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Luna never liked it when ponies just slept right through the night, not giving a thought to her hard work. Even her own sister, Celestia, ignored her for royal duties. It drove her jealousy, and it caused her to become Nightmare Moon. Now, a thousand years later, she is back. Celestia decides to throw royal to the side for once, and watch as her sister raises the moon and paints the night sky.

Inspired by the beautiful animation: Do you want to see the moon rise? by EileMontyDubz.

Also, for a wonderful take on how Twilight might've viewed the night sky after Princess Luna's return, go read I thought I knew the sky by nightwalker

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I read this story a little while ago and didn't think it made that much of an impression on me. It turns out I was wrong.

Please have and consider I Thought I Knew the Sky as an unofficial companion piece to this.

5496068 Great story, and it does fit well with this theme. I went ahead and added a link to it in the main description, as well as to your page so you can get the right recognition.

This is absolutely beautiful.:raritydespair: I love it

Nicely done. I get a buzz from stories that depict Luna getting confronted with the fact she is appreciated. Enough of a buzz that two shorts on the topic were my way of breaking into the writer's scene here. :twilightblush:

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