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A Change in Roles - Sea_Swirl

Applebloom makes a wish that will lead her to learn more about the sister she loves and wants back.

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Chapter 1

It was about 2:00 in the day and everypony on the farm just got done with getting ready for the big storm that was rolling in. The Pegasus had once again missed a week of rain and had to make up for it. Everypony was happy and heading into their homes so they wouldn’t get caught in the crazy storm. Well almost everypony.


Said pony was running bush to bush hiding from her big sister.

“Applebloom!” The voice called again.

The filly finally found a place she thought Applejack would never find her, but thought wasn’t good enough. There was a rustling above her and the bush split into two and between them revealed an orange green eyed freckled face.

“Applebloom! There ya are!” Applejack said, almost shouting. “Ah’ve been lookin’ all over fer ya!”

“O’ Course ya were” Applebloom muttered. “Applejack Ah thought ya said ya weren’t gonna ta baby me anymore!” Apple Bloom whined.

“Ah know, but that was before ya went close ta the forest!” Applejack said as she pointed to the everfree right behind them.

“Ah don’t get the problem sis! Ah’ve been in the forest twice!”

“The first time Ah came in after ya, and the second ya went off without tellin’ nopony! Only yer friends knew!”

“Ah jus’ don’t get why this is so much of a big deal!” The filly pouted and crossed her hooves.

“Because there are Timberwolves and they r’ mighty dangerous! Now come along we’re goin’ home.” Applejack stated as she started walking away from the forest motioning for her little sister to follow.

“No! Ah’m tired of ya babyin’ me!” She said sticking her hooves on the ground like a tree.

“Applebloom-” The mare warned but she was cut off.

“No! Ah don’ have ta take orders from ya anymore! And Ah’ll prove it again if Ah have to!” And with that she bolted into the forest.

Applejack felt a pang of fear as it started to rain and her little sister ran into the forest of the unpredictable. Dreadful memories came back to her, the forest, the rain, and… her parents. In a single flash of lighting the yellow fleeing filly turned into an orange one with a blond mane, when the flash was over her little sister was back. Not able to stand there anymore Applejack ran after her fleeing sister. After running aimlessly Applejack could not see her sister anymore.

“Applebloom!” The mare panicked. She frantically searched around for any sign of her sister. ‘No, No, No! I should have known I should have known how to avoid this! This is surprisingly the same… I just hope it doesn’t end the sa- No Applejack, it will not end that way.’ Applejack repeated those words to herself ‘It will not end that way, it will not end that way’ as she neared a part of the forest she saw little hoof prints in the mud already filling with water like a bowl.

“APPLEBLOOM!?” Applejack shouted hoping the yellow filly would hear her over the storm. Surely luck was there to help her at this moment when she heard a yelp for help. “HOLD ON APPLEBLOOM AH’M A COMIN’!” and she ran in the direction of the voice, rain pelting her coat so hard it almost felt like being poked with needles all over.

Applejack ignored it and kept running, finally she arrived in a clearing and on the other side she saw Applebloom running towards her, fear written all over her face as she lead five timber wolves to her big sister. “APPLEJACK! HELP!” The filly cried as she saw her sister.

“HANG ON APPLEBLOOM!” Applejack shouted back as she tried to hatch a plan as quickly as she could. She let Applebloom pass her so she was running between her and the wolves. Applejack tried her best to keep far enough from Applebloom to make sure not to trip her, and far enough from the timberwolves to not get caught.

“APPLEBLOOM RUN HOME!” Applejack shouted through the wind, her mane whipping at her face.

“WHAT ‘BOUT YOU?!” She shouted back not daring to look at her sister after what she had caused.

“DON’ WORRY ‘BOUT ME! JUS’ GO!” Applejack didn’t wait for a response as she turned around and jumped towards the timberwolves. She made sure to jump high enough so they wouldn’t catch her in their jaws. Applejack jumped onto the wolf at the front of the pack and landed right on his head, she then ran on his back, using the length of it to get to the next one and do the same. She jumped from wolf to wolf until they all had their hungry eyes on her.

She quickly counted each one to make sure all five were there and none were chasing her sister. They slowly made their way over, waiting for their time to pounce but Applejack wouldn’t allow that as she ran further into the forest and away from the farm and her family. She could hardly see as the storm got harder, she heard barking as the timberwolves gained length. She found a tight patch of trees and prayed to Celestia that she was still in good shape for rodeo tricks.

