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I'm an amateur writer who is exploring my own world within the MLP universe. Are these stories perfect? Of course not. But I hope you enjoy them....


It's been nearly 50 years since the Princesses reigned over Equestria. A land once filled with friendship and joy is now under control of a race of powerful lizard-like creatures. Only a small number of ponies manage to remain free, but for how long is anypony's guess.

Separated from his family, a young pony will begin a quest to free his people from slavery. But to do so he'll have to leave on the greatest journey in the history of Equestria....

Note: This is an alternate timeline that branched off during Season Four of the show, before the events of "Twilight's Kingdom".

Artwork by LostInTheTrees

Chapters (11)
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Comments ( 10 )

Watching. Though I will probably start reading if we get actual humans into the story.

When I read the description of this, I could not help but hear this song in my mind XD

This thing is not popular enough... =\

5871567, oops, must have added that by mistake. thanks for pointing it out! :)

EDIT: tag removed.

Why no human tag? Aren't Terrans human in this fic or are they something else?

This is similar to another fic I started that was great but I can't remember its name. It was where lizard-like aliens had invaded equestria and basically lobotomized (with tech collars) the ponies they hadn't destroyed. Twilight had somehow escaped some research lab in space and humans rescued her, heard about what was going on in Equestria and came to kick ass. Say what you want about us, but if we have the resources to spare, humans will generally do what we believe is right. Otherwise we do what we believe is necessary.

6148650 I didn't want people to think it was set in 'equestria girls' world, or be linked to it. Also, the Terrans (humans) will not be the main focus of the story, just supporting characters. Very little will be shown from the human point of view (once they show up, that is). Most everything is from the ponies point of view, hence why I decided to leave the tag out.

I like your story idea. Sounds pretty interesting! And yes, the humans will do what's right, but with a little twist.... ;)

When I say "I started" I meant I started reading it. It's somewhere in my favorites on fimfiction buried under hundreds of others (literally). When I wanted to finish reading it, I couldn't find it. Yours is similar in that the aliens are lizard-like and that humans are the ponies' only hope.

The humans in that story also trained freed ponies and armed them to deploy to free more ponies, rinse, repeat. An efficient plan.

Hey you have make such awesome story here.
I find the story plot interesting, and your way to write it is really good :)

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