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Too Epic for Arrogance - NetherWalker

Vegeta. 1300 years ago, he was a normal kid, with a little less than normal family. But apparently, an Andy Warhol look-alike had other plans. And now, he's in Equestria. They say pride comes before a fall, if so, let's hope it's not a steep incline

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Edit 10/5/21: The more things change the more they stay the same, and it seems as though the plans of yester year have been scrubbed. Once again I am left with missing material, but, an entirely new direction. Expect a chapter by the end of Oct. I will deliver, and the battle will finally draw to its much maligned close. Cheers!

One of the most befuddling thoughts to have ever entered the minds of many adolescents whom watched the show Dragon Ball Z was what one would classify the relationship between, Kakarot (Goku), and his princely rival, Vegeta as. Were they friends, enemies, a mix of both? Why was Vegeta an asshole to Kakarot even though the 3rd class Saiyan seemed to love his “friend” like a brother? Why did Kakarot never stop loving Vegeta like a brother even though the latter treated him like the dirt beneath his feet? Why does Vegeta even stick around if he doesn’t like Kakarot? Well, that answer is both simple, and complicated, like RD’s supposed sexuality.

But I’ll try and make this as simple as possible,

Kakarot’s an idiot, and Vegeta’s obsessed with respectfully kicking his ass.

At least, that’s the way it was supposed to be. But with the look this “Kakarot” was giving the prince, he felt as though, for once, he was the prey.

“Kakarot.” He finally spat out after regaining his composure. Eyeing his less than customary wear was a look of mild disgust, but also a strange, overpowering sense of animalistic approval. This Kakarot seemed in tune with his Saiyan heritage, the thought of it both made the pretender prince’s blood boil with excitement, and turn icy cold. He knew just exactly what Kakarot was capable of, and he also knew the savagery of the Saiyan race better that most, he may have been a mere replica, but the blood in his veins was unquestionably that of Vegeta’s, The desolation of Chrysalis’s hive was testament to that.

“Whoa there, you don’t seem very happy to see me,” Kakarot said, folding his lips and looking at Vegeta as one may a wounded puppy. “I know you were always so mad at me for becoming a super Saiyan before you, but that doesn’t mean you can keep a grudge against me…” Vegeta looked on, his expression unreadable, but he opened his mouth to speak, a guttural, barbaric sound that pulled Princess Luna from her dumbfounded surprise, and into and into a feeling of gut rendering despair.

“Angry? Why Kakarot, I thought you knew me better than that,” He said, his face never changing in expression, “I was LIVID.” Kakarot chuckled merrily, though there was no warmth in it, while Luna stared on in abject horror and confusion. “Respect isn’t a very painless thing to seize from me, but you know my respect for you is the only reason you’re alive.” Kakarot smirked, looking at him with self satisfying delight, through which Vegeta felt forced to admit: “That, and your transformation.” At this the princess gawked, between the arrival of the new entity, and Vegeta’s own reveal, she felt like dropping from the sky like a sickened bird.

“You knew,” she muttered, looking wide eyed at Vegeta, “You knew of the transformation?” It was Vegeta and Kakarot’s turn to be surprised.

“Huh, so they are smarter than they looked.” Kakarot said, an eyebrow raised in fascination, while Vegeta looked back at Luna whilst reflecting her own expression, calm broken.

“’You knew?’ what do you mean ‘you knew’!? How did you know? How could you?” His brows furrowed, and the atmosphere changed as the attention shifted from the newcomer “Kakarot” to Luna, who shifted uncomfortably in the sight of, not one, but two of these… creatures she both feared and hated, and she found herself unable to speak, not much else passed her lips but a small “eep” that seemed better suited to a petite yellow Pegasus than the princess of the night. Vegeta opened his mouth, preparing to shoot off a heated and vulgar comment on the uncharacteristic slip of the princess, but the red and black cloaked 3rd class Saiyan interrupted him, casually as he would blink.
“It doesn’t matter, all that does is us,” He said, pointing at the fake prince, “And our unfinished business.” Vegeta brazenly clenched his fists, grinding his teeth and breathed in heavily. This… This wasn’t Kakarot! No, he decided, as he stared into the pseudo-Kakarot’s devilish grin, this is someone else entirely! The thought of it made him sick, disappointed, and unbelievably pissed, “And the blue thing has nothing to do with it,” He looked down on Luna, arms crossed, and seemingly passive, “So, would you be nice enough to leave?”

“Excuse me?” She asked, anger seething past her nervousness, was this “Kakarot” asking her to leave!?