That prayer was answered, though it was still hard to see she still managed to run through the trees easily, she heard some sticks crack and tumble against the forest floor. She silently cheered in victory but still didn’t dare to look back, even when she exited the tight patch she kept running. She was quite thankful she kept herself from stopping because even after she broke through the trees she still heard some barking tell her they were still right on her tail.

With nothing else to fight with besides trees and no room to stop and kick rocks at them, (not that would do anything but make them angrier) she stopped and raised her hind legs, getting a quick count before their encounter, there were three, just three more and she would be home free. She waited for just the right time, if luck was still on her side this would go just as planned and she was walk out of this fight with just a few scratches.

As the timberwolves neared she closed her eyes and bucked the first one and it broke into pieces. She reared back as soon as she felt to wood on her hooves and kicked again and another broke. Sadly the last one wasn’t as far behind and caught her leg in its jaws before she could pull back. She screamed ib agony as the teeth sunk into her leg staining her orange coat with red. She kicked with her uncaught leg and hit it right in the jaw, once she was released she quickly limped away as fast as she could while the wolf was recovering.

It spotted her before she could hide behind a tree (not that it would help, it would have sniffed her out anyway) and leapt forward. Narrowly dodging it, she kept limping quickly until she found a giant bush of thorn vines. Not finding a way around it, she could only turn around and cower in front of the beast as crawled forward.

It knew there was no way out of this and with an injured leg she would not be able to attack. It walked around her a few times, every once in a while jumping at her making her flinch and then backing off to walk some more, the sound of rain beating on its wood like a drum would have been nice to listen too if it didn’t come from the thing that would be the end of her.

It howled into the sky as if laughing at her, when its head lowered it decided it was done toying with her. The timberwolf was about to attack until a rainbow blur knocked it off its paws. “Get away from her!” A scratchy voice shouted.

“Rarity! Fluttershy! Help Applejack!” Shouted another voice as the timberwolf crashed onto the forest floor, it was about to get up until it was shot with a purplish pink blast causing it to break to pieces. Rarity and Fluttershy were by their friend’s side in the blink of an eye.

“DIE! DIE! DIE!” A high pitched voice repeated stomping on the scattered wood. Pinkie pie kept kicking at pieces making sure they would not rebuild the beast, her mane wasn’t completely straight but wasn’t puffy either.

“Pinkie its dead you don’t have to worry about it anymore.” Twilight said already on her way to the orange pony herself. Pinkie followed close behind still occasionally looking back to make sure the terrible monster was still down.

Once Applejack felt the familiar warm protective hooves of her friends against the cold and wet weather she looked up and gave a small wry smile, with tears that had built up in her eyes, she had never been so glad to see them in her life. She was still to in shock to talk and there was a rather long silence until a certain fashionista broke it.

“Applejack darling! You look awful, I’m sorry I’m saying this after that dreadful fight but really we need to get you bandaged up!” She said, hesitantly reaching up with a fore hoof and brushed a twig out of her golden mane.

Once Applejack found her voice she responded. “Thanks for the concern Rare, but Ah’m fine, just need to get dry.” She shakily stood up and winced when she put pressure on her injured leg, at the same time the two that were behind her gasped at the bloody sight.

“Ooo Applejack Kicks McGee isn’t looking so good.” Pinkie Pie commented.

“Oh my Applejack, are you alright?” Fluttershy asked a look of horror and concern on her face, the poor girl looked like she was going to faint then, and there.

“It’s nothin’ to worry ‘bout ya’ll jus’ a scratch.” Applejack mumbled, getting a little angry.

After close examination Rainbow Dash spoke. “It doesn’t look like a scratch AJ that there is a pretty deep bite.” She confirmed.

“Ah said Ah’m fine.” She snapped, she didn’t want to be mean but Applebloom running away, constant heart aching memories, an almost unbearable pain in her right leg, the pouring rain, and the constant worrying of her friends really set her on the edge. “Let’s jus’ get back home.” She mumbled as she started off in what she thought was the direction home.

