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That was interesting. I was half expecting Sombra to show up there.
Are you just ignoring the whole 1000+ year disappearance?

I feel like Lord Marshal Diamond is in some way related to Diamond Tiara.

I'll be waiting for the next update. Carry on!


Not sure what you mean there. If you're speaking of the Crystal Empire's disappearance, my intention was to convey it slowly becoming lost in the deepening Winter following Sombra's 'death.'

I mean, in the show at least, the entire empire either ripped from time or otherwise removed from the surface of Equestria such that the current residents are the same as had lived there 1000 years ago.


Okay, I gotcha. The unnatural snow was just my interpretation of how the curse 'takes hold,' coming to freeze the world within.

Ah, cryostasis, makes sense.

;_; that was really sad

Normally, with an emotional response this strong, I'd post a cheeky 'Right in the feels' gif. That feels cheapened here, and I don't know why.

Maybe how Rooke was just abandoned by Celestia, even with her own death. I feel like Celestia's losing her equinity (humanity) just to try and right all the wrongs in her country's system. I feel like someone's got to tell her it's impossible to have a perfect, flawless system like she wants. Even if she runs every trial, hears every complaint and suggestion, there literally aren't enough hours in the day, and night. Sure, she can work over the centuries to reduce and minimize it, but the problems will never disappear completely.

In short, Celestia's lost sight of who she really is and someone needs to guide her back. I'm not so much feeling sadness for her, as pity for her for the struggle she's undertaken. It's literally a losing battle. An apt comparison would be like trying to watch every video on youtube. Early on, say the first year or up until it 'boomed' in popularity, it might've been entirely possible. Now? I've heard a statistic: for every minute a single person watches on youtube, ten minutes of video is uploaded. You would have to have ten, or more now, videos going at once to keep up, and then it's impossible to focus on each video. You'd never make any progress, and just fall further and further behind.

Anything that I would say would merely lessen and cheapen the text of this chapter and indeed the story.

Wow. You've got real talent. Each chapter is fantastic. I read a lot of fics and this is on the top shelf. I don't know why it doesnt get more attention. I'd like to imagine once it is longer it'll be a 1000 up-vote story!

Stellar work, as always. I'm quite curious to see just where you're taking this story.

Amazing. You have great talent and it is such a pleasure to be swept away in this world. Can't wait to read more!

I wish I could like or favorite this more than once! :pinkiesmile:
Anyways, nice work. I eagerly await additional chapters. :twilightsmile:

“One must pay dearly for immortality. One must die many times while one is still alive.”

–Friedrich Nietzsche, German Philosopher

I always find it amusing how mortals decry that which they cannot obtain. Sounds like sour grapes to me, from people who are already dead.

Fortunately, I shall not be subjected for eternity to those who've tired of life long before they've run out of it.

Poor Tia. But in the end i hope she have Luna back...

I don't know what to say about this story. It's such a bleak take on Celestia.

Hm. Indeed, my dear Author.


This was too sad....my eyes are wet...

I think that's sort of the point. A thousand years doing the same thing over and over again? Watching ponies die in what has to be a blink for one with such a long life; with even the few Celestia allowed herself to get close too dying or being banished to the moon.
I think this is a very accurate and creative portrayal of her.

Finally got around to reading this after having it sit in my watchlist for awhile and...wow.

This story, this chapter in particular, is one of the most hopelessly crushing things I've ever read on this site. The way Celestia has...moved on...from what she did to Sombra and Luna and Rooke is absolutely heartbreaking, if not expected considering she's had a thousand years to reflect on it. Luna probably deserved what she got (gasp!) but good heavens, the aftermath sure is messy for everybody.

The last chapter ended on such a climatically emotional moment, showing Celestia at her most vulnerable and depressed, and then this interlude picks up with her centuries later and a near-robotic shell. The juxtaposition is delightfully jarring and I commend you for it.

Really looking forward to whatever else this story holds. Oh, and curse you for making me tear up.

I'm not really sure how I'm supposed to react to this interlude. On the one hand, by letting go of her and personal attachments Celestia has become a benevolent and wise ruler. She's helped millions of ponies live better lives than they ever could have otherwise. It's certainly better than giving into despair and becoming another godlike tyrant.

On the other hand she has condemned herself to a kind of living death. What ponies see is little more than an carefully crafted automaton designed to make sure that they are busy, well-fed, and happy, while the mare inside is completely cut off from the world. Her mind is so alien now that it's hard to really describe as a pony any more.

The main difference between this and most other versions of Celestia is that she has no hope. She doesn't even realize that Luna is coming back, so she really has no reason to care about anything.


I know I'm late, but: thank you. I write this story with the intent to raise questions and disturb the conscience. It is satisfying to know I have met some success in this.

Totally different kind of fic. Something rare. I'm enjoying it!

Wake up Celestia... Luna is coming...

Ah, and I thought for a moment that you were going to provide us with a bit of hope regarding Celestia's state of mind. How wrong I was.

Regardless, I look forward to seeing her reaction when Luna really does come back.

Lets hope Luna's return will fix Celestia.

