• Published 8th Nov 2014
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A Change in Roles - Sea_Swirl

Applebloom makes a wish that will lead her to learn more about the sister she loves and wants back.

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Chapter 2

“I-I U-uh…” Applebloom could only stutter at the large strange stallion in her home. His expression softened as he took note of the confusion and fear on her face.

“Hey Ah was only kiddin’, ya’ll need ta loosen up a bit kiddo.” He chuckled lightly. “Ya’ll should be gettin’ ta school now, ya hear?” As he walked passed her he gave her a little noggie.

Before he could enter Applejacks room though Applebloom asked: “Who are ya’ll anyway?” The stallion stopped in his tracks, obviously caught off guard by the question. He slowly turned his head to her with a confused look.

A small smile came to his lips when he thought of something. “What? Ya tryin’ ta trick yer ol’ pa? Well, let me tell ya ya’ll almost got me.” He chuckled again before making his way into the room.

Applebloom was awestruck she wanted to keep arguing but she decided against it this was already too much to take in. She silently made her way to her room. ‘Ah’ll think ‘bout all this later, right now Ah need ta get ta school and maybe talk to Twi ‘bout this.’

Applebloom gathered her saddlebag and was about the leave when something shiny caught her eye. She turned to see the green gem on her dresser the same way it had been when she had fallen asleep. She grabbed it and put it into her saddlebag and quickly ran off to school.


When Applebloom got to school everypony was already walking into class. ‘Just in time!’ she thought as she too ran through the door. Upon entering the room or education she almost immediately saw her friends in the corner talking, they looked pretty excited which made her wonder what they were talking about. She quickly ran over to join them ‘Maybe they have an idea for some crusading!’ She thought as she approached.

“Hey ya’ll!” She greeted happily, both their smiles grew wider as they saw their third crusader join the conversation.

“Hey Applebloom!” Scootaloo greeted. “What’s up? Usually you’re early for school.” She frowned as she knew something was wrong with her friend. Sweetie belle silently agreed with a single nod and the same frown as her orange friend.

Applebloom reassured them with a warm smile. “Don’ worry gals Ah jus’ got held up, family problems.” She wasn’t sure when to tell them, or how to tell them for that matter, ‘maybe after school.’ She thought. “What were ya’ll talkin’ ‘bout?” She asked.

Sweetie belle finally spoke up. “We wanted to try to get our cutie marks in scuba diving!” She squeaked. Once seeing her friends confused look she explained. “You know the ponies that wear those masks and big tanks on their backs that dive under water?” Applebloom nodded. “That! That’s scuba diving!”

“Oooh! Applebloom said in realization. “That sounds mighty fun! But instead what ‘bout we-” She was then rudely interrupted by the school bell, signaling that school was starting. “We should-”

“Good morning class.” Miss. Cheerilee greeted. “Time to take your seats the bell rang!” She said in a sing song voice.

“Ugh never mind tell ya’ll after school.” Applebloom grumbled as she took her seat with her friends.

“Alright class today we are going to start with math…” Miss. Cheerilee’s voice trailed off as Applebloom stopped listening. How could she focus on school if there was something wrong with her family? Everypony seems to think Applejack has always been a foal. Why was she a foal? Who were those ponies? Why was the stallion claiming he was her pa? Her parents are dead, Applejack said they died in a train crash on their way home from Manehatten.

None of this made sense, Scootaloo and Sweetie belle didn’t look like anything changed, and maybe they think that her sis was a baby like the others, or maybe they don’t know anything happened at all. Applebloom went with ‘they don’t know anything happened at all’ because she hasn’t mentioned her sis being twenty years younger. Maybe Twilight could help, does she know what happened? This wasn’t right Applebloom needed her sister back she wanted her sister back- did she?

She could finally stop being treated like a little foal, she could do whatever she wanted without Applejack looking over her shoulder everywhere- No! Applebloom shook her head rapidly. ‘Ah have ta make this better b’fore Ah start ta change mah mind!” Such a thought drove her crazy! Why would she like her life like this? Sure Applejack wasn’t bossing her around anymore and her parents could be back from the dead but… This wasn’t right this wasn’t her life, she had to change things back to the way the-

“Applebloom!” A voice shook Applebloom from her thoughts, she looked up to find Miss. Cheerilee glaring down at her. She shrunk down under the gaze of her angry teacher. “Could you please tell me what we’re learning right now?” She strictly asked.

