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Dedicated to hand-made quality reminiscent of old-world charm. Specialization in anatomically correct fillies/mares having fun with human males. Thank you for reading and commenting.


"For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul."
- J. Garland

A short flavor story about settling in for the night with your new wife, Sweetie Belle, after a long and productive day. You've both recently returned to Equestria from a shared visit to Earth to celebrate your marriage, and have adjusted well to the wedded life; you reassure your little mare that you're hers and hers alone.

Fit for all readers.


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Oh I really liked this. I know I would be one lucky person to be married to Sweetie Belle. Id prefer to be a pony, but Id be happy regardless.

I was wondering about you. Glad you're not dead.:rainbowkiss:

Holy shit, Hand-Made made a non-explicit story? Impossibru!

Whoa a Hand-Made that's SFW? I like it maybe it'll open people to your other works.

A Hand-Made full of d'aww and hnnnggh!

Amazing work keep the stories coming

How sweet. Great job on this.

I feel deceived by the lack of sex, but not disappointed...

I liked the way this was written, it was sweet, but... honestly? Marrying a filly?

Please, people.



If you read the guys other work, he explicitly (and how!) says Sweetie has had her first estrus.

~squints and hums for a few moments~ This feels like a Hand-Made gateway drug. I'm certainly not complaining about a nice, sweet, and ultimately short SFW writing piece. It feels like an exert from a larger story and a nice showcase piece for sampling your writing style. You know, this is really odd for me... but don't have a whole lot to say that wouldn't be a whole heap redundant.

Now, if I do gotta' say something... I really like her mane? Hmm, well, I do like how Sweetie Belle still felt like the foalish filly we all know. There's a nice layer of that same over-complexity in her imagination that she always manages to fall into, just like in almost every Crusader instance we see, (minus the whole Babs Seed incident where she wanted to tell AJ... zat vas just veird). The whole bit around worrying about the opportunistic firemare is... well it feels like something she might be able to think up.

Really, it's sweet, it's pleasant, it's well written, and it feels right. C'est bon.

Coming home to Sweetie.

I found this story to be very tranquil, a peaceful setting especially under a starry night. I like how the role in the beginning was one of getting through a long day and coming home for some well deserved rest.(Like a feeling of accomplishment had just taken place) This point meshes well since people can relate to just coming back and wanted to kick back, relax an such.

"To a warm meal, even if it's charred around the edges..."
1.He knows all to well of her cooking....efforts... xD but is used to the flavor that he doesn't care how it tastes anymore:rainbowlaugh:
2. Probably has offered to make dinner but sees the bubbly eyes of Sweetie and caves in:yay: which he takes in along with his burnt juice xD
These are just some thoughts that came to me as I read it over^^.

Sweetie is absolutely adorable here. We can see her imagination running wild a bit with these well thought out scenarios of the fire mare or even Luna attempting to take him away. It was a short and Sweet story, perfect for calming the nerves.

oh my gosh!!!! SO CUTE! :rainbowkiss:

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