“I asked nicely,” He shrugged, then, faster than the royals could see, shot his hand up, “so don’t blame me.”

“Kakarot!” Vegeta’s opened his eyes wide, it had happened faster than he could react, Luna… was fine, she’d barely dodged the blast. And now Kakarot had two fuming nobles to deal with, “You’re in some deep trouble now Kakarot,” he said, looking back at him furiously, “deep, deep trouble.” he gave Luna a nod, and she nodded back. They both brought their respective front limbs back, and,



“Scootaloo?” The pony in question turned her head over her shoulder as she and Diamond Tiara sped across town.

“What.” She replied irritably, focusing on the former bully turned serf with a deadly stare.

“Just wondering how exactly we are going to get to Canterlot,” she deadpanned, looking to her unwitting companion incredulously. Scootaloo smirked in response; her eyes held a keen sparkle that warned Diamond something was up.

“You’ll see!” she sing-songed, flashing Tiara a devilish look which gave her a horrible sense of impending pay back, then flicked her eyes slightly above her head, “Where’s your tiara?”

“Noneofyourbusiness!”She spat out, her cheeks quite red, then realizing she now looked quite suspicious followed up with, “I… I left it at the school, I don’t want it to get damaged.” Hoping that the orange filly hadn’t payed her head much mind before they left. Fate dealt her a kind hand in that Scootaloo simply shrugged and continued, letting Tiara breathe a sigh of relief. What it gave her next however…

“Stop! We’re here!” Tiara looked up… what? Was this a joke!? Before them was the golden oaks library, why in Equis would they need to be here?!

“WHAT-!?” She managed to cough up before Scoots smacked a hoof in her face, effectively cutting off the rest of her sentence and causing her to recoil, covering her mouth with her hooves and glaring at Scoots menacingly.

“Sshhh! We need to get into the library QUITELY! Without Twilight noticing!” she said hoarsely, pointing her other hoof up at the balcony where Twilight was observing the city of Canterlot worriedly. Tiara brought her hooves away from her face and licked her gums, then again glared at the crusader.

“Why?” she said, half in venomous disbelieving spite, half in genuine curiosity. Again, Scootaloo flashed her a confident smirk.

“Teleporters.” A wat neew?

“Oh my Celestia Scootaloo, what exactly do you have for a brain?” At this, Scootaloo scrunched up her lips, and looked at Tiara dully.

“At least I didn’t trot into a zero light tunnel half-assed without a flash light.”

“What does that even have to do with this? That is not only completely unrelated, but is also nowhere near as stupid as this!” she put a hoof to her head and shook it, “Why would a librarian have a teleporter?”

“Because, in case you’ve forgotten, that librarian is Celestia’s student and a scientific genius! That, and I heard her talking to Rainbow about it.” More like bragging, she mentally interjected. Diamond paused, eyebrows raised in thought, it was plausible, who knew what the magical mad scientist could have concocted in the privacy of her basement. Buuuuuut…

“What for?”

“Some sort of quick response system or something, come on, we’ll never be able to get there otherwise! It’s worth a shot.” Tiara sighed, then looked into the begging eyes of her temporary liege.

“Okay,” she said earning a large smile from her former enemy, “but if we die, I’m blaming you.”

Overhead, a prismatic Pegasus lay bathing in the slowly declining sun, as a massive shockwave smacked into her, rousing her from her dreams and musings.

“W-wah?” she blearily sat up, shaking her head as she glared at the thing that had woke her… Canterlot? No not the city itself of course, she stood up, gazing intently with eyes that widened considerably as she noted the destruction within the city, her keen eyes picking up every detail, including the three barely visible dots dueling it out with massive energy beams above the skyline of the lower portion. “Celestia’s mane! What the Hay!?” She pressed her hooves hard against the cloud and used it like a springy launching pad, rocketing towards the city, and creating a cloud ring with the force of it. Whatever was happening there, she hoped it wasn’t going to take too long to resolve, she still was in the middle of her nap! … Also, innocent ponies could be dying, sigh, I really need to sort out my priorities, she thought, as the sped off, leaving a Rainbow trail in her wake.

