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Applejack is 135 years old and is dying.

For Twilight it is especially hard as she is the last of her friends as the rest have already gone on to the Pasturelands. She's now feeling the full affects of being immortal: the continual loss of friends and love ones. To her immortality seems like a curse.

But a pony from their share past comes to visit and tests her resolve on whether immortality really is a curse.

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Alas being immortal sucks. All of your family and friends are dead while you live on forever.:pinkiesad2: Good story

Hmm...not going to thumbs-down, but not thumbs-upping either. The mystery visitor's identity (and more importantly, why he matters) was never revealed, and the central premise of the story as given in the summary - whether immortality is a curse or not - was never resolved; instead, two opposing points of view were just stated, with not much reason given for the "blessing" side, and then the story ended.

The story needs a little bit more the stragers identity why he was there what applejack had to say and wheather imortality is a curse or not gonna give a thumbs up becase i like this story it just needs more

"Oh Applejack Immortality is such a curse. For I've had to live to see my friends die, one after the other!" :facehoof:

"Oh yeah? So have I Twilight, an' I got a bad back, an' you don't see me whinin' about it!" :ajbemused:


6108281 AJ the new Granny Smith lol

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