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Not sure about the human part of it, but anything with Silver Spoon in it deserves a thumbs up.

496976Your logic makes no sence, you're suposed to rate the story not what characters are in it.

Whoops, second part of my comment didn't get posted:
No glaring grammatical errors from my skimming, so kudos.

Yay! Some lovin' for Spoony))

Go silver spoon:heart:

my oh my silver is in :heart:

I had a braingasm

Extremely descriptive and very well done with lots of the emotion that makes clop fic great but... isn't she a bit young? like loli? Granted she's usually seen as a teenaged pony but still...:fluttershysad: That thought kept nagging at the back of my head. Other than that it's very good.


Very sexy. I :heart:it.No danger of pregnancy with a human lover.

This was very, very good.

You sure about that? Just look up 'Preggity'.

Well... In this story, she freely consents, she loves it, she knows what sex is, and otherwise things work out great. She does have her cutie mark. I guess you can interpret her as a young teenager, or maybe a tween.

I don't know. Morally I have little problem with this, since it's informed consent all around. I don't think you should either (but, of course, no problem if you do-- love and tolerate).

499875 Nah, I don't really have to big of an issue with it, just some nagging thoughts. I've actually made the very argument you just made in another forum in a topic on bestiality (Saying that if the animals where capable of understanding every implication and such then I wouldn't have a problem with it but they aren't. just thought I'd clarify lest it be taken wrong). Pedophilia is just a fetish I (THANKFULLY) fought off a while ago so I tend to get a little touchy about younger sex participants.

You fought off pedophilia? Woah, well done, for real.:pinkiehappy: I've never heard of anyone managing that before.
Silver Spoon's age did sorta bother me through this story, but it's just a work of fiction so it's all good. :raritywink:

503574 I sort of see why, it's not like people are going around bragging about it. No one wants to hang around an almost-pedophile.

At any rate, I'll stop commenting here as it's depressing and off topic.

This was pretty well written if I say so myself. Clearly had thought put into it's pacing and wording. I'm not especially a fan of Silver or human X pony but it's nothing that bothers me. There isn't much set up in the beginning, it's very much a porno. lol But it's got emotion and caring involved with your clop and that can matter a heck of a lot more than setting. So good work to you. :twilightsmile:

did she get :trollestia:ed?

So much better--
Sorry: A lot of people comment on fics and say "great story, grammar, etc." And this is one that deserves it.
Also, this story contains a lot of things a lot of people don't like: underage, bestiality, uh, uh... I guess that's it. So not a lot. But enough that people will avoid it.
Here, let me rephrase:

This is pretty amazing.

Pedobear aproves. :P ( please don't hate me I was only kidding )

big silver spoon fan, so thank you for posting this.
it is very well done, i cant see a major problem in any aspect of your writing really.

also, the thought of them having a romantic relationship, and yet she is so small he can just pick her up and carry her around like that, i found to be incredibly adorable. i dont know if im the minority in this, but it just seems like such a cute dynamic.

It's a very pleasant sight to see more Human x Pony fanfics around this site, specially of this quality, kind of new to this, but it's very cute actually! Cheers :twilightsmile:

PD: Chapter 2 plz ~ :twilightblush:

not sure if me gusta......................ah who the fuck am i kidding? it was awesome!

how old is the human?

Not gonna lie, I enjoyed it.

2176846 92, obviously :D

I saw the title and thought this was a Tick crossover.

Oh well, a man can dream.

This isn't Anon in Equestria. I suggest you read the blog post. Anon in Equestria is ANON in Equestria. Just because you have an unnamed human, that doesn't count as Anonymous.

Simple but I liked it. Plus I feel that I should endorse any good fic starring Silver Spoon.

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Glad I wasn't the only one :derpytongue2:


That's the stuff right there.

Finally! I found it! Badass story man!

When I first saw this, I thought it was This story. Wasn't disappointed.

7825636 Ah! I wrote this so long ago. God, I haven't even done anything pony related in years but it still makes me smile to think someone liked what I wrote. Thank you! :D


I know how you feel. I still get comments on a Ben 10 fanfiction I wrote back in 2010. The story has been cancelled for five years, but people still follow it and ask me when I'm going to update.

I enjoyed this very much, however Imagined her as a 17 year old human girl being that I am an 18 year old male

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