“Umm… Applejack? Home is uhh... that a way.” Rarity said from behind her, she turned around to see Rarity pointing the opposite way the orange mare was headed. Applejack mumbled a few things to herself as she changed direction, ignoring the confused and concerned looks her friends were throwing her way.

Most of their walk was in silence, well almost, the only noises that were made was the rustling of the forest, dripping of the easing rain, and occasional grunts from Applejack as she walked on her injured leg. Every once in a while a friend would offer some help but it would only make her more irritated and she would quickly and more harshly than she had hopped, declined each offer. Their trip of silence was put to a stop when the farm pony broke it.

“How did ya’ll get here so fast anyway?” She asked as she limped with her friends, halfway through the forest already.

Dash took the lead on this one. “I was already there!” She started. “After I was done putting together clouds for this storm with the other pegasi, I was wondering what I was going to do since for once in my life I didn’t feel like sleeping.” She chuckled a little before continuing. “I wanted to know if you wanted to wait out the storm by playing horseshoes with me, maybe even making a little bet here and there.” She laughed half-heartedly again.

“When I didn’t find you outside I went inside to ask where you were, but when nopony knew I started to get worried you were caught in the storm, that’s when Applebloom came bursting through the door in a panic explaining as quickly as she could what had happened.” She struck a proud pose before continuing. “And me! The fastest Pegasus in equestria zoomed to get her friends for backup!” She noticed she was lagging behind from the time she took to look awesome, and trotted back up to the group.

“I guess Rarity, and Twilight teleported, Fluttershy used concern to speed up her flying, I know because she was almost as fast as me!” Fluttershy blushed as Rainbow praised her amazing speed. “And Pinkie Pie is… Well Pinkie Pie. I flew while the rest followed and I found you in front of a bunch of thorn bushes, and that’s about it.” Rainbow ended.

Applejack sighed her frown turned into a weak smile. “Well, thank ya’ll fer savin’ me.” Her expression grew sour again. “Though Ah wouldn’t ‘ave need savin’ if Applebloom wouldn’t ‘ave ran in!”

“Wait, wait, wait!” Rainbow flew down so that she was flying backwards in front of AJ. “She told me you got mad at her and ran into the forest while she tried to stop you.” She crossed her arms. “She said when she found you, you were running from timberwolves and she ran to go get help!”

“Why that littl- Ah thought Ah taught that gal not ta lie!” Applejack nearly shouted, she was getting angrier and angrier at that little pony. Then she realized something. “Wait how did she tell ya’ll all that when ya were in a hurry?”

“When she busted into the house she started babbling stuff all fast, none of the family could understand it but I am fast which means I need to understand fast, plus I needed to know about the emergency so I know what I’m doing or what I was up against, I’m not that wreckless.”

The rain was gone by now and the ponies finally reached the end of the forest where Applejack saw her home and her family waiting, except for Applebloom. When they got there the old green mare and the big red stallion all hugged her and said their worries. After all that was taken care of and her friends went home, Applejack set off to find a certain little yellow filly.

“Applebloom!” Applejack shouted through the house. She didn’t have to worry about Granny Smith or Big Macintosh telling her ‘no yelling in the house’ because they were out shopping for some ingredients for a new dessert they wanted to try. Applejack headed up stairs and into Applebloom’s room. “Applebloom! Ah know yer in here!”


Applejack opened the door and walked in. “Applebloom Come out right now, you’re only goin’ ta make thins’ worse.” Applejack sternly stomped her hoof against the wood floor to prove her point.

“...Y-Yes big sis?” Applebloom asked slowly coming out from under her bed. She didn’t look her sister in the eye while she spoke she just kept her eyes on the floor.

Applejack glared at her. “What were ya thinkin’ runnin’ into the forest like that!?” She shouted.

Applebloom flinched at the harsh voice of her angry sister. “Ah’m sorry sis! But ya’ll kept babyin’ me! Again!” She finally looked up and gave the mare an angry pout. “Ya’ll said ya weren’t gonna baby me anymore!”

“That was before ya stopped listenin’ ta mah rules!” Applejack sighed in frustration and rubbed a hoof on her head. “Even though yer old enough to look over fer yerself don’t mean ya don’t have rules ta follow. Heck! Even Ah have rules ta follow!”


