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Sieg oder Untergang


After their defeat, Aria is pushing Sonata over and Adagio has finally enough of it.
She decides to give Aria a proper punishment.

NOTE: This story contains corporal punishment and mature language. Reader discretion is advised.
NOTE 2: My native tongue isn't English, it's German. But it should now be decent English, because a good American friend called Desparil was so kind to help me with this story.

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Wow, your first fanfic? That's impressive, it's really well written for a first publish:pinkiehappy:


Thanks, but as the description says, I had help by an awesome American guy. :yay:

5237014 Well, I still like the idea of the story, as well as the story itself

Just one thing:

because you're the worst of the worst!”, Aria yelled at Sonata.

I will give you a piece of my mind!”, she snarled at her.

I listen to you anymore!?”, she asked.

I was watching that!”, Aria complained.

forget something, Sonata?”, she asked her.

I'll be right back!”, she chirped

after a defeat like that!?”, Aria asked.

“Oh no you don't!”, Adagio yelled

finally snap!?", Aria yelled in pain.

but now you are getting the worst!”, Sonata mocked

Get rid of all of these commas. :applejackunsure:

It's the worst”, Aria commented.

“Whatever”, was all Aria said

And now you don't”, Adagio snapped back at her.

Just watch”, Adagio ordered.

“Yes, ma'am”, was all she said.

hm... correction”, Adagio coldly replied.

In these, just move the commas before the second set of quotation marks. :twilightsmile: Hope that helps.

I liked this story. I was surprised when I found out spanking was involved, but it's not like I was disappointed . . . :trollestia: :duck:


Thanks for your help and I'm glad you enjoyed this story. :pinkiehappy:

Good. :pinkiesmile: I'm upvoting.

Not into spanking but I did like this fic.

Aria got what was coming to her. X3


Glad you two enjoyed my fic as well. :twilightsmile:

I expected to hate this and i turned out loving it, this is going straight to my favourites list. I almost feel bad for Aria. Very nice work for your first fic. I hope to see more from you.



Thank you very, very much. :raritystarry: And yes, you will see more from me in the near future. For my first fics I will concentrate on The Dazzlings and I will build upon my very first fic. :twilightsmile:


...More Dazzlings? Yes please!

This made my day :)
I really hope you do more fanfics with the dazzlings like this one :D

....... WOW

But, anyways... It's a bit strange Adagio has to keep Aria on tack like that. It's in Aria's nature to be grumpy, and it's known that none of the sisters like each other. A couple thoughts I had, was that Adagio isn't Aria's mother, and technically she doesn't have the right to treat her like that. Aria could potentially leave if she wanted to, and same for the other two, but they chose not to because they were attempting to achieve a goal.

I feel bad for Aria, because at the beginning, she was only lashing out her anger and bottling her feelings upon Sonata (many people do this) and she really doesn't deserve... uh... that.

But it's an interesting concept, I guess, not my slice of cake, but it wasn't badly written.

And it is your first fic, so don't look down - keep writing and improving! :D


Well, this is called an artists freedom. Here in Germany corporal punishment has been outlawed in November 2000 and many parents still beat their children. And that is was Adagio did here. She did it anyway, whether she has the right to do it or not. And I won't just write what the canon characters would do. Would be a bit boring, now would it? And since they have been together for at least one thousand years, I like thinking of The Dazzlings being a strongly bonded family. Of course Aria could leave, but why would she? She doesn't exactly have anyone else to turn to on Earth besides Adagio and Sonata.


I will write more with this kind of The Dazzlings. I like thinking of Adagio as a maternal figure for the other two. :twilightsmile:

Woah, okay. I learn something new every day o.o

5242938 Same here :D I always thought Adagio was being motherly to the other two.


Then I'm sure you're gonna love my upcoming fic. :twilightsmile:

5244761 Oh I will :) I'm really looking forward to it.

Well then...
This is probably one oft he best punishment fanfics i have ever read
so fun it made me giggle and laugh
Aria finally got what she deserved
good job
i hope to read more of you in the future
so i have given you a watch from me
and your german!
Im learning german in school


Yes, you will pretty soon see more from me and thank you very much. :twilightsmile:

Very good for your first fanfic. Also very hot hehehe


Well, it's not a clopfic. :rainbowhuh:

But thanks anyway for your fav and I'm glad you enjoyed it. :pinkiehappy:

I wasn't sure what to think of this at first. Never was one for... Textual BDSM, even if it is in the form of punishment, and I know that this isn't a clopfic either.

I'm not 100% keen on them either, so, that's another barrel of fish.