Applebloom looked around at all the students watching her. She didn’t mind being the center of attention but when she was in trouble it wasn’t her favorite thing. “I-I U-uhh…” She looked over at the board and saw an equation: 24*45=? “We’re uh… practicin’ multiplication?”

“Yes.” Miss. Cheerilee confirmed. “Now pay attention or you’ll leave me no choice but to give you detention.” She walked down the middle of the class and back to the board where she continued to teach. Applebloom heard a snickering in the corner, she took a quick glance to see Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon quietly, and evilly, giggling at her. Applebloom sighed and turned back to the teacher as she watched her teach the lesson, trying her very best to ignore the situation at home, but it was just so hard.


Scootaloo groaned as she exited the school alongside her friends. “Longest school day EVER!” She Complained. “Why do we need to know about Equestria’s past anyway? Why not focus on stuff that’s happening now? We don’t need to relive the past!” The trio was on their way to their clubhouse in the orchards.

“Ah don’ know Scootaloo, Ah think learnin’ ‘bout the past is pretty fun!” Applebloom easily disagreed with her friend. “Anyway, as Ah was sayin’ earlier. Ah think we should do somethin’ else fer our cutie marks.” The girls gave her a confused look. “Have we tried foal sitting?” Sweetie belle immediately brightened up.

“We haven’t! That sounds like so much fun, and think of all the cute foals we could watch and play with!” She exclaimed happily, more than excited for this idea. Scootaloo just rolled her eyes.

“No way! Foals are gross! They aren’t potty trained and they spread germs everywhere because they can’t wash their hooves! They cry nonstop and are always getting into mischief!” She protested.

Sweetie belle though wasn’t having it. “Two votes against one! Foal sitting wins!” She quickly exclaimed and galloped to Applebloom’s side. Scootaloo groaned as she realized she had lost the battle she didn’t even know she was in. “So who are you thinking of foal sitting Applebloom?”

“Mah sis!” Applebloom quickly said. Not only will this let her know if they know she is a foal now but she could also get AJ to Twilight in case she didn’t know and didn’t believe her.

“You have a new baby sister?” Sweetie questioned. They didn’t know what had happened.

“No, Ah’m talkin’ ‘bout Applejack. Somethin’ happened last night and Ah don’ know what but she’s a foal now an’ Ah need ta get her ta Twilight in case she knows what ta do. Something else happened though, there‘re some strange ponies in the house an’ they keep sayin’ they’re mah parents.

“Ah said let’s get our cutie marks in foal sittin’ ‘cuz Ah wasn’t sure if you’ve always thought she was a foal because that’s what mah family thinks!” The girls just stared at her in shock. “Let’s just get ‘er ta Twilight and see what’s up, maybe it was a spell gone wrong. Again.”

They simply just nodded as Sweet Apple Acres came into sight. They ran quicker as it the barn grew closer, as they neared they heard the powerful sound of working in progress. The three crusaders ignored the greetings from the stallions in the fields and kept their rout to the house. They barged in through the door startling the old mare in the room out of her slumber.

“Wait, Wha? Huh?” Granny Smith shouted as watched the girls run across the room knocking down a table and leaving mud prints on the floor. “Ya’ll better clean that up!” She shouted pointing a hoof at the mess in front of her, but her words fell on deaf ears as the girls continued their journey upstairs.

After their journey up the stairs they were left panting. “Why does your family have so many stairs, Applebloom?” Sweetie belle breathed. Applebloom just tiredly shrugged, she wasn’t that winded because she went up them almost a million times. As they approached the room they heard soft giggling and quiet laughter.

Applebloom quickly threw her saddle bag to the side of the hallway and opened the door slightly and peeked her head in. There in the room was the mare from this morning. She was holding a bear in her hooves and was shaking it slightly in front of a little orange infant on the floor. Her voice went deep as she moved the bear as if it were talking. “Ah’m berry! An’ who might you be?”

The orange filly leaned forward slightly, she giggled and hit her front hooves on the floor in front of her. “Appak!” She shouted raising her hooves high above her head. She lowered them and then waited for the bear to talk more. Applebloom didn’t really find what was amusing about this, it was weird to her, but this is a baby we’re talking about, they find about everything amusing.

“Well howdy Applejack! What er’ ya’ll doin’ in this part of town?” The ‘bear’ asked. Orange Delight then used a hoof to move the bears arm so he was gesturing around the room.

Applejack started giggling again as if he said the funniest joke she had ever heard. She started waving her hooves at her side and started to speak nonsense. “Ababa huney, oye gab- ahh?” She cut off her sentence when she turned and saw Applebloom staring at her. She started giggling harder and crawled slowly over to her. “Ababoom!” She exclaimed excitedly.

