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A Change in Roles - Sea_Swirl

Applebloom makes a wish that will lead her to learn more about the sister she loves and wants back.

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Chapter 3

“Goodness! Applejack sure is a hoof full!” Rarity complained as Applejack struggled in her magic, furiously attempting to get free from the force holding her. Applejack wasn’t much for crying, only when she got really hurt or when she was cranky after waking up from a nap but even now she was at least trying to be a tough pony and fight through.

“That’s because she’s mad! yer holdin’ her in magic!” Applebloom shouted. “Ah’ve been touched by Sweetie’s magic too and it feels weird… like tingly.” Applebloom shuddered. “And Ah’m pretty sure AJ ain’t enjoin’ it! jus’ hold her like a regular pony!”

Rarity huffed at that. “I refuse to hold her while she is trying to spit at me!” She said looking over to the little blue shield she put up that was separating her from Applejack’s spitting form.

“That’s because she’s mad!” Applebloom sighed. “If ya’ll let her go she’ll stop spitting.” Applebloom stated. Rarity gave a disgusted look at Applejack who was still blowing a raspberry at her, then turned and gave Applebloom an uncertain look. “Ah Pinkie promise.” Applebloom did the motions quick. “Now hurry up before her tongue goes numb!”

Rarity sighed. “Oh all right.” She slowly put down the small blue shield and reached out for the foal. “Please stop spitting Applejack.” Rarity asked as she touched Applejack and released her magic grasp. “I’m sorry if I upset you but it’s still not polite to spit-”

“Rarity she’s a baby.”

“-Now you are to stop and keep your saliva in your own mouth, you got it? It’s very uncouth”. Rarity finished ignoring the comment she got from Sweetie belle. Rarity was now holding Applejack properly and almost motherly. Applejack stopped all she was doing to pay attention to the stern voice of her friend and when she was done, nodded quickly. “Hmmm… for a baby she really does understand doesn’t she?”

“Uhhh… Maybe she didn’t turn completely baby, just mostly?” Scootaloo suggested.

“Or she is old enough to understand.” Applebloom added.

“Or Maybe-”

“Maybe she’s from a different planet and is a really smart alien baby here to grow up amongst us ponies to gather information to take over the whole pony race!”

Everypony turned to the mysterious voice that cut off Sweetie belle’s comment. Pinkie stared at Applejack closely and suspiciously. “Hmmm…” She hummed as she started walking around the startled group. “This foal looks awfully familiar. Is she new here? Do I need to throw a party?” She asked.

“Pinkie Pie, darling.” Rarity said as she got the pink ponies attention. “This is Applejack.” She explained, holding the baby a little higher than she was before as Applejack beamed at the newcomer.

Pinkie pie laughed. “What? This isn’t Applejack, Applejack is a grown mare! Silly.”

“She got into some sort of magic mishap none of us can explain. Twilight is in her library right now trying to figure this out.” Rarity explained further. Pinkie pie still seemed to not believe her but went with it anyway.

“Well... “Pinkie continued. “Where are you taking ‘Applejack’? I could bring her in to play with the twins! They would be so excited to have a new playmate!” Pinkie exclaimed.

“That actually doesn’t sound like a bad idea Pinkie!” Applebloom agreed with slight surprise. “It would keep her busy and Ah’m sure they’ll all have a blast!”

The other crusaders nodded in agreement but Rarity looked rather disappointed. “But I wanted to dress her up.” She sighed sadly, and it did not go unnoticed by both Applejack and Pinkie pie.

Applejack hugged the frowny face in front of her making Rarity give a sad chuckle. Pinkie Pie though wanted to accomplish more.

“Don’t worry Rarity! The twins can wait. How about I come with you and when you’re done I can take her to sugar cube corner!” Pinkie said, a little less enthusiastic but still excited either way.

This got what Pinkie hoped for: A big smile. “You really mean it Pinkie?!” Rarity asked enthusiastically.

“Yeppie doodle!”

“Oh how wonderful!” Rarity exclaimed. “Thank you Pinkie! You don’t know how much this means to me!” Rarity once again grabbed Applejack in magic to make room to hug Pinkie. This earned Rarity a whine from the captured baby. Rarity smile sheepishly as she took Applejack back out of the blue aurora. “Sorry about that darling.” She apologized.

“Let’s get going!” The crusaders shouted as they all ran towards to boutique, leaving Pinkie to bounce after them and Rarity trying to keep up while still trying to keep the posture of a lady, and being careful not to make AJ grumpy.


“CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS BABY DRESSERS!” The cutie mark crusaders shouted in unison. Everypony, including Applejack, lowered their ears and winced at the loud noise right beside them. The crusaders busted through the door of the boutique, almost breaking it down much to Rarity’s frustration. Pinkie Pie and Rarity headed for the giant table in the middle of the room and sat Applejack down.