Hmm... this is a different take on what Celestia was thinking/doing when Nightmaremoon escaped. Good idea. I can't wait to see more.

I was so pleased to see a new chapter show up on my scope!

As always, I love your writing style.

Welp this happened nothing like I'd imagined, but I guess I should have expected it to be bleak considering how the rest of the story has gone thus far. At least its looking like you're trying to follow canon so I can hope things will end up better.
Celestia really needs to get that happy ending considering what she's gone through and as oblivious as Luna seemed to Celestia's internal struggle I hope that she figures it out.
I really want Luna to find out what happened during her solo run during the crystal empire incident and her nightmares about Tartarus because that confrontation could be pretty juicy. She didn't seem to have her signature dream-walking abilities in the past and I'm hoping she more or less invents the spell to help her sister.

Damn. This is incredible work. As well, your musings on NMM and Luna are fantastic. I wish I had read something like this a few years ago, when I wrote about a NMM that was much more bland. Definitely gonna follow this story closely.

A sudden rush through to read all this. It's heartrending, to just see Celestia become as much a porcelain statue as those baubles - to her, anyhow - she keeps scattered about. She is mad, indeed, but it's a controlled madness, and when one locks oneself away in such a shell...you don't realize what you miss, until something forces you to examine it, truly examine it.

And then it's years of struggling to pull free - for a mortal. For an immortal? Who knows. But all this time, you feel regret for what you lost, what you let pass you by because it was safer inside the armor. And the hardest part is you become unsure. Are you still wearing it? You want it off, yet then something happens. You know you should feel more horror, more sadness, yet all there is is a numbness, a sense of 'I should be doing things here, but..what, exactly?'

So...the modern her rings terribly familiar to me, because those aches I know too well and wish I did not. And this story deserves to be much more widespread than it is.

Quick question. The details of the history your presenting... Where are you getting this information? Or are you just makeing it up to create an amazing story?

.... god that sounded cynical... I apologize for that XD Your story really is amazing! :twilightsheepish:

So, real Celestia still here. I suppose we will see horrible nightmare in next chapter. Gj and want more.

Aw man. I think this was the best chapter yet. A lot of throwbacks to Rooke, which I thought were neat. Like before, Celestia is pushing away her loved ones with a neverending torrent of "maybe laters," but it looks as though Luna's determination to help is just as strong as Tia's stubbornness.

I just hope Luna's dreamwalking doesn't end up driving Celestia even further away...

The sisters’ eyes met in the glass, its cracks dividing their reflection a hundred times.

Jesus this is a good line.

Finally someone see's through Celestia's mask and it so happens to be someone that can hopefully do something about it.
The wait for the next chapter is gonna kill me...


Just drawn from my headcanon. I'm a big military history guy, and I've spent a lot of idle time theorizing ideologies, tactics, and wars for the universe. They're for warfics that I may or may not write, but they formed a good base to draw on for worldbuilding in this story.

Glad you likey.

5883889 Interesting! If I were, would you allow me to use at least some of your history as a world basis for my stories? (not sure I will use it, I'm just asking in case I do.)

This is why I don't start uncompleted stories... I'm waiting for the next chapter with bated breath.

god damn man how do you keep doing this to me :fluttercry:
Last 2 chapter endings have left me with hope only for you to crush it next chapter, and i love it!
props on the imagery too, that was genuinely terrifying.


props on the imagery too, that was genuinely terrifying.

Thank Christ. I'm so bad at surreal imagery that getting it decent took forever and a day, and even then I wasn't too sure.:facehoof:

Danke, danke.

I was expecting Luna to have seen a skeleton, or a living corpse. Guess I wasn't too far off. So stoked for the next chapter.

Well, this is an...interesting turn. Certainly not the direction I was expecting this story to go. I feel like you're introducing something unnecessary into what was already an interesting narrative on its own, but eh, I'm still interested though.

We'll see how it all wraps together.

This story has shifted from depressing to downright terrifying since the Interludes. The quote at the top is certainly relevant, because this really does feel like it was written in the style of a Lovecraftian horror. If the visions in the dreams really are reflections of what has happened in other worlds, then Equestria is in for one hell of a ride. But maybe such high stakes are what it'll have to take to bring Luna and Celestia back to being loving sisters again.

That cliffhanger at the end was just cruel though. Waiting for the next chapter is going to be pretty tough, to say the least.

A big bad showing up now seems to be a little out of the left field there, I trust you so I will withhold judgement until next chapter.
The imagery is sill very well done make no doubt, just seems a little strange considering the rest of the story.

I not expect this turn of story, but this is still beter the quick reunite both alicorn sisters.( Too fast and boring). Obviously Celestia cant handle this treat alone,she so weak inside now . Absalom is too strong for this. And she need cooperate with Luna or, ever all Equestrians, to sold this problem.
I expect the next chapter for Celestia*s POV.
Sry for bad english.

Maybe this dream monster thingie is a bit too much? I think Celestias dream machine thingie was enough and that with this new monster the story is being pulled too much away from the real problem... I think Tia's madness was enough, but I'm still going to read the next chapters.. So keep up the good work and sorry for my terrible English!

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