For the yellow filly though this was the cutest thing she had ever experienced. This brought the biggest smile she had all day. “Oh. My. Gosh.” She managed to whisper. She opened the door all the way revealing her teary eyed friends. “Hey Applejack.” She said softly. Applejack, once reaching her now older sister, put her front hooves on her leg and started climbing making a few grunts in effort.

When she was done, she was on two hooves and was using her front hooves to lean on Applebloom’s leg. She yelled a few things nopony could make out before hugging the yellow leg, this went on for about a minute before it was interrupted by crying. They all looked over, including Applejack, to see their orange Pegasus friend shedding some tears. Applejack seemed troubled by this. She pushed off Applebloom’s leg and tried to catch herself but failed, she landed on her back with a small ‘oof’. She didn’t seemed bothered by it though as she rolled over onto all four hooves and crawled over to Scootaloo.

Looking up at the Pegasus with big emerald eyes she asked. “O cy?” Scootaloo wiped some more tears and stared down at her. “O eed ug?” Scootaloo nodded and the orange foal gave the Pegasus the same little squeeze she gave Applebloom. Scootaloo leaned down and gently nuzzled the filly back, Applejack still hugging the furry leg started bouncing in excitement when the gesture was returned.

“Hey! Don’t I get a hug?” Sweetie questioned her voice cracking at the end. Applejack turned to her and shouted in agreement. She once again slowly made her way to the white hoof and hugged it. “Oh. My. gosh. THIS IS SO ADORABLE!!!” She squealed.

“Aww…” Everypony turned their attention the forgotten mare in the rocking chair. She giggled. “She really likes you girls.” She said to Sweetie belle and Scootaloo. “Good first impression!” She complimented.

Applejack by now was making her way back to her big sister with a smile that looked almost too big for her little face. The two crusaders wiped their teary eyes and muttered an awkward thanks to the compliment. Applebloom noticed their uncomfortable attitude and decided to speak up. “Hey… Ma?” She hesitated. It felt weird saying that but she had to at least try to act like she was used to it. “Do ya think Ah could take Applejack inta town?” She asked eagerly.

Her mom looked uncertain for a moment. “Ah guess, Ah don’ see why not. Ah mean, Ah could get some stuff done ‘round the house, an’ it’s ‘bout time Ah trusted ya’ll with little Jackie.” She pondered. “Well Ah guess it’s up to the youngin’” She said looking down at Applejack. “Ya’ll want ta go with Applebloom inta town, sweetie?” Orange Delight questioned.

Applejack just replied simply: “Ababoom!” as she started bouncing on her rump.

“Alright then.” Orange Delight giggled. “Here.” She walking over to the closet and brought out a baby carrier. On one side was where you strapped to foal in and the other looked like a regular saddle bag, probably filled with stuff needed to care for the foal. The light orange mare strapped it to Applebloom and gently put Applejack inside. “There, be careful now, and have fun.” With that said they all left to do separate things, the crusaders left with their prize and Orange Delight started on the dishes.


“Ow! Applejack don’ pull on mah hair!”

“Craba! Onoba!”

“What is she saying?” Sweetie belle asked.

“Ah don’ know ask Scootaloo, she seems ta be the baby translator!” Applebloom said in annoyance, but all that went away when she thought of something. “Hey Scootaloo?”


“What was with the water works back at the farm?”

“Shut up.”

“If anything I thought it would be Sweetie belle who broke first.”

“Me too!” Sweetie belle agreed. “If anything I thought that, that would be the last thing I would see in my life!”

“I said be quiet!” She said angrily.

“Sorry Scoots but it was a big surprise fer all of us.” Applebloom concluded. “Hey look were almost there!” Applebloom said pointing to the tree house slowly coming into view. “Ya’ll go ahead an’ run over there. Tell Twilight ‘bout our problem so she is ready to face it when Ah get there.”

“Okay!” They said together as they ran over to the library.

Applebloom walked with Applejack in silence, well, almost silence. The foal was grunting and bouncing in the carrier and screamed a little often too. “Glad yer enjoin’ the walk.” Applebloom commented but didn’t get an answer. Applejack just kept shaking her head and wiggling her arms like a snake until they reached the library and Applebloom opened the door.

“-Don’t believe it. If anything this could be a…” Twilight trailed off as she saw Applebloom and a tiny Applejack enter her tree house. “Trick?” She finished, she looked like she was going to faint. “W-wait. Wha? Apple…? Huh?!” She franticly stuttered.

