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It has been many years sine Annie passed away cause of old age.

Almost everypony managed to more or less move on, everypony but Princess Nidra.

And now she has to face another problem, her feelings for T are emerging once again and she doesn't know how to handle them.

Will she move on and accept T, or will she stay in this frozen state of sorrow.

Will somepony help her in making that decision?

[A/N] Characters belong to kilala97.
Disclaimer: This is first time I'm trying to write something that is supposed to "Hit ya right in the feels." Criticism and opinions are very welcome.

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Comments ( 7 )

So, Anthea fakes her own death for the happiness of Turquoise and Nidra?

Your other stories are great but this was just flat out stupid, I'm sorry.


5236085 I think I should've made it more clear that it wasn't Annie herself but her "spirit" or ghost or however you call it


I had expected to come back to a volley of rump ravaged replies, guess not.

And you should really make it clear that she's a spirit, I looked at it as "She's somehow immortal but fakes death for the happiness of two others."

“Pheew, he didn’t change at all.” Soldier said to himself and smiled as he slowly faded away.

Adding a few more words like this makes it feel like something else is going on instead of giving an impression that Annie is still alive at the end. Needs to be edited a little to get a clearer idea of what's going on but it's still a decent story.


5238510 yeah good idea.
I'll do that after I'll get back from school Thanks

Dude, i thought it was discord...

but yeah, this was sweet.

at the middle of the story i was like OMG Pan is Annie!! xD

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