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This Nightmare Night is going to be great for Apple Bloom and her friends. It's the first year their sisters are letting them attend the Nightmare Night Story Circle! Deep in the Whitetail Woods, Rainbow Dash regales her audience with the tale of a strange, disturbing creature. The flames roar and lick, exaggerating the ponies' costumes in a haunting glow. Could there be more than just storytelling afoot in these woods?

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Good to see that you're back. Fantastic story.

I'm stuck on bonus 1. The Crusaders sat opposite their sisters... but that leaves only three other ponies. Spike's in the fire, so we have a total of nine. There would have to be a tenth seat left empty. And I don't recognize Sweetie's costume.

Aside from that, a most intriguing story, though I'm still scratching my head over why an ape has hooves. Regardless, a great read for Halloween.

How do you suppose a pony might understand leather shoes?


Yeah, that makes sense.

That...was....AWESOME!!!! :rainbowkiss:

Red and white stripes, "the perfect embodiment of inconspicuousness"...
The peppermint ape is Waldo?
Who knew he could be so vicious.

Now that is how you tell a Nightmare Night story!

Great take you gave us, thanks.:twistnerd:

"Red and white" Kratos really ran out of Gods to kill, huh?

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