“No But’s, I said if ya go inta that forest yer grounded, and that’s what ya are now.” She turned away from the astonished Applebloom. “No playin’ with yer friend’s fer a week, when ya get home from school yer to come here, get homework done, eat, and go to bed. Am Ah understood?”

Applebloom was about to protest but another glare from Applejack gave her second thoughts. “Yes Ma’am.” She mumbled angrily bowing her head and glaring at the floor once more.

“Ah hope ya think over on how ta listen while yer in here.” And with that Applejack shut the door and walked off.

Once Applejacks hoof steps were no longer heard Applebloom was sure she was out of earshot. Her look of disbelief turned melted into anger as she started stomping over to her bed. She felt mad she wanted to throw stuff, to stomp, to cry, she had never felt this angry before and didn’t know what to do. So she did what she wanted.

Applebloom started jumping up and down landing hard on the wood floor each time she came down. She started stomping everywhere and started screaming. She threw her pillows and blankets all around her room.

“Throwin’ a temper tantrum is not provin’ yer older!” Her sisters muffled shout came from the bathroom. The orange mare was busy bandaging up her leg to deal with her sisters anger.

Applebloom kept stomping and screaming until she was worn out. She grabbed a pillow that she had thrown at her wooden closet and jumped onto her blanket less bed. She inhaled a deep breath and threw her head into the pillow, she gave one last mighty scream before breaking down and crying into the soft white sheet of her pillow.

After a long time of crying she looked at her clock, 10:00. She was going to be tired in the morning, she knew Applejack was probably already in bed. She looked over to her nightstand, reached over and pulled the drawer open. There on top of all the random things she had stuffed in there was a bright gem, it was about the size of her hoof. Before being found by timber wolves she had found this lying in the grass.

She had tied it into her bow so it wouldn’t fall out, when she was saved by Applejack she was worried sick. She knew it would be alright and her sister would come back when Rainbow Dash went to get her friends to help out. Applebloom was planning on giving it to her sister to apologize for how she acted… and when she found out she had lied to Dash. Applebloom thought it would be a perfect ‘I’m sorry’ gift, it was beautiful, big, and was green so it matched her sister’s eyes.

Now when she looked at it, she only felt hatred. She couldn't believe she was going to give this to her. “So much fer that.” She mumbled angrily. “Ah’ll give it ta Sweetie Belle or somethin’, her eyes‘re green.” She placed it on her nightstand and gave one last angry huff. “Ah wish Applejack wasn’t mah big sister.” she mumbled again. “She always worried about all the little things! Ah wish Ah was the big sister and Ah can bug her every few seconds, see how she likes it!”

Applebloom turned over and closed her eyes. Almost as soon as she did she fell asleep, she also didn’t notice the glow the gem provided right after she went unconscious.

She didn’t sleep as peacefully as she wanted. She kept twisting and turning her covers, her face scrunching as two unfamiliar ponies were being chased by timber wolves. In her dream she was immobile, her feet seems somehow glued to the ground, and it was also dark so she guessed it was night time.

All she could do was watch as the timberwolves got closer to the two ponies. It was a mare and a stallion. The mare had a creamy yellow coat like hers but a little more orangish, she also had long flowing red locks like hers, her cutie mark looked like and orange pop, an orange beside it, and whipped cream.

The stallion was dark red, darker than Big Macintosh. The stallion also looked just as big as her brother, if not, bigger! He had a short blonde mane like her sisters with, barely noticeable, orange streaks and his cutie mark looked like an apple tree. He ran in between the mare and the wolves like Applejack had when trying to save her. She immediately assumed he was trying to protect her, keep her safe too.

Applebloom wanted so badly to run and help them in any way possible. The stallion shouted to the mare. “Orange Delight! You go I’ll distract them as long as I can to buy you some time!” He ran faster nudging the mare in front.

“Don’t do it Apple Buck! We can both make it!” She shouted back fear dripping from her voice, but the stallion did not back down, he didn’t look scared, he looked determined, he had the same look Applejack did when she saved her from the chimera. “Please!” She shouted her voice cracking.

“I’ll be fine! Go find Applejack and make sure she is okay!” He shouted and started taking off to the left.

‘Applejack?’ Applebloom thought. ‘How do they know her? W-Who are they?!’ If they knew her sister and was trying to protect her, then they must be really important.