*Vegeta's P.O.V.*

“Curse it!” I screamed, as me and Luna engaged Kakarot above the city, our ki and magic colliding spectacularly, but doing little to stop Kakarot’s own. The energy wasted in our own quarrel was starting to catch up with us, and so was my foolishness

“Kaio-ken x5!” My eyes widened considerably, as Luna barely managed to spit out,

“Kaio-wha-?” The area around me was engulfed in blinding red light and my body screamed in pain, my throat surpassing it with a chilling screech. I suddenly found myself flat on the ground twitching with pain and not daring to open my eyes. “Vegeta?!” I forced them open to see Luna looking worriedly from the sky at the crater I was in, her concern was quite flattering, , where was that before? I asked myself, looking back to Kakarot with venom in my glare, damn you Kakarot, you 3rd class bastard, though, at least you had enough courtesy to not try for the Luna again, as if reading my thoughts, he smirked, and pulled his hands back,


Oh come on! The beam smashed into Luna, seemed quite dazed after seeing me blown away, catching her unawares. That-That-


I rocketed from the ground as Luna hit it, speeding towards Kakarot with killing intent, let’s see, I thought, longer reach, I tucked under a quick jab aimed at my nose, smashing into his midsection with the force of a runaway mountain, specializing in close quarters combat. He brought his hands up in a dual fist, bringing them down on my upper back, Quick recovery time. I once again was sent hurling towards the ground, face first this time, but unlike last time, I caught myself and flipped back around to face my opponent and with the same motion, flung a ki blast at him, which he smacked away faster that I could see, even faster reaction time, all in all, moderate offence and defense, prefers close combat over blasts but is unafraid to use them, and if the show is to be believed, no amount of physiological warfare will bring this guy down, though perhaps- I slowly looked up at him, then bent backwards sharply, placing a hand on my back, perhaps an up-close and personal provocation wasn’t the best way to evaluate him, I lifted the hand up and brought it crashing back down, landing with a grating crunch as my spine popped back in place.

“BIG BANG ATTACK!” I shouted, as my other hand shot forward, letting lose the attack. It collided with Kakarot’s hearty backhand and dissipated, but not without a blinding explosion, letting me do my thing. Kakarot barely had time to react as I flew forward, both feet extended into his back, riding him for a moment before letting momentum do its job. He flew forward, colliding with the ground, but reappearing in front of me.

“Gotcha.” He grabbed my head and slammed it into his knee, with enough force to send it flying back, then punched hard my gut hard, getting a hold of my arm, he began spinning, letting my fly after a few rotations. I was too exhausted to stop myself, and simply let my back collide with the surrounding to break my fall, how on earth did he even get here? I wondered as I burst through the walls of a clothing shop, I was fine till he shows up declaring we had “unfinished business”, what the hell does he mean? I suddenly felt resistance, as my limp head rolled to the side, Kakarot’s gleeful smile greeting it, what tha- I was painfully flung forward, my face colliding with the ground till I finally came to a stop near where had originally been pressed down by Kakarot’s beam. Funny. I shakily pressed my hands against the ground, shoving up, creating two little craters in the ruble, I wasn’t going to beaten by a fool! Not a chance!

“Saiyan souuuuuuuuUUUUUL!” I yelled, crooked arms tense and hands clenched, reaching deep inside and remembering my pride, I was a Saiyan! It mattered little how I became one, I wouldn’t let that pride be tarnished by a 3rd class Imbecile, even if it was a version Kakarot! I flipped a one-eighty now facing an oncoming Kakarot, bringit! I burst forward, phasing out midway and reappearing above him, I attempted to smash my fist into his back. He turned at the last second, allowing him to pseudo- sidestep my swing, my fist only bouncing off his back, as he flipped around, nearly nailing me with a swift strike in the process, but I blocked the swing and used it as an opportunity. I grabbed his wrist and twisted my torso, flinging him into the sky, then unlashing a volley of energy beams, each one hitting their mark, yes! But of course It couldn’t end that easily, when the smoke cleared, Kakarot was looking disapprovingly down at me, clothes ripped and torn, but relatively little damage done to his actual body, with the exception of a cut above his eye and a bloody mouth.

“What is this Vegeta? I thought you were much stronger.”

“In case you haven’t noticed dumbass, imprisonment by petrifaction doesn’t exactly provide you with much means to train.” I deadpanned, “That, and I was in the middle of a match when you got here!” His frown grew deeper, and the edge of his lips curved down angrily. He sighed, then seemed to ponder the situation.

“Guess I’m gonna have to take things up a notch.” Why is it that just when you thought life couldn’t throw a bigger sh&*storm-!? I thought, just as a callous fist made contact with my gut.

*3rd person P.O.V.*

Scootaloo silently pushed the door open, staring in through the crack.

“Clear…” she whispered, pushing the door open, though it creaked noisily as it did so, causing her and the filly behind to wince.

“Be quite moron!” Tiara said mutedly, her eyes nearly bugging out of her head.