I was in a binge mood for Dazzlings, more importantly, Sonata, but that's another kettle of water, ahaha! So I added a lot of Dazzlings to my read later list and over the last couple days either read the first chapter and said "Yep, I'm finishing this." - Adds to faves. Or I read first chapter and I'm like "... Ugh... Badly written... Bad concept..." And remove from read later and forget about it.

This one, however, while not specifically Sonata based, I still enjoyed and thought to myself "Yeah, I imagine that would be the sort of roles these three would have if they were more fleshed out."

So, you've earned a place in my Hall of Fave, and this fic will likely be reread countless times in the future! : D


Thank you very much and I'm glad you liked it. There is, however, a sequel. You might enjoy that one as well. :twilightsmile:

“As if I would * wearing this dress any longer. It's the worst”, Aria commented.

i think you're missing a word there.


Thank you, has been fixed. :twilightsmile:

that was fast. well, i will keep looking.

“We only lost to these pathetic little Rainboom-bitches and Sunset Shitter because you're the worst of the worst!” Aria yelled at Sonata.

i have the feeling it should be "those" also, sunset shitter made me laugh more than what it should have.

The three defeated sirens were heading home and all * in foul moods.

and all were in a foul mood.

It took all of her self-restraint not to turn around to slap Aria and telling her to shut the fuck up

and tell her to shut the...

She grabbed Aria at her dress, like she always did when she had to back up an order.

by her dress.

“Because I say so! And now, move it before I'm losing my temper!”

i think it should be either:
“Because I say so! And now, move it because I'm losing my temper!”
“Because I say so! And now, move it before I lose my temper!”

who still was silently crying, and embracing her in a sisterly hug.

embraced. also, gotta say it, i really like how you make Adagio care about Sonata while at the same time she's not OOC.

“Wait. I wasn't kidding when I said that I'll give her a piece of my mind when we get back home. I need you to get me something needed for Aria's punishment.”

“Wait. I wasn't kidding when I said that I would give her a piece of my mind when we got back home.I need you to get me something needed for Aria's punishment.”

“No, I'm NOT kidding. You finally pushed it too far * always treating Sonata like that! Yes, I understand that you are pissed because we lost. We all are. But that's not the point. You're always picking on her, bullying her and I have ** more than enough of that immature bullshit of yours!”

*= by. **= had.

She grabbed Aria at one of her pigtails and pulled her back.

like with the dress part, i think it should be "by one of her pigtails".

Adagio ignored her pleas and continued her sister's spanking.

can't really put my finger on it, but there's something funny about how that phrase sounds. maybe it's the "her" being used so close to each other.

well, that's all. really enjoyed reading this, now to the sequel!


Well, my native tongue isn't English, it's German. My proofreader is American and he said it's quite alright the way it is. But it is confirmed once again, you have a bunch of English speakers and all of them are telling you different things about what is correct and what is not. ;)

i could be wrong, my native tonge is spanish, and i'm aware i don't know as much about english as i would like.

well, that's all. really enjoyed reading this, now to the sequel!

I'm glad to read that and I trust you won't be disappointed by the sequel. Anyway, thanks a lot for your help. :twilightsmile:

This fic is extremely well written. I especially enjoyed seeing Adiago comfort Sonata and giving Aria her just desserts. :pinkiehappy:


Thanks. You might wanna check out the sequel though. I pictured Adagio even more like a mother for Aria and Sonata rather than just their elder sister. Though spanking isn't involved there. Yet. ;D


As if Adagio has only one belt. =P

Right... That should have been obvious.
I feel silly:derpytongue2:

Take that, worst siren! Nobody hurts Sonata like that, you miserable bitch! :pinkiecrazy: Hehe, I'm so evil...


Glad you liked it. :twilightsmile:

5397708 yeah, you're welcome. :pinkiesmile: Sorry if I offended any Aria fans, I just really don't like her. Not because she picks on Sonata (although that's a huge part of the reason), but she's just so miserable. She never stops griping and moaning about everything, always acting so negative towards practically everything and everyone. It's just annoying.


I pictured Aria in a more likable way in the sequel. You might wanna check it out, if you like the idea of Adagio being an evil bitch who doesn't fuck around. :trollestia:

5398032 Sequel?! :pinkiehappy: Must! Find! Now!

Plz let there be a sequel plz!! :rainbowkiss:


There is a sequel. It's called "Crimson Energy" and even though there is not yet any spanking involved, I'm quite sure that you'll like it. :twilightsmile:

So did she turn the belt inside out when she spanked her or right side in. Because if it was right side in like Aria Blaze commented (If you scroll down you'll see it) it has spikes on it.


Nope. Adagio of course doesn't just own one belt.

I enjoyed the part where the ass whooping starts and seeing aria get wat she deserves:rainbowlaugh:

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