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One has to make a living right? A pretty good living. Well, that's Rainbow Dash's mindset. When she becomes tired of being a poor street performer, she accepts the offer to be a sailor on the brig, Ragnarok, and under a less-than-sane captain. With no experience of the seas, she and her friend, Berry Punch take to the seas. She must learn to be the best sailor or else be left behind in the watery doors of Tartarus. However, as time goes on, she learns about a strange secret war that has been going on for centuries. A war that she had inadvertently dove right into.

Chapters (20)
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Comments ( 155 )

YES! This should be good, as long as it stands up to Octi's story's standards. Consider me following this too

5257481 Haha, yes me friend. Thank ya kindly. :rainbowkiss:

I'm wondering if I should reply every comment with a sailor accent.....


I'm slightly hooked. I feel like this could have benefited from more detail and more interaction, as well as more scenes throughout the city.

I'd like to see where this goes, but if each chapter is only gonna be 2,000+ words I'll wait until there's several chapters finished.

5257679 Your avatar relates to that comment. Heh.

I have the next chapter already written, so it won't be long until I release it. I'm fast that way.

5257706 How does my avatar relate to the comment? :rainbowhuh:

5262457 I thought the pony on your avatar displayed a skeptical look, and so it related with your skepticism in my story as addressed in your initial comment. Upon further inspection, I realized that the pony on your avatar is not doing that. So my mistake. :derpytongue2:

5262522 Oh! :twilightsheepish: By the way, I wasn't being skeptical, just cautiously optimistic. It's a neat story so far, though I feel it could benefit from more detail. Like, some people work on a single chapter for a week or two :pinkiegasp:

But hey! You could be like me. I can't for the life of me spend a week's worth of time on a single chapter of 10,000 words. I'd rather stay up till 5am, start writing, end at 6-630am, post, and then sleep.

5263198 I actually wake up at 6 to write. Heh. Although my time as been filling up with AC4. Had to play it before writing this.

Woohoo, I only have one question: will we be getting sea shanties at any point? :pinkiehappy:

5267542 It's really hard.....but......Chapter 4......


I wish I had a picture of Caramel's flag...It would be easier to describe it like that. It's a skull with the left eye as the Assassin insignia and the right eye is the Templar cross. And the skull is on a pike. Is that better? I hope so..../quote]

Im getting my friend catfire to draw that

5284788 That would be wonderful. And Catfire is your friend?

Well.....Oops......I hope he isn't offended by what I told me after he spammed me on Harmony's Creed.

5284793 ...its a she and do you mean I told her not told me

Why is the rum gone?

Do you really need to ask we all know its Berry Punch

yea fuck the assassins and the templers! time for some bits bitch

5607050 Yes, my friend. Expect more since I run on sudden inspiration. :derpytongue2:

It seems interesting to see the element before Fluttershy got it, but I kinda want to see what turned Rainbow into such a dick in Harmony's Creed. I wish to see when Twilight will get hers as she is kinda responsible for the whole mess.

5639086 You will, don't worry.

And about Twilight, yeah, she is not a Bearer at this time. I am not sure she is going to make a direct appearance in this, but her friend *wink* could.

Definitly interesting, Rarity is the youngest of the Bearers and probably beleives in her element still, the others seem to be less connected after there long war. And Rainbow has been introduced to her Element to be, so when the Assassins get it back and start looking there going to kick themselves. They had the one destined all along and gave her up!

5692340 Well...Rarity's the youngest here, but not the youngest of the Humane 6. I have that being Pinkie and Fluttershy.

Yeah, the Assassins need to go fetch Rainbow back after this...

5692739 Ah, so essentially this is the eve of a new generation of Bearers. And a new mindset takes over. I find the fact that they gave away the eventual bearer of Loyalty for the Element of Loyalty. Hell, if one of them had opened the box up when they were all in the same room to check that it was even in there it probably would have been obvious to the bearers and a fight in the making!

