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Time agent is the name, time travel and writing Fimfictions is the game


After weeks of snooping, persuasion, calling on favors, and hacking, I finally found Hasbro's top secret pilot episode script for a crossover with Marvel's Ultimate Spider-man Web Warriors. I now present it to you converted into FanFic form.


Set after Ultimate Spider-man Web Warriors: Spider-verse part 3 while on the trail of the Goblin Spider-man runs into the Cutie mark Crusaders Spider-mares and together they teamup to not only to defeat the Goblin, but the Spider-mares enemy Dr. Octavia Octopus. Will the Goblin get the DNA from these four ponies? or will the Goblin and Octavia be defeated? only this story can tell you

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Yeah, fake. Marvel cartoons are with disney, and they scrapped Babs at the end of season 4.

5600829 have you read My little pony friendship is magic friends forever comic 13? Babs is in it:facehoof:


No shit. I'm talking about the show.

5602150 well I didn't know you the comics are considered to "cannon" you know:trixieshiftleft:


The comics are so uncanon that they are in a separate universe.

Comment posted by Just Defender deleted Apr 4th, 2016

I like the way you added Ultimate SpiderMan into this universe! I would like to this universe have its own stor though. And this is coming from a SpiderMan nerd

6146416 Thank you, I like the idea, and I will see what I can do :raritywink:

6146416 I might write a Spider Island story just with the crusaders, how's that sound :raritywink:

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