“Hey, I thought I was your lord of something? Are you even allowed to talk back to me like that?” The two-toned filly released a “humph” in response and stuck her nose high in the air,

“This isn’t an absolute monarchy Scootaloo, you don’t control me, I just help you.” Scootaloo rolled her eyes, as the former (why do I keep using this word?) bully pushed her way past her.

“If I only had a guillotine…” She muttered under her breath, and entered after Tiara. They both scooted along the ground, bellies scrunched against the wood floor, slowly but surely making their way across the floor, till they heard the pitter-patter of small feet on the stairs. “Quick! Behind the statue thing!” They both made a mad dash toward the stylized head, pressing their backs against the wood. They listened closely as the steps came closer, as Scoots peaked around the edge of the sculpture, Spike? Indeed, the little purple drake was speedily running for the basement door, a little gold key fumbling around nervously in his grasp. Well, that was lucky. “On the count of three, we tackle him…”

“What!?” Diamond Tiara looked frantically between Scootaloo and Spike, she wants us to tackle a dragon?

“one,” She clenched her muscles tight, preparing the rush the dragon.

“Two,” Scootaloo licked her lips, as Spike arrived at the door, shakily trying to put in the key, and finally seceding. *Click*

“THREE!” She shouted, just as the dragon swung the door open. He spin around to find two fillies inches from his face,

“Holy-!” All three of the adolescents tumbled downs the steps as one, as a chorus of pained shouts echoed throughout the library. They came to a stop at the base of the steps after what seemed like an eternity, Scootaloo being the first to compose herself.

“Spike! Are you okay!?”

Oh no!

“Tiara!” she said, shaking the dazed filly around till she acknowledged her with a groan, “We got to hurry! Twilights coming!”


“Exactly how much of your vocabulary does that make up?” She asked, as Tiara sped around the… what exactly WAS all this stuff? The basement was filled with strange contraptions that looked they belonged in Frankenstallions lab, but, Scootaloo’s eyes where focused of a particular device, a rune covered metal arc that had buttons on one leg, there it is!

“Spike!?” She heard, now remarkably closer, and to top it all off, Spike was starting to get his senses back too!

“Urg… Twi?”

“TIARA! PORTALOVERTHERENOW!” She yelled at the top of her lungs, as she ran over to the Arc, leaping on to the control panel as Tiara came up behind her,

“Hurryhurryhurry!” she chanted, looking between Scootaloo fiddling with the panel and the stairs, come on!

“Hey! Who else is down there!?” Both of their throats seemed to constrict, as Scootaloo Finally found the on button.

“Got It!” She said, relieved, as the device flickered to life, displaying the city of Canterlot between the two legs and the same in name with golden letters that floated and twisted from side to side in the air, huh, well that’s interesting…

“Scootaloo!?” Twilight was now at the top of the stairs her face horror stricken, “Get away from that!!”

“GOGOGOGOGO!” Tiara Shouted, as she pushed her class mate through with a mighty shove, causing her to release an “eeep!” as she tumbled into the portal, then looked back up the stairs, If I survive this, I swear to Celestia I will NEVER let That blank flank hear the end of it… she thought absent mindedly as she gulped and charged through.

Vegeta was at the end of his rope, he was tired, beaten, and losing ki fast, oh, and Kakarot had him in a head lock, hey look, a fist.

Next thing that met Vegeta’s eyes was the dirt. Though his anger was nowhere near the end of its fuse, his anger did little if he didn’t have the energy to use it, he had Luna to thank for that, and his still pale skin. But he certainly wasn’t going to lie down and *hurk*, okay, maybe he should stay down for a little longer. He flipped himself over so he could face Kakarot, who was holding the bridge of his nose, shaking his head, I don’t understand Kakarot, WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME! He breathed in deep and continued to watch him, What is it? You obviously don’t want to beat me, otherwise I’d already be a steaming hole in the ground, and why does he even have any interest in me, he isn’t the same Kakarot as in DBZ, what is the angle? Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, he saw movement, not a lot, just one single point of light, speeding straight towards Kakarot. If whatever that is can distract him for just a second, maybe… It’ll give me a little more time. He opened a clenched fist, letting the energy gather there, and flung it to Kakarot’s right, which he backhanded, a repetitive motion Vegeta was coming to hate, and sighed, closing his eyes.

“Vege-TA!?” *WHAM*

What The fu-? He blinked, No really, what the absolute-

“Buck!” Again, he blinked rapidly, that tiny prick got here that fast? Kakarot was gone, and in his place was a small, cyan, rainbow maned Pegasus, clutching her back hoof in her fetlocks, “That was for Princess Luna you sonovabitch!” Oh come on, that is such bullsh*t! Vegeta ground his teeth,

“This is… getting ridiculous…” he muttered under his breath, as he attempted to get up again, he bones shuddering as he did.