On a personal not. Love this story, read it all in one night. Not a big fan of Rainbow Dash normally but she's just fun in this.

5693397 Thanks a bunch for liking it!

Yeah, imagine if the Assassins opened the box when they made the deal and all like "Wait! Come back!"

I try my best to get Rainbow's character in this. One of my biggest worries is having them out of character.

5693448 Well they do have different backgrounds so there personality's will and should be somewhat different. The core of them should stay the same, but little things could be different because there upbringing would be different.

The Assassins and the Templars locked in a war...For me, none of them is "The Goodguy"...They just have different goal.
The Assassins actions make sense at times and the Templar's make sense other times...

5822442 Exactly. Either side has its own agenda. They both want influence over the people. It's just because Assassins scream "freedom!" instead of "order!" that they are presumed to be the good guys. Both sides kill for their agendas. Caramel sees this and wants to give them a piece of his mind.

We getting an update for this soon? I want more Rarity-RD snarky interaction! :pinkiehappy:

6023262 I don't know. As you know, I work on inspiration and I've been feeling none for this at the moment.

6024105 Play some Black Flag! That should help! :raritywink:

6024630 Gah! But I'm loving Borderlands 2 so much!! :raritydespair:

6024634 Borderlands?!? Heresy! There is only Fallout 3 and NV!
I mean Assassins Creed! Yeah, I totally meant Assassins Creed....

6024648 I've played Skyrim? :fluttershysad:

Maybe the next chapter in Harmony's Creed will get me going again. Gonna try and put some Black Flag in that.

Borderlands is so good.......so good......:moustache:

6024655 Skyrim? For shame! Nothing beats Post Apocalyptia! Or wandering the ruins of a fallen Washington DC or exploring its ruined underground railroad system or the dusty wasteland filled with refugees from a Mad Max film. Or how about the dry and dusty Mojave and the still alive city of Vegas? And its bands of football gear wearing Romans? Fallout is where its at!

Your mind might go blank, but when you do come up with a story it's awesome! Caramel is the car acer I am enjoying in this story. He's a just plain fun!

6220160 Yeah, he was fun to develop. You don't know how many moves I made with the characters before being satisfied with their roles.

6220277 You based Caramal off Edward Kenway right? Because you can never go wrong with him.

6220537 Well yes. However, he was actually going to be a Assassin defector that Octavia met after the events in Appleloosa. Thunderlane was originally going to be in his spot as the pirate captain. Yup, I really switched him around. Once Spitfire's arc appeared, I made Thunderlane much younger to fit in that story.

Caramel may be based on Edward, but I have tried hard to make him different. Thus I made him affiliated with neither faction. While Edward laughed at the Creed, Caramel throws it away. He sees wrongs on both sides and believes both needs to pay. He, unlike Edward, did not start pirating to profit himself and his family but others.

But they both acquired their Assassin robes the same way. :derpytongue2:

Wow, Rainbow was doing the Leap of Faith before she ever joined the Assassins. Now why do I think they where allowed to take the shard and this is how Rainbow gets hers?

6243935 Well, Rainbow gets an Element, not a shard. But I get what you are saying.

And who knows? :rainbowdetermined2:


I thought that she had both? In your main story she was a chaos survivor and she got the Chaos shard because of Discord. From what I think I remember she got the shard first and then somehow got her Element at a later date. She owes Discord some how and he has some pull over her that she has to do his bidding at times.

6243968 There's no such thing as a Chaos shard. Discord has the Element of Chaos.

Rainbow becomes a Survivor of Chaos. You don't need any shards or Elements to be one. You just have to complete his...."test." And then he orders you around. Rainbow listens....sometimes.

She DOES get the shard of Wrath, but that's in her swords (the ones that can heat up like a forge). She never is accepted by this shard though.

And 'hint' there is a true shard user coming into this story. Ya probably can't guess who!

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