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Dashie is flying around with the legendary spitfire but takes a hard fall. now an un-answerable infection is creating zombies spreading around equestria. its up to rainbow dash to find her friends and find salvation

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This is not a crossover. I'm sorry, but this is just the first episode of the walking dead with ponies as characters.

>> 83 words in a chapter? Really?

Ok, I hate being "That Guy," but it must be done.

I, myself, have already written a story named "The Trotting Dead" - yup, here
This, already, makes me sad. But to be honest, this isn't all that bad. Most of the chapters could be combined into one long one, making it look a bit better. Also, there are groups where you can submit your story to be edited, fixing the grammar and spelling mistakes. I would recommend using those. We all need some help at some time :derpytongue2:

But keep it up! Don't let anypony get you down, man :scootangel:

Is it just me, or are there quite a bit of zombie stories being submitted lately?

*feebly tries to hide own story behind back*

Holy crap.

I hardly even have to glance at this to know how bad it is.

>dat synopsis
>deze chapters
>dem grammerz

ok yes, sorry, it was the first season of the walking dead, it was my first story. im sure it was terrible and i accept it, but the only reason there where only a few words in a chapter is because they werent really like... chapters. ill do better and type it out on microsoft word and do the grammar crap there.

First story? Some info is left out, the chapters are too short. Next time you make a story, make it around atleast 1,000 words, For the info, itwas like Rainbow instantly knew what was happening even though she had been in a coma.

Detail man that's all I can say is more detail.


933807 I realize this, thank you for telling this a few months AFTER it was uploaded

:ajbemused::pinkiehappy:sorry about all the hate,i did like it though.it reminds me of the first time i wrote a fan-fic

Where is celestia?

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