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A Full Voicemail - Spoiler Alert

A oneshot about a pony's voicemail and how it's always full of messages.

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You have seven unheard messages.

You have seven unheard messages. First unheard message received at 10:58 pm on Friday, September 7.

“Hey, Dene, it’s Faze. I tried calling your cell but your voicemail was full. It’s been full for months, dude. You should really get around to deleting some of that crap on your phone, whatever it is. Seriously, it’s hard to reach you when you don’t even answer your phone to begin with. The whole ‘I have my phone on silent’ treatment is getting a little old — and annoying. But anyway, I was calling to tell you that I found an envelope stuck inside my couch with Serene’s name on it. I’d recognize your hoofwriting anywhere. Now, we don’t have to talk about it or anything. I’ll just meet up with you again and give it back to you. No questions asked. Hell, I could leave on your porch if you wanted me to, wherever you wanted it.

Just… (sighs) If you don’t want to go to the festival with me tomorrow, I’ll understand. Give me a call when you can, D. I know what you’re going through. I’m here if you need me. Talk to you soon, buddy.”

End of message.

Next unheard message received at 1:42 pm on Saturday, September 8.

“Dene, my bro, how is it hanging? Not starting to sag to the left, I hope. Hahahahaha! Rosco here telling you the next big bake batch is going down tomorrow. Yeah, that’s right. I got that shit early this time. Don’t ask how, a magician never reveals his secrets. Am I, right? Hahaha! And not only that but it’s all premium grade quality. Not that nasty stuff I gave to you and that one dame a while back. It’s going to up the Iris festival so hard, you'd think you're at the triple G over here. Seriously, it’s the best fluffy dough you’ll ever find around Equestria. I guarantee it. Hehehe. I may be sounding like a pompous ass right now, tooting my own horn but just you wait, bro. Seeing is fucking believing. I’ll catch you on the flipside, slick. Laters!”

End of message.

Next unheard message received at 9:02 am on Monday, September 10.

“Dene, it’s Spark. We need to talk, seriously. I saw you hanging around the Parlor. I know that crowd. And I sure as hell know that you shouldn’t be getting friendly with them. Do you understand what those people do for a living? Obviously you don’t since you’ve been chatting up with Rosco, the head dumbass, for the past 4 months.

Listen, I know what this is about. And I’m sorry, Dene, I really am but you shouldn’t be doing this. You hear me? Don’t think I’m patronizing you because I hate you or because I think you’re terrible. I don’t. I’m doing this because I care, damn it. And I don’t want to see you get hurt.

Call me back, please, Dene.”

End of message.

Next unheard message received at 3:28 pm on Monday, September 10.

“Hey, Dene, how are you doing? I got some big news for you! I pulled those strings I was telling you about at Crimson Core and now the university’s going to accept you, completely free. Can you believe it? Dorms, classes, books, don’t have to worry about a thing. You could take a loan or two but Resonance told me that you had a steady job so I won't worry. I don't know what job it is, though. Living in Iris isn't a minimum wage venture, that's for damn sure. Sounds like my lessons gave you want you needed to succeed, forget what your mom is telling me. (hardy laughter) Speaking of the mare, your mother has been missing your calls the past couple of weeks. I understand if you’re busy, you’re probably trying to save money for college or for whatever your generation spends its money on nowadays. Still, she wants to hear from you. I tried telling her that her colt has gone pretty far from the stable by now but what can you do? Anyway, son, stay safe and if you need anything, just give us a call. Talk to you soon. Bah-bye.”

End of message.

Next unheard message received at 11:12 am on Tuesday, September 11.

“FUCKING PRICK. I know what you did, Dene. I know what you fucking did. You fucking sneaky bastard. I fucking trusted you with my tools and my shit and this is how you repay me? With my dick in one hoof and an I.O.U. in the other? There's a difference between foreplay and fucking me in the ass, bro. And you have fucked with the wrong hombre. I’ll see you hanged from fucking Canterlot. That’s right. Rosco’s coming for your balls. You are going to get yours, I promise you that. See you real soon, Dene. Real soon."

End of message.

Next unheard message received at 11:36 pm on Wednesday, September 12.

“Dene! It’s Spark. Where the hell are you? The dark side of Iris is buzzing like a damn hornet’s nest right now. Some shady business went down at the Parlor last night and now there’s narcs everywhere. They’re cracking down from 3rd Street to Cedarside, arresting all of Rosco’s wannabes but I haven’t seen the stallion himself in cuffs yet. You’re not involved right? Please don’t tell me you are. Don't make Faze and I come over there. Give me a call, please!”

End of message.

Next unheard message received at 12:04 pm on Thursday, September 13.

“Dene, it’s Faze. We’re pulling up in five minutes. If you want to get out of town in one piece, you better damn well be outside when I get there or this entire thing is screwed. (a loud siren passes and echoes off into the distance)

...Also, delete some of your damn messages already. Why do you even have a cell if I can’t leaving any messages on it?! Stupid lazy son of a--”

End of message.

Final unheard message received at 4:44 pm on Friday, September 14.

“Hello, Dean. It’s Resonance, Serene’s mother. (there's a brief pause) I wanted to call to thank you. Not only for taking care of her for she needed it most but now when there’s nothing left to take care of. I go to the cemetery every month to visit, to replace the flowers that I put on her grave during her burial. Though every time I go, the flowers are already replaced and there’s a new letter resting beside them. I couldn’t think of who else it would be. You are truly a compassionate pony, Dene. You really are. I knew you were nice, humble young man but Serene saw something else. She saw something that took absolutely her breath away. Something that motivated her and that gave her the strength to push through the days when she felt so hopeless. You were that light in her life that kept her going forward. You were everything to her, as I know that she was everything to you.

I’ve been talking with your parents and I’ve heard from them how the past few months have been very difficult for you. I’m not sure how to explain what I want to say so I’ll say it honestly… (there's another pause) The pain might never go away. It might lessen over the years, the sting could be numbed but you may never get rid of it. It’s not possible to not feel any pain. Pain is a fact of life. With that in mind… (another pause followed by the sound of automobiles driving past in the background) I know that Serene wouldn’t want to see you destroy yourself in sadness or a cider-drunken haze.

If you don’t take care of yourself, you would wreck the one thing that she cared for unconditionally in this world and that’s you. Your well-being mattered most to her and you know that. I’m not telling you to stop feeling for Serene or stop thinking about her. I’m telling you to live for her. Do those things which you know would make her proud, that would give her pride and confidence as if she were still here. Do those things knowing that Serene still loves you and wants what’s best for you. That’s all she ever wanted. I would know — I found a journal of hers yesterday. It was completely filled, from front to back. She told me once how every memorable moment you two had with each other, she would write down in her journal. I haven’t gotten through it yet. I don’t think I have the heart to do it. I do remember one time when she told me that she got the idea for a journal after finding out how you saved all of the voice messages she sent to you over the years. I suppose she thought it was a good idea to—(there's static)—and whenever she was sad herself she went back to those—(static grows louder)—You shouldn’t be placing any blame on yourself and she doesn’t blames you either—(the voice cuts in and out with the signal) Everyone makes mistakes, Dene—(the phone call ends)”

No more unheard messages.

First saved message, from contact: Serene Stars, received four years ago.

“Hey, Dene. It’s Serene, You said that you wanted to go out for a coffee this weekend but I don’t remember if we specified a day. Did we even? I’m hella forgetful when it comes to dates in the first place. Though, one thing is that I have to go before the eighth. It’s September which means that the festival’s in town and I got a job at the…”

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