The baby only watched in amusement as the crusaders darted around the room and Rarity looked through a little closet filled with mini clothes. Pinkie felt a bit out of place and was about to make some faces at Applejack but once she got in front of her Rarity jumped into the way and presented a light blue dress. Applejack smiled excitedly as she reached for the dress.

Rarity giggled “Alright, Alright Applejack.” She quickly put it on Applejack. “Hmm… It’s missing something.” Rarity observed. “AHA!” She shouted and ran off. Pinkie Pie then took this opportunity to jump on it, but was once again interrupted when the crusaders pushed her out of the way.

“Hey!” The party pony shouted.

“Applebloom hand me a hair tie!” Scootaloo said, oblivious the pink ponies complaints.

“I’ll gather some of her mane!” Sweetie Belle piped up.

“No! Style it this way!” Applebloom protested.

“Almost done! Get the mane spray!”

“Got it!” A pink spray filled the air catching Rarity’s attention.

“Girls? What are you doing?” Rarity asked pleasantly, she was pleasant, until now. “Whahahaha?! Girls?! What did you do?!” She quickly darted over to Applejack who was now scratching her head from the tight pony tails

“We did her mane!” Sweetie squeaked.

Rarity examined the mane do in horror. “Sweetie Belle! I thought I showed you how to do a proper mane style!” Rarity complained.

“We helped!” Applebloom spoke up catching Rarity's attention from Applejack.

“That explains it.” She mumbled.

“Well, you’re welcome.” Scootaloo grumbled, obviously not satisfied with the reaction.

“Alright, Alright.” Rarity sighed. “Good work girls, now how about you play with Pinkie in Sweetie Belle’s room.” She said as the four excitedly agreed and ran upstairs. Rarity chuckled as soon as the four were out of earshot. She turned back to Applejack who was attempting to pull the pony tails out, and by the expression on her face it probably hurt. Rarity giggled at the baby’s attempt to free her mane.

“Here let me get that for you darling.” She cooed as she used her magic to stretch the hair ties and painlessly take them out. “But I am going to do your mane.” She concluded. Rarity trotted off to where the crusaders tossed the can of hairspray and put it by Applejack. When she attempted to grab it, Rarity was forced to move it further away from AJ. Applejack pouted but let Rarity do what she wanted, but not without an occasional swat with a hoof or two.

Rarity put the final beehive in and started to spray Applejack’s mane. The baby coughed, sputtered and sneezed, she was quite thankful when it was over. “And Walla!” Rarity blurted as she examined her work, gently slapping AJ’s hand away from her mane whenever she tried to grab at it. She put a hoof to her chin. “Oh almost forgot!” She giggled as she put blue silky gloves on the orange hooves. “What do you think darling?” She asked as she held up a mirror in her magic.

Applejack looked into the mirror and gently reached up, this time Rarity let her. Applejack carefully felt her hair, her hoof barely brushing against it while she looked big eyed in the mirror. “i’ har!” She suddenly shouted.

Rarity looked at her in surprise then smiled warmly. “Yes I guess your mane is hard, that’s the spray I put in it, and it helps your hair stay like that.” She beamed. Applejack still stared at herself in the mirror, Rarity pulled it back some so she could see her whole outfit. She gasped loudly making Rarity force herself not to laugh at the baby at how silly and adorable is sounded.

“i’ boo?” She asked holding some of the silky gown in her hoof. “i’ boo!” She confirmed in excitement. She decided to celebrate while bouncing up and down on her rump as she flailed her arms up and down and laughed like there was not tomorrow. After 3 seconds of doing this a door could be heard being slammed open. Not long after a pink blur shot across the room like a bullet, and by Applejack’s side was: Pinkie Pie.

“My Pinkie sense told me there was a party going on!” She shouted as she looked down at Applejack, who was still jumping and throwing her hooves around, she didn’t even notice Pinkie was there. “Yay!!! Let’s go to sugarcube corner now! We can party with the cake twins! I know they never like to miss out on parties!!” Pinkie was about to pick Applejack up when she was interrupted by a blue aura around her hooves pulling them away from the celebrating baby.

“Not just yet Pinkie.” Rarity pleaded. “I just want to put her makeup on really quickly and then we can go.” Pinkie Pie nodded. Rarity turned to her desk and pulled open a drawer and pulled out some bright pink blush with her magic. “Now hold still Applejack this won’t take long.” Rarity hummed as she turned around and put the pad and brush in front of the baby. Applejack stopped what she was doing and looked up at Rarity, patiently waiting for what she had next.