“Vegeta?” He turned, his eye searching,

Luna? Above, he could hear more crashing, swift strikes and taunts coming from the Pegasus, he became distracted for a moment, and was in the process of turning his head.

“Vegeta?” he looked back, focusing exclusively on the fallen diarch’s voice. He trudged over the debris, coming to the lip of a small crater, at the center of which, he found his temporary ally, beaten and bruised, blood trickling from her lips and nose.

“Luna,” He stumbling to her side, looking over her, the edge of his lip twitching up into a snarl, who is Kakarot? That he’d do this to someone with their back turned!?

“Listen, we… We’re trusting you with this.” She said, regaining Vegeta’s attention.

“Just what are you going on about, you need to shut up and lie down, your useless in this condition. You couldn’t trust me with anything of much worth.”

“Your one to talk.” she shot back, the cold look in her eyes making Vegeta go ridged, “Listen… We weren’t using all our power…”

“What?” she- who does she think she is!? Holding out on me? Anger swiped across Vegeta’s features, how could she betray him in such a way!

“We were afraid of what would happen if we did, even when this Kakarot showed his true colors… we were hesitant…” She let out a shaky sigh, “But no more.”

“Don’t try this Luna,” Her brows knitted into a frown, as Vegeta crossed his arms and looked hotly down at her, “You’re no warrior, you’re just a child sitting at the grownups table.”

“Which is precisely why we’re not fighting,” she smirked, letting a small chuckle slide past her lips, “You are…”

“What exactly are-” He let his arms down, and sank to his knees, eyes wide, “No, I’m not, not like this.”

“You don’t have a say in the matter.” Luna replied, her horn lighting up with black magic.

“But, in this state, giving me your power,” He grabbed her by her shoulders, his gaze steeled, “It will kill you.” In return, he received a smile, one of the types he never expected from her, a gentle one.

“Which is why we are trusting you with this power.”

“Because you want to die?” He asked, venom in his voice.

“No,” Two blackish blue magic circles phased into existence above the Saiyan, faintly visible in the darkening city as he rose to a standing position, “Because you care if I do.” And in a instant, the process was done, life returned to Vegeta’s weary body, bones straitening, muscles relaxing and contacting with vigor, heart beating furiously, vanes pulsing feverishly, rage building murderously.

“You selfish woman,” he said, looking into her now cold silver eyes, and barely rising chest, “Your life was never yours to give,” he brought his fist to his face, “and nether was your power, but I will offer you this in return, I swear on my life,” opened his fist, and removed his glove, moving his index finger across his palm, blood trickling from the red line that followed, “I will protect this planet, of all and sundry,” he took Luna’s bloodied hoof and pressed his cut against one of her own, letting blood flow between the two, “come what may, even if godamn cthulhu climbs from his pit, not a single one” He let go, refitting his glove, and clenched his fist again, “Will ever know your pain.”

“Just give in.” Kakarot said, blocking every strike thrown his way, though all anypony else would have been able to see was a light cyan blur assaulting his still form, his arm a barely visible streak as it blocked the advance. “This is getting you nowhere, I’m only here for Vegeta! Leave me alone to fight him and you get no trouble!”

“Shoulda’ thought of that before you shot Luna!” the blur responded, her movement only intensified.

“I did,” He skillfully ducked under a stray leg, grabbing it and using the momentum to fling his much weaker opponent into the rubble below, “It was her own fault. She was too weak to fight with me and Vegeta, if she had, you might have not had a body to bury!” As soon as she hit the dirt, he was there, looking down on her a she propped herself up from her laying position, and gazing up at him spitefully, “Trust me, I was having mercy.”

“Really? Since when was blasting someone in the back counted as mercy?” She smirked, as her magenta eyes flicked pasted him for a moment, “Oh, And I think your friend agrees with me.”

“DAMN YOU KAKAROT!” Vegeta flew feet first into Kakarot’s exposed back, as Dash, having already pulled her legs back into the position, bucked his front. The result left Kakarot between a rock and a hard place, as his bones started to give, and he felt a rib succumb to the attack
He wasn’t the only one to feel the pressure however, Dash struggled to keep pressing her legs against the freaks ribs, but the power of the other guy’s kick was literally pressing her body into the ground, and it cracked and fractured under the stress. She brought her legs up to her barrel, twisting till she felt she could escape from the force, her head set between her legs, then pushed.

