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Who am I? Just a guy who's a writer for fun. Profile pic drawn by the user Sweetstrokes



Its a lonely world out there. Bounty hunter extrordanair shadow strike has always liked it that way... But on this hearth's warming eve, he finds out a little company can be a good thing.

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This story gives off so many alarm bells for being complete shit.

Well, I for one, found it hilarious, though I doubt that was the intended effect.

5219886 sorry. I'm still trying to figure out how to write this kinda stuff. But I would appreciate if you'd give me some actual constructive criticism.

Sure if you give me some time, I'll create a pastebin of me picking apart each and every paragraph. Might take me a bit though, it's at 4k words, so I hope you're patient.

Quick edit, I might actually have to finish it tomorrow, because I am real tired. However I will get as much done with it as I can before I head to bed.

And done, for anyone who wants to read it. http://pastebin.com/9WVFf1rT

You forgot to capitalize some names. :twilightsmile:
Other then that, I liked it.

5219931 I used to look and this and get sad... Now I laugh my ass off at how stupid and butt hurt it is!:rainbowlaugh: Oh and also COme back when you've actually written a story, then we'll see if you've earned the right to be so judgmental:ajsmug:

*witty comment*

5775892 I'm sorry to hear that you didn't enjoy this story. Thank you for at least reading it though.

5778359 Anytime
I'll say this though, you acted a lot more mature than I thought you would

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