“Thank you.” Rarity said when Applejack stopped. “Alright now close your eyes.” Applejack complied. Rarity started applying the blush and when she did some stray powder went up the baby’s nose. “Aaahhh!” Rarity screeched, Applejack sneezed, and Pinkie gasped as powder from the blow plus some snot shot into the fashionista’s direction.

“Rarity!” Was heard, along with little hoof steps down the stairs. “Are you alright?! What happened?!” Sweetie Belle shouted as she trotted up to her sister, her friends close behind. Rarity had her eyes and mouth sealed shut as tight as they could go, with her face scrunched up in a disgusted kind of way.

“Girls!” Rarity needs some paper towel and a shower stat!” Pinkie shouted as she grabbed Rarity and rushed her to the bathroom and the crusaders left to get some paper towels.

Applejack was left alone, she watched the whole thing happen in a matter of seconds, though it was so fast she only saw little parts of what was happening. She pouted and wiped her nose. She was all alone. Everypony left her. Was this all her fault? Did she do something bad? She could hear the water running and the hooves the three fillies rushing to the bathroom.

“Ey!” She called. Nopony came. “EY!” She shouted louder. Still nopony. She crossed her hooves and gave another pout, she was going to have to do this herself. Applejack slowly made her way to the edge of the table, she turned around and carefully hung her legs on the edge and inched her way down. She was now hanging on the edge of the table while her mini hooves circled underneath her trying to find the safety of ground. When her hooves never found it she was left helplessly hanging there.

Nopony came.

Not yet at least.

She just had to do this on her own.

Applejack hung there searching out a plan, she looked around the room for something that could break her fall but the only cushions that were around were either far away or far away on top of something. Maybe if she could just- “UUGG!” She grunted as she hit the hard floor. She looked up and then at her silk covered hooves, she had slipped. No matter, she had gotten down and she had to see what the fuss was about and why they left her so suddenly!

“Oof!” She grunted once more at her attempt to run. She shook the dress out of her way and zoomed off, not without tripping over it a couple more times. Applejack was now panting when she had finally made it to the bathroom, but smiled proudly that she had made it. “Abba?” She asked randomly as everyone was cleaning up the mess they had made in their frantic panic.

Everyone looked towards the newcomer. Some frowned realizing they had just left a baby alone and unsupervised, but others smiled when they saw her, she was okay, everypony else was too, nothing bad really happened. Applebloom walked over and picked up her ‘little’ sister. “Awww. Ah’m sorry Applejack Ah didn’t mean ta leave ya’ll alone, it was jus’ some silly reaction.” Rarity huffed and turned away, clearly offended. “Sorry Rarity but… It was kinda silly.” Applebloom confirmed as the other fillies in the room giggled.

“Isshedone?Shelooksdonecanwetakehertosugarcubecornernow?!” Pinkie Pie jumped in.

“Yes, yes, go ahead. No need to try to doll her up further.” Rarity reasoned as she picked up another paper towel in magic.

“Aren’t ya’ll comin’ Rarity?” Applebloom asked.

“Sorry darling, but I must clean up this mess.” She put the paper towels she had collected into the trash. “Even if I did get the mess cleaned up in time, I have an order to fill. I didn’t plan on keeping you guys for long anyway. Sorry though I do so wish I could join.”

“It’s alright Rarity! Maybe next time!”

“Na-a-a!” Rarity grabbed a tail in her magic. “You Sweetie Belle, have homework.”

“Ugh.” Sweetie groaned as she was dragged tail first towards the stairs. “U-uh. Maybe I’ll catch you guys later!” She said as her sister let her go and she climbed the stairs herself. “Save me some cake!” The door slammed shut and the ponies remaining excited the building.

“Oooohhh!” I can’t wait!” Pinkie squealed as she jumped up and down, Applejack being bounced happily on her back. “Pumpkin and Pound cake will be so excited!”

“Yea!” The two crusaders shouted as they ran ahead.

“Baby party here we come!”

Author's Note:

Hello Peoples! I'm sorry for such a long wait, school is KILLING ME! And I'm sorry to say that I figured out why people don't put a required day for things like this: YOU CAN'T ALWAYS EXPECT YOURSELF TO GET IT DONE! So! here is my conclusion. I will not worry myself about trying to get it done in time and just post it when it is ready. And there is nothing you can do about it :pinkiecrazy:. Now on about the story! I'm sorry that this isn't as long as my other two chapters and I think the next couple of chapters will be like this one. I also feel I wasn't able to put as much care into this as I wanted so if you see any errors feel free to point them out!

Let us give thanks I was able to get it out! YAY!

Happy Thanksgiving every Pony and Person out there!

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