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“Disbelief in magic can force a poor soul into believing in government and business." Also, hugs. Hugs are good.


A young man makes a life-changing bargain with the queen of the windigoes. He will receive the power he needs to save his family, but in return, he will have to leave his home and become the windigo prince.

But when a falling out between him and his new mother results in his banishment from the snowy wastelands of the windigoes, the young man, now dubbed IceHeart, will need to embrace the idea of friendship if he is to be accepted into a new society.

Note: For this story, there is a human country on Equis

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 58 )

Just something I noticed. In the short description instead of "the" it says "at he". Also, shouldn't IceHeart be Iceheart or Ice Heart?

5421061 It's a name. The author can write it any way he/she sees fit. Although, thank you for pointing out that accident in the short description.


Just to throw this out there. Depending on who you ask, my sirname can be spelt McCollum.
So names can break away from the normal format.

no the chapter is over i got a bone to pick with you to make more chapter because this story gives me a spine chiller

my puns are best puns

I would but I have already abused the like button enough for this story.

the best I can do is dislike and relike the story by pressing the appropriate buttons repeatedly

What happened to this story? I thought it went into hiatus or was cancelled! Will you be updating this regularly? ...I hope so...

(Extra points for anyone who can guess what Dr. Ward's first name is.)

Dr. Psychiatric Ward

I went to clink the next button and was sorely disappointed.
Dr Ward... sounds like some sort of video game villain name...
Or maybe that's just me.
Eh. Maybe it's Gerald, or Ivo, or Julian?

''The horny pegasus'' Did you not realized what you wrote there? xD

It's nice to know that your continuing this story! How often will you be updating though?

6045713 Did you read the ( ) beside it? Yes, I know what I put there.

You have out done yourself once again, with another amazing chapter Mine. Keep up the great work!

6046325 Thank you, but please, call me dashie. Sounds about 20% cooler

This Oh, so he must be the princess's husband, or something. File that away under Importante. doesn't really need to be there if cadance already said the shining armor is her husband not three sentences before it

Would just like to point that out

I'm sure someone might've gotten it correct eventually, but the name of the unicorn last chapter is Dr. Geriatric Ward.

I guessed Psychiatric because it would be funny.

Apparently my sense of humor is abysmal. :raritydespair:

6048860 This is why you don't fuck with the unknown being's stuff

6048782 Thank you, I forgot to remove that when I looked over the chapter earlier.

:facehoof: This is what pisses me off about equestria. "Why in the world would he do such a thing? :raritydespair: We only disregarded his wishes and broke something he cared for; why would he ever get so angry and aggressive? Just when we liked him" Fucking think things through!

I rather like this. The idea that the windigo are not evil, but are just the bringers of winter is a fresh idea. I also like the pic showing Crystal, though in my mind she looked more like this...

Onward to new chapters!

6073257 I saw the picture and.....no.....just..no. We already have enough bad jokes for this story without bringing Frozen into this.

This one time, can we just 'let it go'. XD

Don't just tell Pinkie to get out, bribe her with a cookie.

i am imagining the world greatest snow day for fillies XD

You jump between calling the protagonist Johnathon and Jonathan. Which is it?

>>thanks, I thought I had fixed all of them. It should be Johnathan.

This story is spectacular! it's hard to find stories this good nowadays.

keep going. its getting to the good part again lol. keep up the good work even if the start seemed a little rushed.

Great work, that cliffhanger was something else, and it has me wanting more. Keep up the great work my friend! :pinkiehappy:

I was listening to this when I was reading this chapter.

To be honest....Again with the white knight path...I hate white knight with a passion.

I'm pretty sure one day he will come back and take the throne...if not, then I will be very disappoint

Update rate is kinda bad...No new chapter for so long...

On a side note: I though Pinkie was supposed to know things...what's with blaming him Being meany and wanting to beat him up? Seriously...

an orange earth pony (i love the hat), and a pink earth pony (this one I fear already, she has an unnatural presence.)

Ain't he a smart cookie. :derpytongue2:

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