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Banana Prince

I used to write exclusively about dragons and thought unicorns were lame. Now I write about ponies. Life can be funny sometimes.


( No. It's not a 007 crossover. )
Finally, the opportunity of a lifetime falls in front of her. We find out just how far Lyra would go to take it.
She dons her horned, black helmet and blood-red cape becoming the latest great threat to Equestria, fully prepared to make Ponyville suffer (as best as she can at least) as she chases after her wish to have hands.
What can go wrong?

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Comments ( 9 )

Huh. Sehr Interessant.

5202960 Heh my bad. I have a tendency to write in german.
It means, 'Very Interesting'

5203061 Oh. Okay. Did you come here from a group?

5203088 No. Just a writer on his life everlasting journey, going wherever the winds of time may take him.

Sometimes lyra makes my brain hurt XD.

If you sart with correcting the description, then use paragraphs for the summary?

Woah, this is a short story, is this realy complete?

5216454 Yeah...I'll try better with the description next time and Im working with short-stories for now. There does exist much shoter fics than this.

5216481 Every story builds up your reputation, and the appreciation of this story is based on how we are introduced to the story.

I like short stories, I have a few of my own as well.

Shorter stories, yeah, I have one of these too.

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