video. I guess it is a little bit unrealistic because instead of fillies they are babies... but hey they live with Pinkie Pie! Who can't say they couldn't have picked up on some of her crazy tricks!?

Thanks for reading people/ponies of this website!!!!!!! GOODBYE!

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