“Hey Twi!”


“How is this possible…? This is… what?” Twilight started muttering. She looked like she was going insane. “What could have possibly-?”

“Twilight!” Applebloom shouted. When she knew she got the alicorns attention she gestured to Applejack. "We have a problem, and we need help," Applebloom said calmly.

"Eh! Eh! Eh!" Applejack fussed reaching for the ground, Twilight quickly caught on and levitated the foal onto the wood floor. “Yay!" She cheered. She started walking off but Twilight was quick to levitate her back to her original spot on the floor.

"Do you know how this happened Applebloom?" Twilight questioned taking her focus off the orange baby. Taking this chance to make her move, Applejack quickly ran out of Twilights field of vision. Just as she was about to head up the stairs, white hooves quickly grabbed her and she was lifted back off the ground and placed back into her original spot once again.

“Ah, ah, ah, Applejack. Don’t get into any trouble while we’re here.” Sweetie belle scolded. “I’m watching you and if you think you’re going to run off on my watch you’re sadly mistaken.

“Did you find anything weird before or after the Timberwolf attack?” Twilight questioned.

“Ah found a gem an’ Ah was gonin’ ta give it ta Sweetie belle.”

Sweetie belle perked up at this. “You found a gem and was going to give it to me?” Sweetie belle asked, wonder and excitement present in her eyes. Applebloom nodded. “That’s so sweet Applebloom! Thanks!” She squeaked. Realization at that moment, struck her and she realized she wasn’t watching Applejack no more. She turned around and saw the baby was gone.

“Where did AJ go?” Twilight asked as she looked around. “Applejack? Applejack! Come out, come out wherever you are!” She shouted as she looked under stuff and in the bookcase. As if on cue and shout came from upstairs.


“Spike!” Twilight ran upstairs to assist the assistant. When she made it up there Spike was on the floor and Applejack was sleeping in the soft little basket. Twilight started to laugh and Spike gave her a bemused look. “What happened?” Twilight said between laughs.

“Spike sat up and crossed his scaly arms. “Hey! She’s much stronger than she looks! And I was caught off guard!” He protested. Twilight just kept laughing as the crusader made it to the top. They looked around at the scene and caught on easily, as they as well started laughing too. “S-stop! Laughing! It’s not funny… Get her out of my bed!” He shouted.

Applejack stirred from her slumber as she was levitated from dreamland, as well as the wonderful bed she tried to claim. “Applejack.” Twilight spoke. “That wasn’t very nice, say you’re sorry to Spike.”

Applejack pouted as if she was being blamed for something she didn’t do. “Sowy.” She grunted.

“Yea, yea, yea, whatever.” Spike grumbled, waving a claw at her as he jumped back into bed.

“Ah! Tiwed! Sweepy! Ba!” She shouted at the librarian. The crusaders giggled at the little filly’s grumpiness and the look Twilight gave her.

“O-oh… Uh… Sorry Applejack.” She said sheepishly as she laid Applejack down on her bed. Almost instantly she was out like a light. “That was… Interesting.” Twilight whispered unsure what to make of this. She and the crusaders headed back down stairs and Twilight immediately started looking in books. “A gem you say?” The unicorn muttered to herself, levitating books all around.

“Yea! It was green! An’ ‘bout as big as mah hoof!” Applebloom shouted stretching a hoof out to show. Twilight muttered some stuff to herself as she levitated all the books around the room, making the crusaders dodge one every once in a while. “Ow! Hey Twilight! Watch it!” Applebloom scolded when she missed a dodge and got hit with a book.

Twilight ignored her and kept searching “Gah! There isn’t anything about a gem in here, maybe it was something else.” She guessed as she kept levitating books around her. “Robots, Fashion, Sports, Encyclopedia, How to run, Origami, Putting on a play, Baby Applejack, Dictionary, Dinosaurs, Elements of Harmony, Legend of Nightmare moon, The journal of the two- Applejack?!” Twilight dropped all the books except the one with a little orange foal ridding on it.

“Ti-ite!” She shouted as the book was brought back in front of her. “Weeeee!!!” Applejack shouted as the book levitated down to the floor. She giggled as she jumped off the book and started running around Twilight’s legs.

“When did she get out of bed? How did she get out of bed? She couldn’t get off without falling!” Twilight quickly picked up Applejack and checked for any injuries but found none. “Wha-”

“Applejack is a tuff pony and has always been.” Applebloom explained. Twilight let this sink in for a bit, nodded, and put Applejack down. Just then the library door opened causing the bell at the top to ring, everypony looked up to see Rarity. She had a worried expression but when she saw her little sister it turned to an expression of relief.