Vegeta did the same, the two of them rocketed in opposite directions, leaving Kakarot drifting in the air, before Vegeta twisted so his upper body faced his opponent’s and lifted his open palm up, letting loose his rage in both the orb of ki, and the beastly roar that ripped though the air with killing intention.

Kakarot, still regaining his composure from the previous attack, had barely noticed Vegeta’s own recovery, and subsequent follow up attack, till the roar that smashed against his senses like a runaway train. But by then, it was too late to dodge, so he did the next best thing. For an instant, his hair flared up, turning gold as the assault ravaged his back, and he was sent flying forward from the resulting cloud of debris, his state returning to normal immediately afterwards.

But, unfortunately for him, the effects of his transformation where felt, as even in that split second, as he flew over Dash’s head, she felt pain leave her body. Her muscles tightening, bones bending with energy, electricity rippled off her fore hooves. She gasped, as the sudden change in physical state and internal power flooded her mind with information. Who are these guys? She asked herself, looking at the lingering energy sparking off her hoof, how are they doing this? Do they really have enough energy to do… this? Vegeta sped over her, howling murderously, as her head flicked up, following him, is this what sensei was talking about? He dashed around an attack and phased behind his foe, wrenching him from the sky with a brutal overhead coupled fist. The monkey god? She smirked, her heart filled with anticipation, I’m… fighting a God! Her grin widening further, as she imagined the bragging rights that would come with this doozy. Who knows? Maybe if she won this they’d let her into the wonderbolts! She shook her head, dislodging the stray thoughts, no, gotta stay in the Game! No daydreaming, “Kakaroot” ain’t no slouch, and neither is this “Vegeto” guy. I got to keep on my hooves for this one!

“So, you can use instant transmission.” Kakarot said, slowly standing up from his crater, “Got to say Vegeta I was-“ his relaxed composer turned ridged as a realization hit him, and Vegeta was on him, the two exchanging blows faster than the mind could comprehend. This Vegeta wasn’t the same one he’d fought earlier, he was different.

There where the obvious things, like a sudden change in skin color (When he thought about it, Vegeta had had much paler skin than he thought), the rapid increase I power, and the feel of said power, but there was something else… something pushing him from the inside. He swiped the blows off, grabbing Vegeta’s head, and pulling to his knee. Though it was blocked by Vegeta’s hands, it still sent the prince flying several yards, far enough for Kakarot to hop away without being set upon immediately. “How’d you do it Vegeta?” he asked, grinning widely, “I was beginning to think I’d have to go off and wait for a couple weeks till you where back in shape. It looks like your more than that, come on, Tell me, please?” Vegeta stared at him, brows furrowed, till he opened his mouth his voice profound and serious.

“I am a prince,” he started, “And where a prince lives, is his domain, and if this is my domain,” he pointed off into the distance, where a town could be seen, “Then the creature who live here are my subjects. And it is in my position to defend them.” He then pointed to the crater in which the princess was, “You killed one, a one I held to be of value no less! I failed in my duty, and I will not do so again, you’re a threat to every creature on this planet,” he opened his hands, two small lights flared to life, “A threat I won’t hesitate to neutralize.” It was silent for a moment, till Kakarot began to howl with laughter, rolling around clutching his belly.

“What a shocker! I thought you would have hated being here, the rainbows, the curtsey creatures, oh boy, you have lost it, haven’t you?” He wiped a tear from his eye, “I mean, how could Vegeta, the mighty prince of all Saiyans claim to care for a world full of creatures that can’t defend themselves from a bunny stampede!?” Before the irony of that statement could set in a new type of irony came flying toward Kakarot’s face in the form of a cyan hoof enveloped in pink, fire like light, smashing into his face as Vegeta looked on dumbstruck by how many times Kakarot had let that happen.

Scootaloo looked on, as her idol and friend fought on, awestruck. Tiara however, was freaking out.

“Two?! Why are there two!?” They had exited the portal to find themselves in a study, one that Scootaloo presumed was Celestia’s, and Tiara freaked out. They then stumbled into the throne room, and Tiara freaked out. Which brings us to the present, where the duo, rushing through the halls of the palace, stumbled upon the unconscious form of Princess Celestia and one of the royal guard, a very nice fellow, and Tiara freaked out. It would take very little intellect to appreciate that a predictable pattern was forming here.