Only two of the wolves looked over to see where the big stallion went. “OVER HERE!” He shouted. He kicked two rocks with his hind hooves and smacked them square in the face, catching the attention of two more that were still running after the mare. Unfortunately one of them still chased, getting closer and closer until he had her right there.

A scream pierced the night. The red stallion knew exactly what it was. “ORANGE DELIGHT! He shouted, and took off running towards the scream.

Applebloom could no longer see any of them, she was crying on the spot hoping whoever they were they would be okay. Out of nowhere a timberwolf walked up to her, his vicious smile haunted her. “Applebloom.” Its voice crept into her mind.

She screamed as it got closer repeating her name, getting louder. “Applebloom!” She tried to run but once again remembered she could not make a move from her spot. “WAKE UP!” After that shout everything went white.

The young filly screamed as her vision came back, she was in her room. She started panting already mentally and physically tired from what she had just saw, and heard. She turned around to see two worried faces staring at her like they had just seen a ghost.

“Applebloom? Ya’ll okay?” Granny Smith asked. “That was quite the scare ya gave us when ya started screamin’ like ya were havin’ a heart attack!” She exaggerated.

“Eeyup!” Mac agreed with a single nod of his head. He reached over and played with his sister’s mane messing it up with his giant hoof.

She was relieved to see her family but was not able to keep a pleased face with her brother doing that. She hated it when he did that. Out of nowhere crying was heard, it sounded very, very young, almost like a new born.

“Dagnabbit!” Her granny cursed. “Applejack woke up! It took me 3 hours to get her to sleep! That filly is as restless as a bull before a rodeo!”

“Applejack? W-Wait, that’s Applejack cryin’?!” Applebloom asked as she sat up higher in bed.

“Darn Tootin’!”


Granny sighed. “Well so much fer a day off today.” Big Mac Ah’ll need ya ta run some errands fer me.”

“Eeyup!” Her brother happily stated as he walked off to do his job.

“Now Applebloom, you better get ready for school ya’ll don’ wanna be late do ya?” Applebloom shook her head. “Then quit yer slouchin’ an get ready!” The old mare said playfully. She left her room and into Applejack’s. Applebloom quickly brushed her mane and went to get her bow, only it wasn’t there. After a few minutes of looking for it she gave up.

Before heading out for school she peeked into her sister’s room after hearing voices in it. “Ah’m telling’ ya Orange Delight, she won’t go ta sleep!” Her granny babbled.

The next words came so sweetly, it was like listening to an angel. “Oh ma, she jus’ needs a little song.” Applebloom by now was looking at the sight. The same mare from her dreams, except wearing her bow, was holding a small little filly, just a little older than the cake twins. She had an orange coat and two pigtails held in with Apple beaded hair ties, her mane was a beautiful gold.

Applebloom gasped as she realized who that was. “Applejack!” She whispered, making sure she was not loud enough to be heard. She peeked again to see the small filly now cradled in the arms of the mystery mare, or ‘Orange Delight’. Then she began to sing.

“Little apple of mine,

Close your beautiful eyes,

let dream land take you away,

for peaceful little stay,

Never forget our spark,

it will lead you through the dark,

even when we’re apart,

our love will stay true,

I promise you.”

When the song ended she filly was peacefully sleeping in the loving mares arms. Applebloom then realized that was the same song Applejack sang to her whenever she woke up after a dreaded nightmare! The mare then kissed Applejacks forehead and set her down. The green pony beside her stared at her in amazement. “Ya’ll‘re a wizard er somethin’” She grumbled as she walked off to the closet to retrieve a blanket.

Applebloom turned to walk off but ran into dark red, giant hooves. She stared wide eyes at them before slowly looking up. She big red stallion glared down at her. She backed off slowly trying not to look scared. “What were ya doin’ spyin’ on yer family?” He asked sternly. “Ya’ll hidin’ a secret er somethin’?” That voice… He was the stallion in her dream!

Today was going to be a long day.

Author's Note:

Hi!!!! This is my new story! I'm not going to use an editor for this because I'm working on progressing on my stories and Ghost_Dust is helping me get better so hopefully, people who like this and follow it, will see my progress in my writing skills! Thanks for reading!

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