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Trixie finds herself on the road, her carriage trundling slowly through a thick forest. As the sun begins to fall behind the horizon, Trixie decides to stop for the day, using the time to practice a new spell she has been planning.

Using the knowledge from a rare book, Trixie puts the finishing touches on a spell to create an illusion of herself. An illusion so powerful one could mistake it for the real thing...

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Its funny, because Trixie and Chrysalis share a similar VA.


And by "similar" you mean Kathleen Barr, who is the voice actor for both Trixie and Chrysalis. Good idea for a story and not badly executed at all!

Oh my God, she killed Trixie!

You bastard!

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Yeah, that was partially one of the reasons I named it Selfcest. Not only does Trixie get it on with a version of herself, but their characters share Voice Actors.

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From my other stories, you'll see that I harbour no ill will towards Trixie, so you can at least be satisfied by the fact that this was a temporary blip in my Trixie adoration. I wouldn't have done it if it wasn't necessary, so there's that =P

499174 I was okay with it either way, I just had to finish that south park reference.:pinkiehappy:

Okay, THAT was spooky.

The great and powerful Trixie died. Bahahahaha!


Well, I really really liked it (even though you killed Trixie, how could you?). Which I suppose isn't surprising since I wrote something very similar (I swear on my life I wasn't aware of Selfcest before writing Madame Butterfly though). And the execution was good, too (I mean, the writing, not Trixie dying... :fluttercry:).




I've already written Trixie getting a happy ending twice now, so I feel justified in killing her at least one time =P

It was kinda necessary though, Chrysalis was almost dead and this is one of the only ways she could have healed herself. I suppose she could have stayed with Trixie and tagged along on her adventures, soaking up all of her love for herself. That would have been a lot tougher in the long run though and she would need to heal over a long period of time, making her vulnerable for that time. Killing isn't an option she goes to often, but she isn't afraid to do it if needs must.

At least Trixie died doing what she loved. Herself :rainbowlaugh:

Wait a sec..... Trixie made the Changeling Queen?

EDIT: Can you also make an alternate one with a smut ending?


At the start, that's when Chrysalis is flying through the air after being ejected from Canterlot. It just so happens that at the moment that Trixie attempted her spell, Chrysalis landed nearby and the force knocked Trixie unconscious. Chrysalis transformed into what Trixie loved the most and when Trixie woke up, she thought her spell had worked.

Lots of coincidences there xD

I could probably write a smutty alternate ending. I tried writing a hilariously over-the-top amount of kinks in one fic thing before, but I couldn't do it. Simple Trixie on Trixie lovin' should be fine though. If I have the time, there's still a lot I'd like to finish whilst on my temporary hiatus.

Nice one, not sure how exactly I found this one, but who cares :D
Short but interesting. Well done!

No. :trixieshiftleft:

I came looking for Trixie fics to get my mind off of one that killed her.


Owch. Changelings are not to be trusted.

Author Interviewer

This is pretty amazing. :D What a setup. Fascinated how you went with the physical vampiric approach to changeling feeding methods.

Okay, I haven't even read the story yet and I can tell something bad is about to happen. It was bad enough with Pinkie Pie, but now . . . :trixieshiftright:

After her little exercise however, she didn't feel quite as sleepy as she had done in the carriage


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