“Whoa,” Scootaloo whispered, watching the nearly invisible figures dance across the ruins of the city, slinging energy blasts all the while. Both of the fillies strained over the edge of a shattered window, intently watching the three zipping dots

“Hey, you two! Get back from the window, you’re going to get yourselves killed.” The guard said, scrunching his brow into a frown, as his horn lit up. The two were lifted into the air, but their movement was halted by Scootaloo’s plea.

“Wait! I just want to watch!” The guard seemed to consider this for a moment, before closing his eyes and shaking his head.

“Look, I-“

“She’s gone.” Diamond Tiara deadpanned, causing the military pony to snap back into attention, where he noticed that, indeed, Scootaloo had somehow slipped from his grasp, and even now could be seen from the window (which was at least two stories up) galloping towards the battle.

“How did she-?

“Don’t ask me,” Tiara said dejectedly, the appearance of a second creature had put her in a rather dismal condition. The captain (as could be recognized by the markings on his gold tinted armor) simply stared at the filly as she floated in mid-air, then switched his gaze to the still receding form of her companion, these two are going to give me a headache. “Well?” His attention was again grabbed by the purplish coated filly, as she looked at him expectantly, “Aren’t you going to get after her?” He nodded, setting Tiara down.

“Stay here.” He said, darting off before she had time to respond, then halting and calling again, “On Second thought, get yourself and the princess to the bunker! Bottom left under the throne!” before picking up his earlier pace.

“How am I supposed to… “ She looked between the captain and the princess, sighing to herself, “Screw it, I’m not staying here, the princess can take care of herself, asleep or no.” Taking off after the captain, she briefly wondered if anyone was still using their brains at this point.

“KamehameHA!” The beam of light shot forth from Kakarot’s hands, digging a trench in the ground and eventually bursting from the rim of the city like a glowing drill head. When the steam faded, Vegeta could be found standing in the trench and arms crossed, While Rainbow floated off to the upper left, blowing on her considerably shorter, singed tail. Once her tail had stopped smoldering, and Vegeta brought his arms back to the sides, she looked back at Kakarot Hotly.

“Motherbucking palm lasers…” She said, grumpily landing on the ground and snorting.

“That’s why I said you should to run off skittles!” Vegeta said, “We’re out of your league.” This had been reoccurring banter between the two since she’d flown into Kakarot’s face, a luck hit, as far as Vegeta was concerned, and so far, he’d been right, she hadn’t landed a solid punch since. Though little did he know, she didn’t need to. She smirked, glancing between the two, eager to show off.

“Oh, really?” She asked sarcastically, rubbing her hooves together, slowly at first, then faster and faster.

“… Yes.” He said, sounding sure, but then again, so did she, what tricks did this vaguely familiar Pegasus have up her sleeves?

“Then I guess I just Have… To try… A… LITTLE... HARDER!” she yelled, her hooves lighting up with the same pink energy as before, then they exploded, the energy rapidly expanding, changing colors as Kakarot and Vegeta watched, fascinated by the sudden display of power and ki. This surprised Vegeta the most, his eyes widening, and jaw clenching, realizing that this was more than equestrian magic, this was ki. Ki that he introduced into this world, memories where rushing back, as he found names of ponies and places, the things he’d previously forgotten, he came to comprehend the situation as it was, This, is Rainbow Dash, and she’s using Ki. He’d changed this world, and now he knew it. “Take this bed head!” she shouted, lifting her hooves high in the air and slamming them forcefully into the ground, which shuddered. For half a second, everything was still, then that stillness was ruptured, the ground splintered and fractured, lifting from the land like they were caught in some sort of earth quake. Out from the cracks erupted a wave of energy, spreading out from the point of impact forward, and smashed into Kakarot, forcing him back through a cluster of remaining buildings, and finally into the wall of the mountain itself, sending cracks up the side and shaking the entire city.

Needless to say no one present had expected that.

“I… totally meant to do that.” Rainbow said, taking the unexpectedly powerful attack remarkably well in stride. Though Vegeta frankly didn’t care about that, he was more in shock over the fact that Dash, a pony he honestly could not believe he’d forgotten, had just preformed a ki attack, something he knew only he could have introduced before now. This incited a civil war within the confines of his mind, one-half (the notably more prominent part), found pride in the fact that he’d changed the world in some way, but the other, the fearful, paranoid one, considered what else he may have changed, and what might come his way because of it.

“Run.” he said, his face taking on a dark countenance, while Rainbow looked at him, shocked that even after that display, he continued to think her too weak to fight.

“Why? I haven’t even- “ she suddenly felt his palms smashing into her barrel, her body flying backward. “Wah-!?” in the instant that followed, an enormous beam of light engulfed where she had been, just barely grazing Vegeta’s back.