“Sweetie belle, darling!” She exaggerated. “I’ve been looking all over for you! You never came home from school!” While talking she trotted over to the filly and gave her a nuzzle.

“Sorry Rarity.” She apologized. “I wanted to help Applebloom with a problem she’s having.” Sweetie explained.

“What problem?” They all pointed to Applejack who just sat there staring wide eyed at Rarity. Of course the response was obvious: Nothing. Rarity had no idea what to think she wanted to faint right there, she felt like she was going to, but something kept her from doing so.

A little while passed as the Rarity and Applejack stared each other down, then Applejack spoke. “Pwetty Pony!” She shouted throwing her hooves in the air. “Uppie! Uppie!” She shouted to either Rarity or Twilight, none knew but Twilight took this one. She levitated Applejack around the room while the filly giggled hysterically.

“Applebloom said she woke up with Applejack looking like this-”

“An’ mah whole family thinks she’s always been like this!” Applebloom interrupted Twilight mid-sentence. “An’ that ain’t all! Mah parents and back too!” She flailed her hooves.

Twilight nearly dropped Applejack as she lost focus on her magic, but quickly fixed her mistake and kept the filly at flight. The unknown thing keeping Rarity standing gave away as the unicorn finally lost consciousness, before she could hit her head, Twilight quickly levitated a silk pillow under the unicorn and laid Applejack by her side.

“Your parents?!” Twilight gasped. Applebloom nodded in confirmation. “B-But A-Applejack said Y-your Parents are D-dead!” She franticly stuttered, Twilight looked about on the verge of fainting too. “How is that even possible?” She looked at Applejack who was now poking at Rarity’s nose. “Unless… this has something to do with Applejack’s past… Does it really work that way?”

The crusaders knew Twilight was now in her research mode when she picked up more books and looked through them again. There was no getting her out of it now. “Sweetie belle? Is your sister going to be okay?” Scootaloo asked as she looked over the fashionista, still out cold.

Sweetie belle waved a hoof. “She’ll be fine, she does it all the time. If anything I’m surprised she didn’t faint sooner!”

Applejack had now stopped poking Rarity and was looking upon her in concern. “E wake?” She asked pointing a hoof at Rarity. Before anypony could answer she crawled on the mare side and bent down to her ear. “Wake up!” She shouted. Rarity responded almost immediately, she jerked up knocking Applejack down on her back.

“WH-what?! What’s going on?! Sweetie belle what did you do!?” Rarity exclaimed ignoring everypony in the room while glaring accusingly at her little sister. That is until she heard soft sniffling behind her. The unicorn turned around to see the orange filly sitting up and rubbing her head with a hoof, then everything came flooding back. “O-oh dear! Applejack are you alright?”

“O-owie.” Applejack whined quietly. She kept rubbing a hoof on her head as the tears in her eyes started to grow.

“Applejack dear, I’m so sorry!” Rarity quickly apologized. Then the tears spilled, Applejack then started crying and surprisingly caught the attention of the librarian you looked over in worry. “Sssshhh!! It’s okay Applejack, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you.” Rarity soothed quietly. Applejack stopped crying loudly and just went back to quiet sniffling.

‘Wow! Ah didn’t know mah big tough sister Applejack was such a hugger!” Applebloom thought as Applejack leaned in and hugged Rarity as she spoke soothing words into her ear.

When Applejack finally stopped crying Rarity levitated a cloth from off a table somewhere and whipped the filly’s eyes. “There, there.” She cooed. “Is that better?” Applejack slowly nodded. “Good. Now, would you like it if I apologized with fashion? Maybe a makeover? Or I can do your mane!” The more she talked the more excited she seemed.

“Uh… Rarity? I don’t think that’s a-”

“Well of course it is Twilight! She’ll love it! Plus this is a once in a lifetime opportunity!” Rarity beamed.

“Well alright… I guess it will give me more time to work on figuring out how to fix this mess…” Twilight sighed as she picked up more books. “Just don’t go crazy with her, you know she doesn’t like it anyways.” With that said, she started reading while her friends and the crusaders left on their way to the carousel boutique.

Author's Note:

Hey guys! I'm going to try to update maybe every Saturday, it will not be guaranteed every time because it's a weekend and sometimes I'm busy but I'll try. Again, I am still trying out different things to improve my reading so if you find anything wrong or have any pointers they are always appreciated! Thanks for reading! Peace!

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