“If you stay here there’s not going to be enough of you left to bake a cupcake, leave!” He said viscously pushing the Pegasus away once more. She was staggered, not only did her attack fail, but she was, again, being told to book it. She knew she was in over her head, but her pride refused to let her leave, surely he could understand where she was coming from? She was playing war with two of the most powerful creatures on the planet, and she wasn’t about to leave when she had unfinished business with one of them, not after he’d attacked Luna! She was going to rip him a new one, and she knew just how to do it.

“No! I have every reason to stay, and I’m going to. If you really want to me to leave, let’s end this. I have a technique that I pretty sure will do the job, you just have to distract him for five minutes while I charge it.” Vegeta lifted his lip into a snarl, making to respond swiftly, but Kakarot interrupted carelessly, suddenly slamming his foot down at the top of a pile of debris, drawing the attention of the two beneath him. He was damaged, but not very much, the only signs that the attack had hit him were a slightly closed eye and discoloration on his forearm.
“Wow, I guess I was wrong. Those bunnies wouldn’t stand a chance!” He turned to Vegeta, “And you, I’m truly surprised that you’ve pushed this battle this long, even with some help, your strength is surprising… but still not enough.” He said matter of fact, “You need to be stronger.”

“Five minutes?” Vegeta said, nonchalantly addressing the Pegasus.


“Little to no chance of success?”

“I wouldn’t say that.”

“Sharp rocks at the bottom?”


“…Bring it on.”

Rainbow looked at him quizzically; till he flicked his hand, sliding in a backwards glance, “Well? Get going!” She set her jaw and took to the air, speeding into the sunset.

“Huh? Finally going?” Kakarot asked, “Might be a little too late for that.”

Vegeta launched from the ground, dashing headlong towards his foe with a fist pulled back, letting his momentum be the force behind his blow. Kakarot sidestepped, Vegeta’s fist barely glancing off his face, then, all hell broke loose. The two were blurs, dashing about, exchanging blows faster than the eye could perceive. Every once in a while, the frantic movement would stop, and a flash of light could be seen, or a devastating blow was dealt, sending one of the combatants (usually Vegeta) Hurtling away, only for them to shoot straight back into the fight, their blows shaking the mountain to its core. But Rainbow, though as much as she would have liked to, couldn’t focus on the battle below, she was already pushing her limits as she burst through the cloud cover, seeing the stars poke out as the wisps of cloud trailed off of her, she twisted, pushing her hooves forward, straining to gather her power. The clouds slowly reacted, writhing and tumbling over each other like waves. Dark, ominous vapors began to pool as the clouds came to cover the sky, twisting like a tornado in the center; Rainbow Dash was brewing a storm.

Two cloaked figures stumbled over a ridge, nearly losing their footing. Their tall slender forms marked them as bipeds, though it would be a misrepresentation to call them both “Slender”. The smaller one held his head down trying to keep his eyes out of the sun, though you wouldn’t have seen it, on account of the covering that masked every feature but the eyes, he was grimacing. Then, the light was gone, far too fast to simply be the sun finally setting. Out of curiosity, he turned his eyes to the west, entirely unprepared for what he saw.

“M-Mother?” The larger one turned, her great form towered over her offspring, as her gaze fell on him.

“What is it Oboo?” Her voice was deep, far deeper than most stallion’s, normally it would attain a response from her son, at least enough for him to acknowledge her, but right now his attention was drawn solely to the west, towards the city of Canterlot, barely visible as a gray needle rising from green, a body of water separated the ground on which they stood from that on which the mountain leaned. They were far enough away to have not heard at sound, nor seen a sight from the battle raging on its side, and the land on which they stood held their senses at bay, unease was the only thing they had felt until now, though they did not need to sense the power now, they need only see it. The mother lifted her head, following the wide eyed gaze of her child, till she saw it, though she almost wished she hadn’t. A vast black mass, twisting up into the sky for miles, encompassing a good portion of the equestrian mainland in its girth passed into her sight, sending her eyes into a bulging panic, widening and twitching as sweat beaded from her green brow.

“What is that?” Her son asked, looking back up at her, his expression nearly mirroring hers, “What does it mean?”

“It means,” She started, bringing a massive arm out from her cloak, bandaged from finger tip to shoulder, and displaying her blocky body beneath, though that may not have been what most eyes, where drawn to, what the majority of you may have noticed, had you been there, was the amber ball that the great creature clutched so tightly in her hand, and the four red stars that seemed suspended inside, “That we’ve hiding for far too long.”

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